Thursday, 23 December 2010

STREAM: †‡† - Ritualz

This reached it's download limit of 100 almost immediately earlier today, and luckily for everyone who grabbed it they've got a real piece of art in their hands. Unfortunately the rest of us will just have to stream it to be able to hear it, and that's a bit of a pisser because this one I'm going to come back to as much as album tracks Kvltstep and San Marino. †‡† / Ritualzzz / Ritualz (not quite sure what the preference is) has taken the WitchHouse sound he helped set up, and tweaked it ever so subtly onto the next solar plane; a beautifully absorbing slice of speedball sideway sliding drugginess; neither an up or a down just a high, and whichever way you take that is entirely of the listeners own making.

Also freshly exhumed today is a remix of Health's In Violet - The noisy clatter of the original smoothed out, to an extent, and worth it just for the juddering finish as the clapped out rescrub surges to its climax:

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