Monday, 29 November 2010

fgs someone start the LAST.FM THREAD

Weekly DiSThread stats, on a Monday not a Sunday this week.
Half of my scrobbles came out this week, the other disappeared. So, Agalloch, LAVamps& Matrix Metals, Demdike Stare should all be on about 30, if not more.  A good week of listening this week – all those three bands missing in action would get mad props if they appeared, but they don’t so they can’t. Are they the rules?

01. Ducktails – 53
02. Solar Bears – 46
03. Dream Boat – 37
04. I†† - 31
05. Guards – 29
05. Gayngs – 29
07. Velvet Davenport – 24
08. GuMMy†BeR! – 22
09. Iibiis Rooge – 15
10. Ealdulf – 14

01. New album is really very good. Less heavy on the wah but is still has a pretty shimmery tropical feel with the addition of some chomping riffs that gnaw at your guts

04. Spent a lot of time with another really great EP from this dark ambient/witchhouse producer. 

05a – Cults have been signed to Columbia, but the similar sounding sister band Guards is much better imho. They do sound a lot like Arcade Fire, but I don’t think that’s a problem.

05b – why do all these end of year lists have no Gayngs? Is it sitting in a blind spot or something?

07 – Warmy Girls!  I think my passion for Velvet Davenport is probably a little uncharacteristic of me, but they’re just so easy to listen to in such a rewarding way….that I did pay nearly $30 for it.
08. Sad times as one of the best witch house producers PC dies taking most of his new album with it.

09. Just got the LP released in the summer. Some seriously deep and tangled psych forest trance here – like a little technicolour vortex to suck your mind out the back of itself.

10. UK Black Metal Week is starting on my blog next week. UKBMW. UKBMW!!

I don't think I do have a TOTW.

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