Monday, 8 November 2010

Eligh "Suffocate ft. Marty James" - produced by Starkey

Starkey produced track from the forthcoming Eligh album Grey Crow - it's the track that finishes the album and pretty much slays it, with a face full of oxygen sucking hoover bass and the stoned menace of Marty James'vocals that sound a bit like Tricky, it's the unfollowable club crushing energy swell you need to really send an album off - or see you out into the night, evaporating sweat. 

Execution of the artwork might be a teensy bit naff, but it also came in a wooden cigar box, which you really would if it hadn't been limited to just 50.

  Eligh "Suffocate ft. Marty James" - produced by Starkey by starkey

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