Wednesday, 17 November 2010

DOWNLOAD: Luggaldimerankia - Black Vomiting Mass

Black Vomiting Mass 
British black metal can often be an inhospitable and harsh enterprise and I'm going to come back to it in a lot more detail soon, but for now, as a softner, here's a brand new album from one-man anti-cosmic noise conjuror Luggaldimerankia as a split between that incaration and his other more ambient Black GoatSkin Robe side.  There are 32 tracks in all, the seven BGSR ones being longer more meditative drone pieces while the Luggaldimerankia side - all 25 tracks of it - blaze through ideas and more violent sounds in about a minute each. It's available a a free download, and I'll leave it to the man himself Nostalggia to tell the story of why and let you in to what it's going to sound like:

"After all the bullshit with this release namely due to money issues & the quality of the tapes being so bad that most of them broke whilst the music was being transferred (a slight fuck up on bbw productions half) I am making this release avalable for free to download.

The release was an experimental one as both sides are by projects belonging to myself. The reason for making this was for me to see the difference in creating ambient music outside of the trance like state I induce when creating for black goatskin robe & using the more depressive/angry state I use in Luggaldimerankia but putting it into an ambient context then putting them side by side. To me personally the difference is very apparent & rather striking, tho I belive to many peoples ears it will all sound the same...

I have never used synths to create any of the music in BGR tho there was a slight use of them in lugg's part."


  1. Do you know where Nostalggia can be contacted?

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