Sunday, 12 December 2010

this is the thread

Didn;t do this last week, preperation for the UKBMW was all consuming. Back now, with a vengeance:

my reply to this thread starts with 01.

01. Atlas Sound - 76
02. Mark McGuire - 48
03. Autre Ne Veut - 44
04. Games - 30
05. Lower Dens - 25
06. Barad-Dur - 22
07. Philip Jeck - 15
07. Solar Bears - 15
09. Urfaust - 14
09. Ealdulf - 14
09. No Joy - 14

1 - Why isn't AS up in everyone's lists. Was number one for me last week and again this week. 4 albums of Cox is a lot to take in.
2 – I can see why this is placing higher than Emeralds in some people's EOYLs
3 – Mrs Meat fucking HATES this...
4 – ...but somehow I can get away with this
5 – She loves this though. Why did no one tell me about Lower Dens earlier? It's like School of Seven Bells with balls.
6 – Last of the UKBMW interviews
7a – Hadn't heard this until Carruthers' write up spurred me on to the shops for it. Love Sand, this is just as good.
7b – Unlikely to tire of Solar Bears for some time, great at any time!
9a – Enjoying Der Freiwillige Bettler a lot, same as previous albums, but why mess about with a good thing. No one else makes as bleakly haunting a noise as this.
9b – UKBM on point. Epic and folk-spirited but littered with modern twists and invention.
9c – Finally got this after seeing the video of Lookout, Lookout. Beautiful, heatbreaking, chilling. All kinds of amazing.
9d – This is still kickin' it too. Worth it just for Hawaii, if you don't have a copy of Goo to hand.

Track of the week:

Gala DropDrop
Cosmic tropicalia / tropical Cosmicalia

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  1. mgguire is my love! have you listen to his last cassette?