Friday, 5 November 2010

DOWNLOAD: Rangers - Zombies

Sweet new Rangers track, reposted from No Fear Of Pop:

Joe Knight from ex-Texas/now San Francisco hypnagogic pop project Rangers generously sent over his latest tune this weekend. Zombies is a hazy and nostalgic post Halloween slow burner, perfect for the morning after or the inevitable comedown in between, a mellow and sugary bass line leading through a track full of 80s infused guitar weeps and distorted, VHS/video game leaning synth sounds. After Rangers' outstanding Suburban Tours LP earlier this year on OESB, Zombies is the first song from a new EP or LP that's gonna be released "hopefully sometime before the new year or at the start", being conceived as a "straight up pop album".

Download: Rangers - Zombies

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  1. Hi Meatbreat
    There is a Christmas mix en route to you.Im guessing it will be there in a week!I hope you like it!