Tuesday, 14 December 2010

VIDEO: Chasing Voices - Acidbathory

Somehow I've missed out on this for the last seven months.  Rest assured I'll be making up for that bu playing it fifty times in a row. The track is epic! The video is by Cosmotropia de Xam, the track is Acidbathory by Chasing Voices.

A mysterious artist whose last.fm positions them more into the realm of witch house than anything else, but that's pretty debateable. Although Cosmotropia is involved this sounds closer to dubstep than anythign else, maybe taking off from Distance, that dirtier more menacing edginess, and adding a little cosmic-italo through the sinuous and subtle length of it. It's pretty dark stuff, relentlessly intense in it;s slow build that holds a vice-like grip onto your ears as it teases slow progession out of it's layers - a vocal snippet judders, then coalesces into an almost coherent sentence, a distant fuzz worms it's way up from deep within the shadows of the mix before suddenly realising itself in full overwhelming speakers eating distortion in as slow an advance as it is sudden, and the effect is chilling; a movement it repeats in overlapping waves of increasing volume and density until you're consumed in the thrall of a howling storm.

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