Friday, 12 November 2010

DOWNLOAD: Beko▲BOX3 Witch House + OKKVLT

Beko Records
Beko▲BOX3 Witch House + OKKVLT
The third boxset compilation from the consistently excellent Beko Records netlabel is a rollcall of Witch House innovators; featuring the original and arguably one of the best protagonists Mater Suspiria Vision plus member \\\^◊^///. There's really no weak track on here - the hi-toned rippling trill, grimy drum beat and quivering melody of High Park's Childrag, then Space Odyssey 2015's ring modulating disintegrating cosmic drag; D3thplay's deeper excursion down the industrial route implodes into the centre of the boxset with WYTCHHAUSNATION and a throbbing drag remix of Above & Beyond's Can't Sleep that let's the reverbed beats drift right out of the mix to let the vocal swirl around before trickling back in over the top of them, really subtly intense. The third section acts as a kind of comedown to the more motorik tracks before it, in the abstracted noise and sound collage from Residual Prophecy with the whole thing finished off with the more trancendental drone oriented tracks of ZΘN

Not only are all the tracks on here capable of capturing your aural attention in emotive ways - right from the off with MSV's anguised yelp and deeply portentious synths-of-doom intro - but the whole thing works as an exploratory album across sounds and into the current state of Witch House and it's orbiting subgenres (or the genres which it orbits around and takes it's cues from), illustrating a genre that still has plenty of space to move and direction to head in.