Thursday, 16 December 2010

Vision Air - A Vision EP

Reverberating echoes of Solar Bears, Worriedaboutsatan, and Dan Lopatin reflect and rebound off the sleek streamlined metallic lines and curves of the Vision Air ship as it glides through the silky cosmos of an emerging new breed of electronica that is as nebulously psychedelic as it is motorik and kinetic. 

This Dublin based outfit just released their new ep, A Vision through Soundcloud which you can download for free now. They have another EP, Autumn, posted in October, but no embed, so transport yourself HERE. Both are spectacularly adept sets of tracks that involve an emotional resonance, almost romantic in the lightly touched call and response melodies and sighing synth tones of Totem from the Autumn ep with the potentially harsh cold-void sounds of cosmic electronics, the sterility of Kompakt flushed with a blossoming energy that dials the temperature up to melt any of the more unforgiving edges.   

Like Solar Bears, the strands of cosmic vapour tied into these undulating seams of ambient techno are heated though subtle variations in their paths as they hurtle along, changes in pace create friction, charging the tracks and twisting interesting directions out of their course; the proper beat dropping on God's Hammer!!!! (exclamations theirs), the sudden surge of textural synths in UHOHM.  The throbbing masses of tone are tied to beats that push forward through the stillness surrounding them, a forward momentum through the silence buffering the noise. Where there's a slightly closer feel to the Autumn ep, there's an airless ambience to the four tracks on the A Vision ep; it's analogue suspense poised as if they've been holding their breath for almost too long, drifting off into a warm state of unoxygenated relaxation. Ultimately, it's too hard to resist the cosmic metaphors when the music is so deliberately crafted to evoke them;  HYPNOM begins with an almost shuffling side-stepped hypnotic disco thrust with rockets launching over it; slowly the blinking safety signal is shut off letting a series of melodic chords flare out, building towards a climax of klaxons screams and overheating circuit board chatter.  A hauntingly beautiful track that is the standout from a band that are now well on to my ones-to-watch list for 2011.


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