Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Stalker - Iqlusion

When people say music is dirgy they tend to do so with a scowl as if that's a bad thing. WRONG! Dirge is an essential tool when crafting sounds that are intended to instill unease and sickliness in the listener, a bass scrape, a dragging of the low end across rapidly shifting freqencies, a savage pull at the gut feelings inside you that says: this will make me ill; An unflinching, unyielding pregression, a tidal wall of tone that is relentless and immutable in it's advance.

Some people can't handle the dysphoria, they think they need to run from it, to protect themselves from it.

We on this side - assuming you've not stumbled into this place unwittingly - we over here appreciate the embrace of the sickness, that damp sticky cloak which wraps itself around your head and suffocates, squeezing the air and light out until there's nothing in our conscious field but black and sound, darkness and temperature, submitting to the advance of sensory pressure, yielding until the blackness blazes into an all consuming fire before plunging into the white and cold and stillness

Here's more Stalker for you degenerate mother fuckers.


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