Friday, 5 November 2010

LAKE R▲DIO - Planet Earth About To Be Recycled

Planet Earth About To Be Recycled

19 year old Caden Moore just released his first full album as LAKE R▲DIO; after two pretty awesome eps the guy is doing alright for someone not yet out of his teens, and with Planet Earth About To Be Recycled he's set himself up as someone to keep your ears pricked on. His sound is based in the witch house domain, but is not restricted to anything in particular at all, much like Balam Acab; there's a lightness and looseness that the more claustrophobic and bleak end of the genre would balk at. That's not to say there's no sinister bent to his work, with distorted, filtered samples from grainy VHS recordings, muffled cassette tapes, and crackly vinyl the music has both a creepy super-8 thriller edginess that's bound together with an analogue warmth from the source material. It's not just the tones that carry the idea of the project either, across these 15 tracks is a huge range of musical twists and electronic references - the Orbital-esque nightdrive pulse and flicker of Taps, the hypnagogic swirl of VHS Memory that builds a mesh of Rephlex acid skittering into it's finale. If there's anythign that kills the mood a little it's that each of the tracks is so short, there isn't quite enough space to really get a feel of the atmospheres for each idea laid out, but it's nothing that repeat listens couldn't remedy, to a point - I'm a big fan of repetition and distance in music and all these tracks could easily add at least two minutes to work out their themes and bring them to more deserving and nuanced conclusions than the time-out portcullis that slams down on them.  Not a complaint that other people would necessarily share, so feel free to strike it from the record if it suits.

Download the album from $1 from his Bandcamp, or for free if you do it track by track from his

Here's VCR Operation to whet your appetite:


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