Friday, 19 November 2010

PREVIEW: I†† - The Lesser Keys EP

Released on Tundra Dubs next Tuesday, the new EP from I†† continues the course of events laid out in the full Preliminary Invocations album released last month. The tracks here increase the atmosphere to something more subtly filmic, eventful, almost score like.There's a further preview track I've been played, the penultimate ∇∆∇, which exudes the aura of an intensely creepy slasher film, cloaked in dread and suspense.
There's some eerie recording techniques involved in these, warped vocal feedback, the decomposed howling of guitar and electronics morphed together.  One of the more interesting artists to have emerged out of the shadows of witch house recently, joining Porn Antler and Vortex Rikers in my top 3 of recent new discoveries.

There are 7 tracks to the ep, only one of which has a remotely sensible name:

above a convenience store
transcending virii
Listen to the two preview tracks here, then jump over to the label to order your copy now 

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