Friday, 10 December 2010

UKBMW XIX: DOWNLOAD: UK Black Metal (NFR Mix 06, December 2010)

UK Black Metal
NFR Mix 06, December 2010

The finale to my UK Black Metal Week that started HERE. This is it, the end, the concluding chapter to five days of subterranea.  This is your cut-out-and-keep souvenir mix of the occassion, one which I hope you'll cherish and keep close to your now pitch-blackened heart forever

As with the week itself, this mix is not intended to be an exhaustive comprehensive overview of everything – a three CD mix wouldn’t cover the demands of that - instead, the tracklisting has been chosen to flow and create a sense of movement as any decent mixtape should. Enough of the presentations and theorising, here’s total music.


A Forest of Stars - Chapter One Sorrows Impetus (Opportunistic Thieves of Spring, Transcendental Creations)
Wodensthrone - Black Moss (Loss, Bindrune Recordings)
Luggaldimerankia - Inducing the Deepest Core of Morbidity (Within The Very Depths of Depravity, Demo)
Sleeping Peonies - Mist and Sea Spray, Mermaids Singing Far Away (Rose Curl, Sea Swirl, Todestrieb)
Hateful Abandon - Lungs (Famine, Todestrieb)
White Medal - On`t Borough (Agrbrigg Beast, Turgid Animal/Seedstock)
The Antichrist Imperium - Kill For Satan (Demo)
Cäina - Temporary Antennae (Temporary Antennae, Profound Lore)
Ghast - Hexed Under Moon (May the Curse Bind, Flenser)
Winterfylleth - A Valley Thick With Oaks (The Mercian Sphere, Candlelight)

Artwork: Oak by ~Resusan

Thanks for downloading.  Enjoy!

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  1. My heart has now not only been pitch blackened but also fossilied into a complex Black Maria of darkness. A triumphant week, lots of aural bashing and plenty of new discoveries, I thank you but now banish you back into the pit.....