Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Free Liars 'Scissor' Download

The first signs of the new Liars album 'Sisterworld' are starting to leak onto the web and it surely won't be long before the album itself makes it out there so make the most of the increasing tension, excitement and old fashioned pre-release fervour while you can. It's due out in March and they are giving away the opening track Scissor free on their website.


After starting with some eeire, dreamy delayed vocals about transient distance and journeying it doesn't take long before it smashes the sound barrier with a pretty rugged, rocking almost Metal riff that wrestles itself like its strait-jacketed. The distant dreamy quietness comes in, get's blown out again and then it ends. As an album opener it sounds as potent as Plastercasts of Everything - though if we're dodging any exitable hysteria we'd more honestly say we prefer Plastercasts. You can decide for yourself.

As you can see from the traclisting, there'es soem pretty gnarly, canckerous 'They Were Wrong...' kind of track titles.

1. "Scissor"

2. "No Barrier Fun"

3. "Here Comes All The People"

4. "Drip"

5. "Scarecrows On A Killer Slant"

6. "I Still Can See An Outside World"

7. "Proud Evolution"

8. "Drop Dead"

9. "The Overachievers"

10. "Goodnight Everything"

11. "Too Much, Too Much"

Sounds pretty killer to us. Looking forward to it.

Sign up for more info, artwork and teasers at the website:


Sunday, 6 December 2009

R.I.P Jack Rose

It is with sincere grief that I am posting this, but here is the news that Jack Rose passed away yesterday 5th December from a heart attack, aged only 38. For me, this is a genuinely shocking event that has left me practically speechless. When I wrote a preview of the gig for the Source magazine I had a short but profoundly affecting email conversation with him about his work and modern American Roots music, then went on to see him play an incredibly meditative set of acoustic guitar ragas at the Prince Albert which was an almost spiritual experience. As you can tell, he left a lasting impression.

In the 90's he was a member of 3-piece electric noise band Pelt,whose fierce, squally efefcts heavy styles gradually quietened down in to more naked acoustic contemplations. In the 2000's Rose began experimenting with fingerpicking, drawing heavily on the American primitivism of John Fahey.

Enough words from me. The man will forever be a legendary musician of his time in my house.

I leave you with a peformance of Kensington Blues from a few years ago.

Sunday, 29 November 2009

Gravsahl - ... A Part of Nothing

Gravsahl, a German one man black metal band releases his first demo '...A Part of Nothing' as a free download. This really is worth you picking it up. It's not that it's groundbreaking - there's whole essays to be written about the oversaturation of one man BM bands (OMBMB!) - and you never know, we might be just the people to espouse on the why, when, who and where's of it all one day. No, it sounds like you'd expect - drum machine keeping intense tempos, buzzsaw guitar throb up in the foreground - but what it does it excels at and all you need to know is that the black flame burns bright with this one, the long shadow of Burzum hangs over the ragged mantra icy trance - its captures the regal, arrogant poise and majestic elegance of the founding sounds of the genre (just look at that logo), adds enough influence from the intevening history and produces an absorbing energising record as a result.

So, here you go: DOWNLOAD



NFR End of Year Mayhem - Thursday 3rd December!!!

This is it. 2009 is nearly over, end of year polls are coming, we all have our opinions. I haven't seen one I like yet.....there's still time.

Come to the Penthouse on Thursday to hear NFR's End of Year Spectacular!

Me and Fokka Wolfe will be playing our highlights from our year of underground, independant, DIY labels, demos, and more from across all your favourite NFR genres >>>

avant pop / bliss drone / concrete bass / cosmic psych / feral noize / ghetto electro / glitter wave / gutter punk / kvlt bvzz / mutant indie / neon diskko / outsider grimness / primitive euphoria / skronk rock / wyrd folk.....and more...

My current favourite being New York Loft Core. I will buy two, yes TWO drinks for the person who can guess which band or artist insipred that phrase (Here's a clue: they're not actually from NY).

See you Thursday.


Friday, 27 November 2009

DOWNLOAD: The Black Neck Band of the Common Loon

The Black Neck Band of the Common Loon rehearsal tapes from Warner studios

You may have read the review of this band in this month's Wire magazine. A glowing assessment of the duo of Andy Pyne and Blue Pin's crazy world of percussive battery and vocal illusions. It makes sense the deeper you go into it, like Captain Beefheart being given the keys to Alice's Wonderland. Think what the Don would do with that and you're half way there....whilst also being stranded in the middle of nowhere.....with no one to help you.

They just put up a pair of rehearsal jams for the world to plug it's ears in to and here they are for you. Free and wild with the wind in their hair.

Live at Warner Studios 19 9 09
Live at Warner Studios 26 9 09

Myspace: www.myspace.com/blackneckband

Monday, 23 November 2009

A day in the listening life

For one day only NFR was alone in the office so the whole day was spent listening and tweeting every albumas we went. Here's there whole day corralled into one bite sized blog post:

09:30 - So far:Slagmaur, Bong, Quttinirpaaq, and now Ous Mal - Finnish weirdity....
10:30...Gkfoes Vjgoaf - no spelling mistake. crazy weird dissonant folk..? LA loner is waaay out there lost in the woods:
11:30 - #musicmonday continues with Worriedaboutsatan - Arrivals. one of my albums of the year for sure..top10? 20?
12:30 - now we're on The Fresh & Onlys - super garagey modern throwback rock from John Dwyer's Castlefacelabel. (i should @ these, right?)
13:00 - now it's Wooden Veil - German avant-industrial-folk band signed to Dekorder records. video on our blog!
13:30 - Pissed Jeans - King of Jeans. if you don't already know this album or this band...well....shame on you...hang your head.
14:00 - out of the scuzzy filth into the slinky sex beat of Joy Orbison. Wet Look is one of the tracks of the year, dubstep/wonk or whatnot, right?
14:30 - Settling into Campfire's self titles two track cassette. Lush humming liquid reverie.
15:00 - Brighton's own cross-genre Baikonour - heavy on the kraut-drone and electronic atmospheres, totally kicking it in the groove stakes.
16:00 - Book of Shadows - Secret Garden. immersive tru-nu-psychedelia. Enjoy their white-on-white myspace page!
16:40 - #musicmonday is nearly over - here comes Om. Simple, effective, luminous, hypnotic, cosmic..... Thebes is building.....
17:30 - finishing the day - the working day - with The XX. It's a nice light bouncy end - that'll all change once I step outside into the darkness
18:00 - Teitanblood. None more dark, filthy, nasty, gory and satanic. E-fucking-vil. Morbid Devil of Pestilence is DISGUSTING!

Let's leave you with some of that shall we?

VIDEO: Wooden Veil - Red Sky

Here's the new video from Dekorder Records signees Wooden Veil. It's pretty trippy. The new album is all kinds if intense awesomeness - this track opens it, followed by some crazy clanging industrial kraut-rock of Shiverings then it all clams down....but carries on and then some. Wait til you get to the mind blowing Wooden People before you let your jaw drop too far. Go find it, you will like it.

For now, let this overwhelm your senses:

Thursday, 19 November 2009

Ash Borer show you Black Metallers how it's done

Visually, if all you grim hordes want to keep it Trad but kick it up a bit, you've got Ash Borer to contend with:

We're willing to bet that musically they can show you a few new tricks too.

They just closed down their MySpace to move to Blogspot with this, there first post:

"We will begin recording by this month's end. 3 songs at roughly 40 minutes total. Tape on Dead Earth, CD on Flenser, possibly vinyl down the road sometime...."

If you know their last demo, you'll be finding this news as exciting as us.

Wednesday, 18 November 2009

REVIEW: Island of Raiell - Ab Initio

We’ve been tipped off about this band by good friend of NFR, Nick Keech from kraut - gaze - noise - drone outfit One Unique Signal - His sister Louise is half of the enigmatically named duo Island Of Raiell along with Angie Cheung. The pair have been in a multitude of London based post-punk, indie rock outfits (and Angie even helped pen a Brand New Heavies chart topper!) With indie credentials and bonus real life Success established, the duo are heading out into less predictable waters with their new audio-visual experimental project Island of Raiell. They have just released Ab Initio; their debut album through indie label/distributors Genepool Records as a 42 minute long single track available through iTunes for the bargain sum of £3.49.

The band insist that the album should be heard comfortably reclined, immersed in low mood lighting - but that's implicit from the opening hum; the eerie atmosphere this album exudes makes it sound like it was recorded in halflight and shadow. Anyone familiar with the kinds of resonance heavy ambient soundscapes that Deleted Scenes, Forgotten Dreams regularly throw out will find a lot to engage with during this album. Although it certainly begins with them, across it's nine individually titled movements the album quickly progresses beyond the murky abstract aquatics suggested by the cover into movements similar to the rhythmic chanting of Pocahaunted; spectral churn of Religious Knives and forlorn anthems of Kate Bush. Distant drums echo, voices surface and fade like the suggestions of ripples over heavy water. There's a dread sentiment to this story of a drowned sailor and it's sung by two sirens beckoning a wider audience toward their aquatic embrace.

We have the third section, Rock & Wave for you to download as a teaser. It features an unsettlingly slow and doomy piano lead that literally does come back later to haunt you.

DOWNLOAD: Rock & Wave

The most strikingly dramatic section to the piece arrives with Black Wave in the form of a blast of Middle Eastern horns, a crashing torrent of noise and a harsh shriek - it's a peak in violence that represents the last gasp of the central character before he slips under the waves; an event that leads towards the next highlight of the album - a choral passage titled Lie Beneath that rises from whispering ambience at around 30 minutes, then that slow, heavy-lidded grim-robed piano refrain comes back in accompanied by a backwards sounding buzzing and faint traces of reappearing choir.

It's a record designed to disturb and enchant all at once, and it succeeds with absorbingly fine attention to detail and involving yet unforced narrative structure.


DOWNLOAD: Ab Initio Part III: Rock & Wave



Projections Play Live!

The poster says it all. You've been waiting a long time to get to see Projections again, even if you didn't realise it. A much more exciting band that BRS....in our webworthless opinion.

Tuesday, 10 November 2009

PREVIEW: Aaron Dilloway, Smack Music 7, Slow Listener, Hobo Sonn

Aaron Dilloway, Smack Music 7, Slow Listener, Hobo Sonn
Saturday, November 14, 2009
Upstairs @ the Caroline of Brunswick

Dilloway, former member of noise-titans Wolf Eyes and Hanson Records labelman has recently been releasing solo work that explores much more abstract and thoughtful terrain than his previous group's headbanging onslaughts. His last gig in Brighton at the Freebutt was an arresting slow motion earthquake of a show that built in watery vortexes of sound that sucked light, air and tiem from the room. His recent "Chain Shot" is more a sound collage than anything, and while it is a heaping glob of muddled debris, it is also a highly controlled one. Looping samples on top of samples, Dilloway builds a slowly encroaching beast before slowly disintegrating it, bone by bone. This is some highly textural and immediately emotive soundscape work that demands to be experienced in the flesh.

here's a very short sharp shock of him at Colour Out Of Space last year:

Three solo supports from Brighton's own gunge tank of feral atmospherics:

Smack Music 7's self-described 'Glamtronics'is the elegant and refined solo outfit of Polly Shang/Blood Stereo lady Karen Constance. Reigning in the tape terror and replacing it with a lost in the jungle lushness. Still creepy.

Slow Listener is a blurry, zoned out vista of of degraded beauty, crumbling ivy torn walls of organ drones, gently shifting fuzz, crackle and hiss. Sink into this and come out feelign vital.

Hobo Sonn is Ian FK Murphy. A meaty broth of bedroom concrete, electronic blurb and lo-fi tape mangled sine wave drone. Suck it up.



Sunday, 8 November 2009

NFR Setlist 5th November, 2009

Bit quiet this month. So you did all go see the fireworks then. Thanks to Tom for admirably manning the bar and Addem for the enthusiasm. Here's what you heard.

I feel weak. Must be all the sulphur, ozone, nitrogen and glitter. I might write some descriptions later. For now, know that the song of the night was probably this.

See you on December 3rd for our full scale widrescreen 2009 year end round up.

'Til then - Our night in lists:

Fokka Wolfe:

Bear In Heaven – Wholehearted Mess
The Big Pink – Crystal Visions
Pearl Harbour – Sunburn
Vivian Girls – When I'm Gone
Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros - Home
Alec Empire – 1000 Eyes
Obsidian Pond – Sundog Sinners
George Lenton - Troll
Fuck Buttons – Surf Solar
Captain Ahab – Party Baby (Sickboy Remix)
Bosco Delrey – Round N Round (Feat. 77klash)
Turbowolf - Ancient Snake
Bat For Lashes – Pearls Dream - Skreams Pour Another Glass Of Champers Remix
The Big Pink – At War With The Sun
Turzi – Bogota


Instruments – We Didn’t Think It Through, We Just Did It (Dead Pilot Records Sampler)
Gnod – Thunderbolt Loop (Wuste Zeremonie, Reverb Worship)
Neon Indian – Should Have Taken Acid With You (Psychic Chasms, Lcfse)
Moon Duo – Love On The Sea (7", Sick Thirst)
Hotel Wrecking City Traders – The Lakeshore Strangler (Black Yolk, Bro Fidelity)
Worriedaboutsatan – All Things But You Are Silent (Arrivals, Gizeh)
Demdike Stare – Jannisary (Symbiosis, Modern Love)
Climax Golden Twins – Chinese (Eerie Fragrance Or Eyeless Fabrication Or Exclude Frank Or Eat Fuck Or Etc (Forever), Etude)
Eternal Tapestry – Temporal Starshine Voyage (The Invisible Landscape, Not Not Fun)
A Place To Bury Strangers – Smile When You Smile (Exploding Head, Mute)
Ecka Liena - Fire Emerging From Mist (Dead Pilot Records Sampler)
Gold Panda – I Suppose I Should Say Thanks Or Some Shit (Before, Self-Released)
Nadja & Black Boned Angel – ‘Untitled 1’ (Nadja & Black Boned Angel, 20 Buck Spin)
Dragonssnogard – Test Track 01 (Demo)

Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Edward Sharpe & TheMagnetic Zeros album news!

Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros are a wonderful band out of time. Timeless rather than retro, modern hippies in the great hopefilled sence of the word, that created amazing events and communities in the late 60s and early 70s.
They take you to the dessert and start a new life, a world of poetry and waking at dawn to see the new world, a new way of living away from the indignities of modern life.

Remember the commune they visit in the dessert in Easy Rider, filled with performers and musicians that Peter Fonda says 'will make it'? Well they did and here are their children!

Their self titled album released in july this year is being featured on Amazon mp3 download as one of the 50 albums for $5! Thats 13 utterly brilliant songs for.. whats that in pounds, 3 quid? Amazing! The link to it is here.

Here also is the video for their single 'Home'


Saturday, 24 October 2009

George Lenton, Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros.

..and just when I was getting a bit bored of dubstep I go and find something like this! George Lenton
Found it from the Missing Thumbs blog which always is good for finding great tracks!

Edward Sharpe and The Magnetic Zeros are a band I know little about but they have a Dark Meat/Flaming Lips feel and this video epic for one of their songs out this year is totally AMAZING!

Sunday, 18 October 2009

VIDEO: Turbowolf - Ancient Snake

News reaches us that a Turbowolf album is in the works. There's no more details or dates at the moment but rest assured, if you stay tuned we'll give you more as we get it. Still one of or favourite and most played underground bands, recent features on Thrash Hits and Music Liberation, support from the Radio One Rock Show and sets at Offset and Download festivals all point to the kind of deserved exposure a band like this deserves.

Move over Monotonix, Bristol's brought the UK it's own pop metal mayhem makers!

Here's their new video for Ancient Snake for you.

Fiercly now.

Friday, 16 October 2009

Colour Out Of Space Exhibition Private View‏

An exhibitory assortment of visual muck as a prelude to the upcoming Colour Out Of Space festival on 30th October starts today. Teh Colour Out Of Space Exhibition Private View‏ brings you an eye full of psych and scary out-minded artists plusLIVE music to you until the end of the COOS.

Brighton University Gallery / Grand Parade
Friday 16th October - 1st November

Curated by Karen Constance (Polly Shang Kuan Band, Smack Music 7, Blood Stereo) the COOS exhibition celebrates the strong connection between experimental music and the visuals arts, with works by an abundance of artists who work contemporaneously in visuals & sound. As well as a large selection of paintings, collages, sculptures and video, the exhibition will also include many experimental concerts posters (xeroxed & screen printed) and a wide selection of strangley packaged LPs, Cds, Cassettes - many made by hand and of extremely limited edition, art objects in their own right.

Private View: Friday 16th October: 5.30pm - 8pm

With live acts Infinite Gaaaaah (Tom Roberts of Bolide Awkwardstra cooks up one man fitful psych strangeness) + F Ampism + Lizzy Carey + Dylan Nyoukis & Daniel Spicer performing “Four Fiddles, Four Throats & Other Apparatus”.

24th October: White Night

As part of Brighton’s all night White Night events the gallery will host performances from Daniel Spicer + Teignmouth Electron + Bad Orb + Smack Music 7 + Weirding Vessel.

More info HERE

Wednesday, 14 October 2009

NFR Setlist – 1st October 2009

Hey hey NFRlings. A little later than planned but here now for you, my setlist of what I played at October's Not For Resale night at the Penthouse.

Without further ado, Fokka Wolfe's feelgood hits of October >>>

Night Plane - Night_Plane
The Horrors – Who Can Say
HEALTH – Die Slow
Pearl Harbour – Sunburn
Bosco Delrey – Space Junky
Bear In Heaven – Wholehearted Mess
Bosco Delrey – Round n Round (feat. 77Klash)
Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs – Bournemouth
Rick Ross – Rick Ross
Baltimore Club Music - McNuggets Remix
DJ Punisher – Smells Like Teen Spirit (Punish Bmore Mash)
Billy Idol x Chris Isaac – Dj schmolli - Wicked Wedding (Riot Bmore fix2)
Gucci Mane ft Da Yo Boyz – Im Da Shit Bmore Version
Girl Talk – Hands in the Air
Major Lazer – Call Mi (Dave Kelley's Hold The Line Remix feat. Baby Cham)
Fever Ray – If I Had A Heart (Fuck Buttons Mix)
The Drums – Let's Go Surfing
Jeffrey Lewis – Roll Bus Roll
Fucked Up – Epiphany (No Age Remix)
Behold! the Monolith – Guardians of the Abyss / Primal Extenuation / Rise of the Brohemoth


Meatbreak's tracks:

Plankton Wat – Our Solar Beings - Last Days Of Clouded Darkness - Mountian Voyage (Our Solar Beings, Digitalis)
Solo dude Dewey Mahood plays epic multi segmented drone, jungle-folk, tribal trance trip mixed through heavy analogy delay. Also plays in Jackie-O Motherfucker, and Eternal Tapestry. Here we go.

Eternal Tapestry – Cathedral Of Radiance (The Invisible Landscape, Not Not Fun)
12 minute cosmic wah fuzzed rush of improve astral séance. Getting a bit vibey about now.

Lotus Plaza – What Grows? (The Floodlight Collective, Kranky)
It’s old for us – out at the start of the year – but it’s still ebbing away and growing in stature in the back of our minds all the time.

Worriedaboutsatan – All Things But You Are Silent (Arrivals, Gizeh)
This too, this record came out a while back but we’re really getting into it more and more now and this track is an awesome development from Warp styled glitch ambience with enough of a post-rock schooled narrative thread to it that it reels you in and spins you way out.

Cold Cave – The Trees Grew Emotions And Died (Love Comes Close, Heartworm Press)
While we waited for our copy of their new industrial fuzz scarred album to arrive we played this in it’s stead. Happy twinkly summer pop with a Mancunian-grim edge. From LA, obvs.

Turbowolf – Do Me Wrong (Demo)
A real oldie pulled out the bag – Bristol’s Turbowolf, still one of the best underground, not quite signed to high enough a profile bands around. This track off their first demo pumps the keyboards in a glitzier way than their newer metallic edgier stuff and I think we might prefer it.

A Place To Bury Strangers – Deadbeat (Exploding Head, Mute)
Ultra amped and deadly sort of Link Wray riffed noise assault from Brooklyn’s pedal centric sonic terrorists. The album is finally out on general release and after a couple of months of constant listening to the promo we can tell you that this is one record you need in your life.

Power Up – Amazing NFR Jingle
Says what it is. Our first and favorite jingle.

Climax Golden Twins – Chinese (Eerie Fragrance Or Eyeless Fabrication Or Exclude Frank Or Eat Fuck Or Etc (Forever), Etude)
Fucking weird zen string collage of Eastern sounds. Not sure if we have the album title right. Not sure if this is right. But it’s damn nice.

Oneida – What’s Up Jackal (Rated O, Jagjaguwar)
One of the straighter jugular direct rock-roll around on the floor tracks from this megalithic triple psyche out from another of Broooklyn’s most exciting groups.

Masks – Fang (Demo)
Brighton band’s thumping linear beat intro to an interesting demo. We like simple and aggressive, and although this has pretty guitars woven over the top of it, it’s the mean, bare boned beat that stamps along the spine of it that does it for us.

Ducktails – Beach Point Pleasant (Ducktails, Not Not Fun)
We love the couple that stayed sitting and half-reading half-listening to this. We know they were absorbed in the tropical skunk wobble because as soon as it finished they upped and left. Whoever you were, we love you.

Gold Panda – Lonely Owl (Before, Self-Released)
Less of an ep more of a micro album; the songs are such short multi electronica idea flecked skits that it’s hard to register what’s really going on. Which is why we’ll be playing more of this at future nights.

Volcano Choir – Dote (Unmap, Jagjaguwar)
Justin Vernon’s not Bon Iver band have made a wintery warm record that has this fuzzy white out noise piece in the centre.

Monsters Build Mean Robots – Psalm 57 (Single, Nice Weather For Airstrikes)
New free downloadable single from MBMR that sits somewhere between Arcade Fire, Animal Collective and Sigur Ros. Happy music about sinister things.

Everyone To The Anderson – Harpoon Flesh Wound (Doodlebug Ep, Toy Soldier)
If there were a league of Brighton bands most memorable riffs, this nagging cyclical double punch that keeps rushing forward would probably take it. Awesome.

The Black Neck Band Of The Common Loon – In Memory Of Googie Withers (The Black Neck Band Of The Common Loon, Foolproof Projects)
Brighton based duo of Andy Pine of Medicine & Duty plus the enigmatically named Blue Pin holler and batter their way across free-rock-out-skronk of a kind that no one, really, no one else is doing.

Pissed Jeans – R-Rated Movie (King Of Jeans, Sub Pop)
Cerebral retards 3rd album is still going strong on us and looks likely to stay that way. We like to stay for the sex scenes.

Shield Your Eyes – Sound The Alarm (Oh No!, Toy Soldier/Holy Smokes)
In their words “Shield Your Eyes, Guns Or Knives, Darkrat, For Trucks, Tom Williams & Twat Trot Tra La! plus a drum roll stolen from gil scott heron, and no gaps!” Playing at the Hobgoblin with Illness & P for Persia on the 28th October – should be a great night.

Awesome Wells – NFR Jingle
Our English country garden jingle courtesy of our favourite local folk re-thinker.

Curly Hair – Oh Brother (Demo)
Sweetly played and darkly lyriced track from one cutesy little two piece who are fast gaining national notoriety. Stay tuned.

Demdike Stare – Haxan (Syboiosis, Modern Love)
Astral occultism channeled through ambient dub electronica via Turkish hookah smoke and Northern grimnity. Named after the last witch to have been burned in the Lancashire Pendle witch trials. Eerie.

Oneida – 10:30 At The Oasis (Rated O, Jagjaguwar)
More Oneida for you because it’s all so varied and fucked up we can barely stop ourselves from playing the whole 3 discs.

Kong – Blood Of A Dove (Snake Magnet, Brew)
Savage but tightly controlled always makes for the scariest kind of rage and this is what Kong do and this is what makes them so good. The album has all sorts of ingenious unexpected twists up it’s sleeves but tgis track is the one that really does it for us.

Pinkshinyultrablast – Honeybee (Happy Songs For Happy Zombies, Odd Box)
Russian shoegaze bands centre piece blow out from a pretty great ep. A lot of stuff like this from Russia at the moment, strangely.

Turbowolf – Ghost Hunt (Demo)
More T-Wolf because your ears deserve them.

Esben And The Witch – Marching Song (33, Self-Released)
One of Brighton’s most promising bands put out this free ep of brooding post-chamber-rock for you to download from their myspace site. One of the most asked after tracks of the night, so treat yourself and go get it from them.

Ecka Liena – Wing Footed (Orb Night, Phantom Channel)
Brighton based drone soldier’s euphoric meditation on a glockenspiel theme set to a heady immersive background of guitar texture. Stunning. We’re sorry you couldn’t quite fit in the full 20 minute Orb Night track itself.

Sunset Rubdown – Nightingale/December Song (Dragonslayer, Jagjaguwar)
Out of that into something else entirely – medieval themed indie pop from Canada that we could barely do justice to with mere description. This is probably still our favourite song of the year.

Ash Borer – Drukne (Demo)
Transcendental Cascadian hypnotic trance Black Metal from California. Has a peaceful passage in the middle of it to calm things down and build up it’s energy for the second surge.

Sunno))), Pan Sonic & Alan Vega – Che (Che Ep, Blast First Petite)
The best track around at the moment to finish a night on – heavy waves of Sunn magic, Pan Sonic working textural manipulations with Alan Vega himself redoing the vocals to the Suicide original. Original indeed.

Tuesday, 13 October 2009

DOWNLOAD: Aurora Borealis Mix

One of our favourite record labels (if not our number 1 - we have the t-shirt after all), specialists in left-field experimental black/doom/drone metal Aurora Borealis have put out a free downloadable 'mixtape' for you. Just over 30 minutes of epic, intense and visceral sounds from their most recent releases. Here's the tracklist:

0:00 - 4:17 - Sylvester Anfang II - The Devil Always Shits In The Same Graves (Part 1) (Sylvester Anfang II)

4:17 - 9:35 - Ben Nash - Magnetophon 8 Pt IV (The Seventh Goodbye)

9:35 - 11:37 - Rye Wolves - Millions Of Gallons Of Water (Oceans Of Delicate Rain)

11:37 - 16:40 - Burial Hex - Throne (Split 7" With Sylvester Anfang II)

16:40 - 24:30 - Heavy Winged - Morning Flesh (Waking, Shaking)

24:30 - 30:09 - Wormsblood - Ritual Of Bone And Horn / A Houndish Child Arise (In The Stars)

Label man Andrew Hartwell says he is planning on doing one of these every month or so from now on which is a very exciting prospect for those not quite as fanatical about picking every rlrease from this label as soona s they put it out.

Sign up to their newsletter to get it straight from them when the next one drops.


Monday, 12 October 2009

Curly Hair in a shop.

Curly Hair are playing in Resident Records tonight at 6pm. It will be the sweetest after-work welcome you will ever get. They might even have copies of their new Ivy League ep for you to purchase from them too as a souvenier of the occassion.


MySpace: www.myspace.com/wearecurlyhair
Last.FM: http://www.last.fm/music/Curly+Hair

Sunday, 11 October 2009

NFR Twitters

Not For Resale has gone and set up a Twitter account so we can see how addictive it really is (we suspect VERY actually) and see if we can find any other goodness hidden inside.

follow us here: http://twitter.com/NFRblog

Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Until The Light Takes Us

Need we say more?

EXCLUSIVE DOWNLOAD!: Brown Jenkins - Death Obsession preview tracks

Umesh Amtey has given us two brand new preview tracks to help spread the cosmic heaviness of his final Brown Jenkins album Death Obsession, due for release on 17th November on Moribund Records.

As a development from last year's Angel Eyes and other previous BJ material, these new tracks feature an element of light and space that was never present before. That's not to say they aren't murky, bleak and harrowing - which they are, as is almost Umesh's trademark sound - being in part, an enormous cosmic horror soundtrack to Lovecraft's whole back catalogue - but the treble-curtain shimmer of lead guitars over the bassier riffs is almost elegant, each cycle building in density until visibility is reduced to nothing and the darkness swallows up the foregound ready to repeat the cycle once more. It's fast too - the gaps opening up in the nimble beats add an illusiory feel of a more graceful momentum; Together they give it a less sludgy feel but it still stomps and shudders like the most monumental leviathan, but that's the dichotomy that make Brown Jenkins special. The shifts in pace, tone and shade of these tracks continue the unique work of this arresting artist. If ever there was a record to signal the death of the first decade of the new millenium, then it will be this.

Here you go:


PREVIEW: Plurals @ the Fairtrade Gallery

We found this gig through the music of Ecka Liena, whose Orb Night track is a shimmering, twinkling, glittering 20 minute trip out to the stars and back. The work of one Daniel W J Mackenzie - who also plays in Plurals, hence the preview - pools the immersive atmospheres and haunting tranquility of artists like Stars of The Lid, Tim Hecker and adds a little edge of disturbing cosmic horror in a similar vein to Ben Frost. Beautifully awesome. You can download the full album from his Myspace page for free, so we hope he's not going to mind our gushing over this track and give it to you here.

Download: Orb Night

Dan and a friend came up to NFR on Thursday and handed us another beautiful Ecka Liena album (Drones Between Homes) and a Dead Pilot Records sampler CD tied up with string. Every track on the Dead Pilot CD is worth your time and it covers a range of rugged terrain between ambient, eerie atmos and out to hardcore and deep double bass drum violence. Quite a trip.

So this gig looks pretty ace. Weirding Vessel we know and love (and there's a download at the bottom here for you) but the othes are all new to us and we like the style. Anything with Drone and Experimental in the tagline is alright with us.


Ecka Liena - www.myspace.com/kitearc
Winter In Montreal - myspace.com/winterinmontreal
Plurals - myspace.com/thetrueplurals
Weirding Vessel - Live at the Westhill Hall earlier this year for you!
Dead Pilot Records - Myspace

Tuesday, 6 October 2009

A Brighton Vs. London Doom Off

This Saturday in Brighton town, get slowed down and heavy.

The brilliant Bosco Delreys hillbilly dancehall!

Bosco Delrey is a New Jersey born artist that makes psychedelic rockabilly dancehall. Think Simple Kid with breakbeats or Donavan with toasting and bass!
Also reminds me of a spaced out version of Brightons very own Mc Fashion, its got the same ska/beats factor.

He's been about (on myspace at least!) for the last 4 years but only recently seems to be kicking it! But is still unsigned!
There's been some air play on Sindens show on KISS fm. And he appears in the Mad Decent block party video I've posted recently, looking both out of place and totally at home!

Although unsigned he has 2 songs out with Klash City Records; "Space Junky" and "Round Round (feat. 77Klash)" Although there are rumours of something coming out in January next year! Both these tracks can be downloaded from RCRDLBL.

This guy is brilliant and very hard to find anything on him anywhere on the internet! People are missing out!

Monday, 14 September 2009

Horse Gives Birth To Fly

French skuzz-rock, feral-noise street-filth outfit Horse Gives Birth To Fly release their new self-release untitled CDr this month and you are about to rush off to their MySpace and order it from them as soon as you spit your guts over this sweet mp3 and digest it up into your tracts and cerebellum.

The riff in this is fully tanked and fizzing it's way home under the phospohorescents. That's what they said about Burial, but that would be unrealistically romantic, no one floats home on an icy amber cloud after a night out, they come in kicking the door off it's hinges and wailing out the last track they heard that they could string a semi-sensible-serenade out of, hammering and hollering 'til they've rung all the good time left in them out of them and they pass out through toxic shock.

This is it.

This is what the door coming off the hinges sounds like when the melody kicks in; this is the chemical taking over from the biological, the sounds of cells exploding with alien fluid and rupturing their walls across synapse and neuron.


DOWNLOAD: Horse Gives Birth To Fly - Rubbish Drunk On The Sand ('Untitled', Self-Released)


MySpace: www.myspace.com/horsegivesbirthtofly
Last.FM: www.last.fm/music/Horse+Gives+Birth+To+Fly

Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Behold! the Monolith

This is a kind of random band for us to pick up and throw at you, but there's one song in particular we had to share because it just made us so very happy. So here it. and here they, are;

Behold! the Monolith are a 3-piece LA based fusion-metal band centering around some kind of stoner/sludge/doom axis, but they have a lot of other elements to them which sets them apart from bands like Mammatus, Bloody Panda or Rye Wolves. At first I thought this would be another Colin Marston project (he of Behold...The Arctopus and Krallice), but it's not. It's a whole new group of three guys who have self released their album on their own Arctic Forest Collective imprint (I think...there's next to nothing on the web for it).

Most of the song titles are ridiculous. Battle For Balls Deep? Oh dear. But what;s inside them is unarguably awesome. The first part of Phantasmanta/Waking Life is slow, spacious loping ode to Dopethrone-era Electric Wizard, before it doubles up in tone and volume for the second half's fast and feral hardcore dirt that takes it out and dusts it up AmRep style. But that's not what we came to freak out about. This is:

Guardians of the Abyss/Primal Extenuation/Rise of the Brohemoth

A supermassive triple segmented leviathan of a track that finishes at over 12 minutes. At 8:30 this made me laugh with joy. You will too, I guarantee it. You can feel it coming at 8:25 and all it needs is that 4 second swell of anticipation for you to position your head and neck just right because you know you're going to need to get ready for one almighty slam. The previous 8 minutes of intense build up notwithstanding.

DOWNLOAD: Behold! the Monolith - Guardians of the Abyss/Primal Extenuation/Rise of the Brohemoth (Arctic Forest Collective)




Sunday, 6 September 2009

PREVIEW: Colour Out Of Space

The line-up has been announced for this year's Colour Out Of Space festival. which hits town on October 30th to November 1st. It will be the fourth COOS to be unleashed upon Brighton - and the world - being, as it is, a three day festival of global masterminds and new hands from across the freakscene spectrum of concrete poetry, DIY electronics, improvised un-tethered sound experimentation, textile noise, out-jazz, and more. These event's always reset my ways of thinking and approaches to sound design, then by the end of them I'm a scrambled mess.

Always the best way to leave a gig.

tickets and more dtails available soon from the website:


Colour Out Of Space
The Sallis Benney Theatre, Brighton, UK
October 30th - November 1st

> > Joseph Hammer
> > Trevor Wishart
> > Ju Suk Reet Meate & Oblivia
> > Bill Orcutt & Paul Hession
> > Edwards/Noble/Wilksonson trio
> > Leif Elgrenn & C M Von Hausswolff
> > Sten Hanson
> > Kodama
> > Kommissar Hjuler & Mama Baer
> > Eli Kezler
> > Justice Yeldman
> > Heavy Seals
> > Chora
> > Part Wild Horses Mane On Both Sides
> > Morphogenesis
> > Phil Minton & Isabelle Duthoit
> > Sunshine Variety
> > Duncan Harrison & Ian Murphy
> > Nuslux
> > Tomutonttu
> > Sigtryggur Berg Sigmarsson
> > Mechanical Children
> > HereHareHere
> > City Hands
> > Simon Whetham
> > Cotopaxi
> > UFO Antler Band
> > the Hunter Gracchus
> > Logos Women (ft Moniek Darge)
> > Buffle
> > Damion Romero
> > Audrey Chen
> > Expanded Projection by Guy Sherwin & Lynn Loo
> > Experimental Film Programme
> > Panel Discussions
> > Workshops
> > & More

Saturday, 5 September 2009

NFR Setlist 3rd September, 2009

This month was a blast. One of the most fun sets we've played for a while I think - and thanks to everyone that came up and chatted about the tracks. We are as pleased that you hate stuff as much as you love it, because we're that kind of contrary and you love to hate really and it's all part of the same fun innit?

Here's my Meatbreak September setlist for you. Cut it out, keep it and tick off everything you collect.


Click Box – Nebula (Wake Up Call, Minus)
Brazilian techno/electro meshes with clipped glitch propelling itself like Villalobos with the atmospherics of Gui Boratto. Really nice and lush.

Halogen – Not The Remix (Recycled Broadcasts Ep, Self-Released)
More lushness from the fields of Brighton’s underground electronics scene. This was a free download last year – go find Mr Halogen and ask him if he’s still giving his flotation tank immersion experience away.

Worriedaboutsatan – Pissing About (Arrivals, Gizeh)
Leeds based post-IDM ambient electronics duo produce one of our albums of the year – some tracks have only punctuation as titles, others have names like this but the music you cannot take anything but seriously.

Awesome Wells – I Think Thanks-Giving Will Turn Kurt Cobain Around (The Highs And Lows Of Dewitte A Stanton, Red Deer Club)
Beautiful post-folk sampled weirdness from one of Brighton’s most interesting should-be superstars.

Sun Araw – Heavy Deeds (Heavy Deeds, Not Not Fun)
Heavy dose of Quaalude heavy heavy psych drone cloud bathing your lobes with a heavy rain of multi-colours

Lightning Bolt – Sound Guardians (Earthly Delights, Load)
Picking it up right out of the electronic and abstract, this is the first track off the new LB record and it slams – wave upon wave of destructive tidal guitars smashing into the battering drums – flashes of effects and more audible vocals punctuate it. The Bolt are back.

Pissed Jeans –Dream Smotherer (King Of Jeans, Sub Pop)
Harrowing tale of the life of an office worker – living for the night – after dark is when these people come alive and what they live for. Just one day they turn up to work with petrol bombs and shotguns. Dangerous music for dangerous people.

Cold Cave – The Trees Grew Emotions And Died (Love Comes Close, Heartworm Press)
LA based solo artists vision of an 80’s that filtered through the 2000’s via the 90s….yeah. The last 20 years of electronics triple filtered into a smooth after dinner hip shaking shimmy of perfection.

Brain Children – Lucky Land Of Skin (Brain Children, Stained Circles)
Australian 80’s nostalgia fest that we can dig. Not that we’re actually into nostalgia all that heavily, or too much electronic 80’s pop, but there’s a lot around at the moment that is fun – and we’re definitely into fun.

Power Up – NFR Jingle
Fun like this!

Neon Indian – Should Have Taken Acid With You (Psychic Chasms, Lefse VCR)
And this! Even if the guy’s from Texas I still call it NY Loft-Core because by rights this synth beat glitter-wave should be hipster detritus but it strikes every chord in every right way.

Music Go Music – Lights Of Love (Expressions, Secretly Canadian)
Nu-Balaeric Italo-disco by way of Abba and the Ronettes. Like Phil Spector recorded a Christmas song for the middle of summer. If you don’t fucking hate it you will fucking love it.

Engineers – Sometimes I Realise (Three Fact Fader, Kscope)
Manchester’s best kept secret won’t stay hidden for much longer once people’s end of year lists start putting this dense shoegazy Northern dance record in their top 10s. Trust us.

Magic Wands – Kiss Me Dead (Magic Love & Dreams, Bright Antenna)
Sky gazing star-scraping cosmic pop. Enchanting, entrancing, exciting.

Blues Control – Good Morning (Local Flavor, Siltbreeze)
Total change of direction as we get BC’s smashing together of every hairy rock genre known to man. Cool and heavy, brother.

Ulaan Khol – ‘Untitled’ (I, Soft Abuse)
Otherworldy free folk cosmic drone from a one man guitar tone synaesthete.

xbx – Shut Up NFR Jingle
Our favourite resident of Bethany, Oklahoma made us 2 jingles which make. This one has a dog barking. Hahahahahaha. Seriously.

Kong – Snake Magnet – Blood Of A Dove (Snake Magnet, Brew)
Devastatingly twisted taut heaviness from Manchester’s sellotape-faced 3-piece like Slint with an undercurrent of Mogwai. Just when you think it couldn’t ratchet up the tension and intensity any harder it goes twice as far where you wouldn’t expect it. Track of the night for me, no doubt.

Nullifier – 30 Minute Heat (Demo)
Super smashing mega hyper pop from Brighton’s OIB oriented supergroup. Super heart this band.

Silver Bullets – Flight From Babylon (Free Radical, Stunned Records)
Far out space shanty rattling disco groove that keeps on going to infinity and beyond.

The xx – Basic Space (Jamie xx Bass Remix)
Expansive deep and low remake of his own band’s flagship track.

Grey Machine – Wolf At The Door (Disconnected, Hydra Head)
Justin Broadrick’s new venture is possibly the bleakest, unyielding and intense of them all. An increasingly overwhelming advance of industrial doom that sucked the light from the room.

Atlas Sound – Walkabout
This is where we totally turn on the fun and pace again. Noah Lennox and Bradford Cox team up in an indie wet-dream wedding of ethereal harmony and liquid groove.

Factory Floor – Taxidermist (Planning Application, One Of One)
A gritty urban rhythm machine of a track that has a bit of early Liars about it. Hard to twell what the guitars are actually doing, there so much white drum noise against a stark grey cloud background.

Pinkshinyultrablast – Deerland (Happy Songs For Happy Zombies, Odd Box)
Russian post-rock shoegaze supernova. Starts of pretty hard and keeps on churning down that furrow.

A Place To Bury Strangers – Deadbeat (Exploding Head, Mute)
US post-rock shoegaze supernova. A dull bladed bassline knifes in and out of increasingly sever noise blowouts. “Why? WTF? Would you break my heart?”

Future Of The Left – Arming Eritrea (Travels With Myself And Another, 4AD)
”C’mon Rick!” Thi sband is as essential as they come - funny and lighthearted yet unyieldingly serious and in yr face.

Oneida -10:30 At The Oasis (Rated O, Jagjaguwar)
One of the many highlights from this album – this one a really long kraut-comische ebb and throb. More in a moment…

Gold Panda – Triangle Cloud (Before, Self-Released)
Really short, enigmatic little electronic calling card type track that buries you underneath it and evaporates before you evenrealise it was there. This little mini-album is made up of 6 of them and they are all beautiful little works of micro-music.

Oneida – Brownout In Lagos (Rated O, Jagjaguwar)
…The first track of the Oneida album is a steaming skanking dub beast with sparse toasting vocals courtesy of an old school friend of the band. So different their label thought they were joking when they submitted it in an album years ago but took it ion this when they knew they were serious.

SunnO))) & Pan Sonic – Che (Che Ep, Blast First Petite)
With Alan Vega on vocals! Amazing cover of the Suicide track that hums with the street dirt the original was carved out of, but deeper and grimier as only the lowest bass can bring.

Tenhornedbeast – Ruins Son (My Horns Are A Flame To Draw Down The Earth, Cold Spring)
Me and the Wolfe mixed this into birdsong for a good few minutes before I ballsed it up and cut it off for no apparent reason leaving us with some dead air ruining that special candle-lit-séance-with-the-window-open moment we had going. Maybe just as well.

US Christmas – The Scalphunters (Eat The Low Dogs, Neurot)
Kick it up a gear into Stooges Vs. Spiritualised cosmic rock. We love our delay/phasers/flange and reverb around here. The more the merrier.

xbx – WolfMeat Jingle
Second jingle from our friend over the ocean, this one a mashup of our names until the dude gives up and calls it NFR.

The Middle Computer - Epic (Ultra Console Mayhem, Non-Applicable)
An oldie but goodie. PC powered post-rock that keeps on expanding in scale and grandeur.

Fever Ray – Seven (Crookers Remix)
Totally fucked remix of a beautiful haunting track – littered with cheap phone ring effects and bassness, there’s little room left for the original. As potentially annoying as it is brilliant.

Pissed Jeans – Human Upskirt (King Of Jeans, Sub Pop)
Another track of this awesome album – like In Utero era Nirvana - ”And I don’t like him / He’s probably bursting / well I don’t blame him / it might be worse / it might be worse”.

Yob – Burning The Altar (The Great Cessation, Profound Lore)
A properly massive and imposing doom metal track to finish. Suitably so. Profound Lore know how to pick their bands and YOB know how to deploy the riffs.

And that was and is the END. That's all from us this month.

We're back at the Penthouse on 1st October, above the Pompeii/Air Castles gig when we'll have all sorts of new demos and missives from the underground for you.

'Til them (or at least, untikl our next blog post)..byebye.


Sunday, 30 August 2009

Penthouse Preview - 3rd September

We're Djing again this week! Which mean's we're upstairs above Sian Alice Group, Monsters Build Mean Robots and Masks - Resident Record's gig of the week no less - and quite rightly so.

Last FM event link here: http://www.last.fm/event/1202289+Not+For+Resale

Sunday, 23 August 2009

NFR Setlist 20th August

What we played, why we played it and how.


Power Up – NFR Jingle
...and in the beginning there was... our Power Up Jingle, innit

Bay Of Creatures – Part One (Bay Of Creatures Demo II)
Creepy pulsing Canadian rhythmic noise merchants

Mount Kimbie – 50 Mile View (Sketches On Glass, Hotflush)
Dubstep/ambient doesn’t get more immersive or atmospheric than this.…

Mount Kimbie - Maybes (Maybes, Hotflush)
…..except maybe when you add spatial shoegaze guitars to half of it and a vibrating soul vocal hook to the rest.

Awesome Wells – I Think I Just Heard The Hens Applauding In The Henhouse (The Highs And Lows Of De Witt A Stanton, Red Deer Club)
Brighton artist who is to folk what Girl Talk is to rap. Sort of. There’s loads of samples in here that mesh into a dreamy clucking narrative of pastoral bliss. Let’s not call it FolkStep and we’ll all get along.

Black Moth Super Rainbow - Twin Of Myself (Go Team Remix)
Probably the only time me ant The Go Team are likely to get along because Tobacco and his fucked up friends provide the background drone hooks and summer shanty to start it off right.

Ducktails – Beach Point Pleasant (Ducktails, Not Not Fun)
This dude used to be in Predator Vision and now he dabbles in punked out new age flange heavy dream-drone. Only in LA man, only in LA.

Ilyas Ahmed – Some Of None (Goner, Root Strata)
And more from LA, via Palestine – heavy fuzzy buzz riffs and distant thudding percussion rolled around in the heady fog of Bay mist. It’s folk, but not as we know it.

Best Coast – Sun Was High (So Was I)
More Californian summer sweetness here from ex-Pocahaunted Bethany Cosentino – a heart bursting blur of freewheeling beach baked goodness.

Silver Bullets – Flight From Babylon (Free Radical, Stunned Records)
This sounds like the cantina music from Star Wars filtered through a lens that makes it infinitely listenable and overly danceable in a ketamine crippled kind of way.

Teeth Mountain – Untitled 1 (Live On, Not Not Fun)
15 minutes of psych drone improve from the streets of Baltimore. They’re playing with Lightning Bolt in Brooklyn on the 30th August. To all our American readers we say BE THERE. (speaking of LB, Fokka Wolfe played Colossus somewhere around this point of the night. Supercharged!)

Blues Control – Good Morning (Local Flavor, Siltbreeze)
All the best bits from dying of the Dawn of Aquarius hyperballed into one technicoloured rhythmic mantra of groove.

A Place To Bury Strangers – Everything Always Goes Wrong (Exploding Head, Mute)
The most exciting release of the year arrives in October with the release of this album – ever track is total killer Joy Division /New Order/MBV/J&MC dance beats death ray riffs and blankets of noise.

Pissed Jeans – Dream Smotherer (King Of Jeans, Sub Pop)

Mayyors – Clicks (Deads, Mt St Mtn)
The best mud covered 12” of the year – as dirty, violent and moronic as punk rock gets.

Monsters Build Mean Robots – Psalm 57 (Nice Weather For Airstrikes)
Phew. Time for a change up and a bit of Arcade Fire inspired post-rock prettiness from Brighton’s MBMR.

Oneida – Saturday (Rated O, Jagjaguwar)
And back to the gnarlyness. Were you at this gig on Monday? Amazing!!!

The XX - Basic Space (XX, Young Turks)
This year seems to be all about ethereal gossamer ambience, from Fever Ray through Mount Kimbie and to here, The XX. Basic Space may even be it’s anthem, lyrically reducing the sound to it’s barest elements and spreading them delicately across the surface of the sound wave.

Smith Westerns – Girl In Love (Demo)
Did you want a new T-Rex? This is Jeepster for the Y2K10-gen. You want it now, yeah?

Music Go Music – Warm In The Shadows
And this is Abba retooled and reconfigured for the modern age. Smoothed down and sleeked up in all the right places, Warm In the Shadows is as disturbingly cosy as the title suggests.

Mika – We Are Golden (Jokers Of The Scene Remix)
….But nowhere near as disturbing as Mika who really is someone dangerous, mark our words. Jokers of the Scene totally destroy the music with distended bass and warehouse FX while contorting the vocals into unspeakably freaky new forms. Shudder.

Maluca – El Tigeraso (Sticky K Remix)
This just fucking BANGS – no messing around, no introduction, no respite – just a relentless beat and killer spitting from the soon to be hailed new beats queen Maluca (Dance all over M.I.A’s grave right about here)

Bone Ritual – Attend To The Signs (Demo)
Black metal doom on demo cassette. Need we say more? A bare snare speeds up to a blur, a cymbal crashes then the behemoth lurches into life. Awesome.

Teitanblood – Whore Mass / Domains Of Darkness And Ancient Evil (Seven Chalice, Ajna)
The intro and first track proper from the filthiest serpent’s-pit of roiling black/death metal ever spewed onto the Earth. This kind of music doesn’t rightly work without that kind of hyperbole

Dukkah – Nut Ward / Deu! (Night Angels Serve, Frequency Thirteen)
Just one of many artists featured on this Sheffield-based experimental/black metal/dark ambient label – Dukkah is no more, but these two tracks are two slices of genius – the first a fizzing junk-yard punk blast, the second a beat heavy spiraling freefall toward the centre of the earth. Horror in cosmia.


Thank you lovely NFRlings for reading, and moreso to the people who came and enjoyed the musics in person. We hope to see you and more of you and your friends too next time (that's the 3rd September, diary fans).


Tuesday, 18 August 2009

PREVIEW: Not For Resale!! This Thursday

This Thursday we're back at the Penthouse (above the Freebutt - lovingly refurbed and rejigged by the mighty OIB Records collective) for our monthly NFR DJ residency.

It's been 6 weeks since our last set so we're even more overstocked with new music than usual, which means an even tighter set of demos and underground releases for you. We'll be playing new tracks from the likes of these bands:

A Place To Bury Strangers
Al Namrood
Atlas Sound & Panda Bear
Awesome Wells
Bay Of Creatures
Best Coast
Blk Jks
Bone Ritual
De Silence Et D'ombre
Lightning Bolt
Monsters Build Mean Robots
Music Go Music
One Unique Signal
Pissed Jeans
Saturn Finger
Second Family Band
Six Organs Of Admittance
Slim Twig
Steed Lord
The Warlocks
The XX
Velvet Davenport
Vivian Girls
Wild Beasts.....

.....and we’ll leave some as surprises for the night.

As always, we'd love you to bring us your demos so we can give them a public airing, and if any of you have those jingles and theme tunes for us bring them down and we'll turn them up!

See you Thursday.


Monday, 17 August 2009

Oneida - TONIGHT!!!

This band should need little introduction for you buy now. The second part of their Kill Yr Parents trilogy has been eating up our stereos all month and tonight we're off to the Albert for our first dose of live Oneida action.

here's a preview for you - Ghost In The Room Live at The Market Hotel, Brooklyn. 3.22.2008 >>>

Tuesday, 4 August 2009

SunnO))) Soundtrack Jeans advert!

In one of the unlikeliest convergences in advertising history there is a product based on Black Metal weith an advert soundtracked by a Doom band with the genuine intention of shifting units. But what, who and to whom? Well, hurrah because the answer is as underground and as awesome as the idea.

Norwegian clothes company Anti-Sweden have a new line of jeans called 'True Black Metal Jeans' with a eerie unsettling ad for them that features SunnO)))'s 'Bow 1' from Flight Of The Behemoth.

Although we immediately fell in love with these we also fell in love with the sense that there's going to be a massive backlash against the whole concept of this - the SunnO))) / Southern Lord anti-hipster haters are going to use this as the focal point of their rage and the pure black metal Kvltists are going to go apeshit at their genre being used to plug anything other than their own frostbitten funerals. Well fuck that we say. Gotta get your jet-blacks somewhere and these are serious works of art to go with the serious ad. They feature illustrations from grim occult artist (the Killustrator for Satan's sake!!) Justin Bartlett in the lining and an awesome inverted cross logo and button detail in bright yellow.

Who wouldn't want?

Go to the Anti Sweden website for some more pictures, and the tantalising shot of a DVD that suggests there's a full 18 minute version of this ad using the full length of the 'Bow 1 and 'Bow 2' tracks.


Monday, 27 July 2009

Monsters Build Mean Robots - Psalm 57...

The new single from Monsters Build Mean Robots, one of our favourite bands based arounds these here Brighton parts (Chichester actually...mostly), is available as a free download from their website.


Just enter your email address into the box for an email with the download link. Don't worry. They're beautiful people, they won't bite. They will furnish you with five minutes of beautiful loops and guitar tones.

The track is called Psalm 57 (or) All That Gold Did Not Help Your Soul!. It sounds less like the ambient post rockisms of the MBMR album that had us fall in love with them (keep looking way down that link). Instead the skeleton of guitar lines that were previously buried underneath the pillowy ambience of their debut album are now out on the surface, exposed like industrial architecture atop the textural body in a similar departure that of last years acoustic-song-style Sigur Ros of Með Suð í Eyrum Við Spilum Endalaus, which is also exceptionally lovely. Sigur Ros never dip into politics quite like this band and MBMR do it without the excessive orchestral arrangements - instead their music is built on a quiet intensity, all the more potent for it's subtlety and brittle, hauntingly wraith like elegance.

This track comes from the sessions that will produce their second album (hopefully some time this year). According to their website it should be A loopladen epic containing many tracks performed live by the group, this album has been hailed as their potential 'breakthrough' piece by the band.

This track has been mixed by MBMR and mastered by Ace from Skunk Anansie fame, and shows the direction the band have taken in the last year. Psalm 57 is playlisted on Brighton's JuiceFM and begins the build up to the long awaited second album......

They will be touring the UK to promote this single and album. Half of these dates are with the superb two piece math-blues-metal-skronk-rock band CHRIK who played an awesome house collapsingly raucous set at the NWfA Fringe Festival we DJd at in May.

CHRIK indicated by *

JULY 30 - BRISTOL Bleach night @ Start The Bus w/ KILL IT KID
JULY 31 - DERBY* Creative Blocks night @ The Big Blue Cafe w/ ALRIGHT THE CAPTAIN
AUG 01 - NOTTINGHAM* Buttonpusher night @ The Chameleon
AUG 02 - LIVERPOOL* The Caledonia
AUG 03 - SHEFFIELD* The Shakespeare
AUG 05 - LEEDS* Upstairs at The Cardigan Arms w/ THESE MONSTERS
AUG 06 - MANCHESTER Mushaboom night @ The Fuel Cafe, Withington
AUG 07 - LINCOLN The Horse & Groom
AUG 09 - LONDON The Good Ship, Kilburn w/ UP C DOWN C / KONTAKTE

MBMR are also playing at the I Am Joy Arts Festival in Chichester, on Thursday August 13th - with CODES IN THE CLOUDS / FLIES ARE SPIES FROM HELL @ The Hope


NWfA presents at The Chichester Inn, Chichester on Saturday 5th September w/ A GENUINE FREAKSHOW / LULLA VIOLET



Dirty Fingernails Videos

Here's two videos from one two piece band for you. Originally from Finland they are now based in Finsbury Park London and NFR has loved them since we first laid ears on the Bruno single a yaer or more ago. It's one of the most upliftingly sad songs you are ever likely to hear from a London based Finnish pop duo....or anyone!

There's no better a band to own this myspace url too. They soon will be:


Sunday, 26 July 2009

One Unique Signal - Villains To A Man EP

The new ep from Brentford's One Unique Signal, Villains To A Man, is available to download free from the band themselves now.

In 2003 they released their first ep Lowry, enhanced it's skeletal angular style with background textures on the 2007 album Tribe, Castle & Nation through Genepool Records which made my top 10 of the year. In 2008 they played us one of our greatest NFR shows when we put on a release party for their previous self-release Dismemberment ep which is still available to download free through them as well. That release and the live show developed the layers of guitar tones, noise washes and textures into a visceral experience that has been pushed further out into cosmic psych territory with this new release.

Recorded at the Bunker studios in Middlesex by Dan from Guardians of the Ancient Wisdom, Villains To A Man sounds to us more like Finnish psychedelic bands like Tivol or Circle - locking down a gritty central riff with all kinds of sounds freaking out around it, guitar lines emerging out from it spinning off from the central themes gradually moving focus of the track and intensifying it.

Across these three tracks the effect becomes increasingly hypnotic: The opening Plasticism moves at a heady tempo with the drum pulse backing it's pointed bass riff for a good 5 minutes before descending into a pounding wah freakout for the final run in. Jaded is a slower, more menacing piece, it's bass riff seeming to bounce itself off the walls of noise surrounding it, the whole track keeping a steely pace whilst ramping up the pressure until Byron's vocal come in low, reverbed and really scary to finish it off. Final track Villains starts with a rotating shimmer before dropping straight onto an almost bluesy riff that finds it sweet spot in within the first 8 bars then its an epic sensory assault from thereout, the band layering on sheets and sheets of rhythmic guitars while the core riff keeps smashing itself onwards with a sense of increasing velocity before the addition of a brass coda comes in punctuating and peaking it like the horns in Wooden Shjips' Sol '07. After almost 20 minutes the monolith blows itself out and all is still once more.

Did we make that sounds essential enough for you?

As well as the download you can contact the band for hard copies or pick one up at their shows. They come in hand made orange art sleeve with a separate card inlay containing info.

Download Villains To A Man ep
Download Dismemberment ep

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Watch OUS play Villains live @ The Railway Inn, Winchester - 17/07/09:


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Saturday, 25 July 2009

Dylan Nyoukis on Dusted

Every Friday, Dusted Magazine publishes a series of music-related lists compiled by their favorite artists. This week, Brighton's king mong tapelord the Chocolate Monk himself Dylan Nyoukis put up the top 10 artists currently assailing his headspace. Amazngly, we have actually heard of one of the records he mentions. A price for you if you can guess which one it is.

Dylan also got a random mention at the end of Stewart Voegtlin's review of Locrian's (bleakly awesome) Drenched Lands on the Left Hand Path. This happened back in March but I only stumbled across it on Friday - the same day this Dusted feature came up. Weird.

Read it after the jump:


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