Sunday, 21 November 2010

Wut? No Here we go then...

I seem to have picked up about 1000 new readers this week, so if you've not been reading long this is the part of the week where I dopplegang my internet presence by posting the same stats jam here and on the Drowned in Sound board. Like this >>>

Turns out I got a full house of write ups this week and my vanity is fully charged:

This doesn't count the five or six times I have listened to the new Demdike Stare album on Soundcloud. Wouldn't normally mention non-scrobbling stuff, but I want these 60-odd listens on the record. Amazing.

01. Solar Bears - 74
02. Vortex Rikers - 40
03. pyr▲mids of ▲▲ - 30
04. No Joy - 29
05. Yo La Tengo - 25
06. Luggaldimerankia - 24
06. Black Witchery - 24
08. Twin Shadow - 22
08. Gonjasufi - 21
09. Legendary Weapons of China - 20

1 - Just can't stop listening to She Was Coloured In; so much detail inside it. Super kosmische.
2 – Excellent German darkscape / witchhouse producer. Free download:
3 – Witchhousey in look but more ambient drone in sound – seems to be where a lot of the more innovative and immersive stuff is right now. Turns up in Fokkawolfe's top 50 albums of the year which I've had a sneak peak at. New to me this week, and worth checking out since all albums are free from the myspazz.
4 – Sonic Youth + Pixies + Shoegaze shimmer = Much better album than I'd anticipated.
5 – Have I ever told you that ...And Nothing Turned Itself Inside Out is probably my number 1 album of all time?
6 – New split album with the same-person's Black Goat Skin Robe. Dual drone outfits, one much blacker and noisier than the other. Free download:
6 – There's a new Black Witchery album out churning its Satanic battery through the same format as before. That would be that same format that got them my Number 1 album of the year a few years ago.
8 – DiS review don't quite get it.
8 – Ditto
9 – 'nother free download album, 'nother maze of psychedelic jungle groove to navigate:

Track of the week:

Last week it was Agalloch, this week it is something very similar:

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