Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Ariel Pink - Round and Round (Little Loud Remix)

Gonna throw this up here, even though you'll probably already have heard it, there's barely an inch of the web that hasn't been bathed in it's golden hues: It is pretty ace but also I'm posting it here because Mr Little Loud's from Brighton, my town. Reposted from Gorilla vs. Bear, here's the, remix of Ariel Pink's Round and Round from this years upcoming go-to guy for soporiphic club rescrubs.  I almost agree with GvsB when they hold up the original as the track of the year; I seem to have fallen for FM/AM soft rock pretty hard and it's this song that is singularly accountable for stripping me of my defences and priming me for it. This remix softens lines and blurs edges, pulping the shape into a liquified and supple, yet hyped and psyched workout, freshly decked in pastel sweats and pumped perm. Those twinkles on top of that chorus! Yeah, you got me.

DOWNLOAD: Ariel Pink - Round and Round (Little Loud Remix)

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