Friday, 19 November 2010

FFFF: Necrite - Bereft of Hope

I'm not trying to post a black metal track up every time for the Fast and Furious Friday Feature, but at the moment I am being overrun by excellent releases so the temptation is too strong to avoid. This week I give you cosmic Californian misanthropes Necrite and their track Bereft of Hope from the Flenser released album Sic Transit Gloria Mundi.

Don't let the somewhat unoriginal title put you off, the album is unique in its mix of mid-tempo deliberation and ambient sections of obsidian darkness, this is an album of Lovecraftian galactic horror, pulling down the firmament and staring straight through its eyes. The chilling pace erupts into faster sections, like the one I have for you here.  This track doesn't cover the full range of sound the album has, nor the full emotional effect, missing out some of the trancier elements. The title track is an enormous 27 minute oddyssey that builds over 14 minutes of brewing tension and black ambience until it suddenly blasts out into a lightning fast crescendo; the final Sunn O))) worshipping doom drone track acts like a dying star's gravitational pull on the end of the album, sucking everything that went before into a terminal abyss of finality.

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