Tuesday, 16 November 2010

DOWNLOAD: These New Puritans - White Chords (Stalker Remix)

Right off the back of the awesome Forest Swords remix of this These New Puritans track comes another from TriAngle affiliate Witch-slasher Stalker; This guy had the best track on the Lindsay Lohan comp that TriAngle put out, it was a chilling, horrific-toned bastard of a piece and this has an element of that in it, laying the disembodied vocal out on a cold slab of nasty fuzz, crushing the air out of it between stony layers of distortion and taunting it with its guttural, dragged doppelganger. The pressure builds until it's killed just like that.




and take a ride on the unofficial video! (sorry, that was hyper obvious but...)

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