Thursday, 18 November 2010

DOWNLOAD: Music For Your Plants

Music For Your Plants

Describing themselves as tropical lo-fi progressive witchwave, three piece Tallinn, Estonia, band Music For Your Plants at first seem like they're trying to cover too many bases, but when the album starts rolling it fills in with a whole lot more detail than even those far reaching descriptors might imply.  The biggest thing that crawls out of the self-produced swamp is a lot of Tortoise, through the cycling layers of jazz influenced post rock and the use of glockenspiels (wooden glocks always remind me of Tortoise, especially when they're struck like this) along with the tones of the guitars and the lurching, recoiling and searching way they're played, countering the drum and cymbal work in A City In The Sea like tidal surges crashing into an urban clubland in exactly the way the title suggests. It's a strange bedfellow to the occasional flourishes of dubstep and electronic throb that back it, the gently peaking chemical euphoria of Dr Mudawi breaks out into a rushing beat section, phosphorescent streaks of night drive synths lifting it into a completely different headspace to the looping guitars it drops right back into in the next track Relax With Classics that subjects some textbook crescendos and ambient passages to this albums slightly degenerate and warped interpretation of things. Then it all seems to go off on holiday, taking a little contemplative minute long interlude called Log Cabin then fetches the tropical animal noises and calypso riffs, laying them out on beach front recliners gently serenading them until the sun sets. Very abruptly.

It's pretty nuts and well worth the downloading of.

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