Sunday, 7 November 2010

Music what I listens to in the previous week thread! ( ofc)

It's Sunday; you know the drill:
Another quite week stats wise, but all this shit is LOUD mang!!

01. Salem - 39
02. Krieg - 33
03. Twin Shadow - 31
04. Solar Bears - 21
05. Guards – 19
06. Satanic Warmaster - 18
06. Millipede - 18
06. Gem Club - 18
06. Gkfoes vjgoaf - 18
10. Umberto – 16

1 – Been playing it in the car, the bass almost sucks the windows in
2 – Old school USBM legends create modern masterpiece. Ignores all that Cascadian stargazing tweeness to repeatedly punch the Earth right in it's solar plexus 'til it finds it's own furious trance state
4 – The album just keeps on giving up it's technicolour charms in different ways
5 - Found out this week that Guards has a sister in Cults and vice versa. No wonder they sound so similar and love each other so much. Why don't they just all be the same band?
6a – old school Finnish OMBMB – Werewolf – gets his claws right out in an awesome album of fiercely buzzing frostbitten violence.
6b – Ultra blown-out noise/drone rock, like J&MC or Skullflower. Form is loose, volume is all in the red.
6c – Really pretty Massachusetts Boy/Girl Piano/Cello/Vocal two piece. Beautiful use of space, really, very excellent.
6d – Light Weaving gets better every time I listen to it. You should listen to it too.
10. Italo-Disco/Kraut/Witch House....via Goblin. Sort of. Well brown acid innit.

Track of the week:


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