Friday, 12 November 2010

VIDEO: LA Vampires feat. Matrix Metals - How Would U Know

Following up Make Me Over from their collaborative album on Not Not Fun, LA Vampires and Matrix Metals have another video for you in the form of How Would U Know. Sam Meringue again, addictively sludges down what remains of Amanda Brown's Pocahaunted vibe on this potent blend of hi-gloss 80's pop-rap video stylings (hands to the face gestures CHECK, split screen CHECK, glitter glasses CHECK YO' HEAD!) with very lo-fi scuzzed up VHS quality finish to the music. The 80's theme is high up in this track, but refracted through a funhouse mirror maze of warping momentum as Brown's vocals wobble in and out of focus, both in unison and against the grain of the pulsing loops that Matrix Metals sets up and rides the distance.  This is really setting me up for the album now, in no uncertain terms.

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