Wednesday, 10 November 2010


Dastardly genre inventing duo CREEP release their debut single Days in early December on London's Young Turks label (home to the XX whose own Romy Madley Croft provides vocals for the A-side).  This is the video to the second track off the single: Intro. A song they've had since they opened their MySpace but one that bears out all the repeat plays I've given it since first hearing it at the start of the year.  It's an awesome cold-eyed staring competition of a track between the two protagonists of music and vocals. I want to make some weak comparison/joke about the band being two Laurens against Lightning Bolt's two Brians; I can't force it in, but I can feel something to work with there - this is some intense screwed down goth hop that pounds it's sonic message out in as starkly direct a fashion, as minimal in it's stark monochrome occultism as Lightning Bolt's drum and bass was hyperkinetic technicolour.  But it's a bit weak so I'll drop it there and just let you get on with timestretching your own audiovisual field along with this:

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