Friday, 26 November 2010

VIDEO: Suffer the Shards of the Lost Cult of Silence – Cult is Religion Vol. 1

Brand new VHS-only occult black metal / witch house label Video Horror Show has it's first release queued up in a run of 50 tapes. A combination of format and genre given the most back-handed compliment imaginable by my friend Bobsy from Mindless Ones who described it as "so annoying it reaches a state of near-holiness".

The first release is from duo Suffer The Shards of the Lost Cult of Silence, featuring members of USBM visionaries Woe (frontman Chris Grigg, who also plays drums for Krieg) and Absu (Matt Moore who plays in both Woe and Absu).  The full track is a 27 minute long epic piece of droning blackness, drilled into the netherworld with 240bpm double kick percussion and some acidic feral shrieking, taking turns to fork into Scandinavian graveyard thrash, cacophonous freefall and throbbing noise.  Having missed out on seeing the full half-hour video I can only speculate as to the hallucinatory effects the full distance might have when combined with the music, but the audio alone works itself into a state hypnotic out-of-body experience as the churning builds to the point where it's loosed from all human influence and climbs onto a psychedelic plane under its own momentum. The stream of the the full track comes courtesy of the label's Bandcamp.

Here's the video excerpt:

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