Monday, 29 November 2010

Joy Orbison - BB/Ladywell

Joy Orbison, releases his new single today on his own Doldrums label, and it continues his flawless 12" career with two more nostalgia imbued strands of smoothly flowing dubstep (for want of a better term).  Liquid basslines, rich heartstring tugging chords and ephemeral vocal samples combine in both tracks to differing effect.  BB has more of a straight forward 4/4 pulse and thrust, letting itself flex a little wilder like HYPH MNGO, then Ladywell keeps things that much more restrained, bottling up all the sexual tension into a steaming locomotion that has sensual samples of feminine coos fluttering around it, more in keeping with The Shrew. Along with James Blake I think this is about as beautiful as dance music gets right now

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