Thursday, 30 September 2010

Brian Eno - 2 Forms Of Anger

If the news of Brian Eno's upcoming album Small Craft On A Milk Sea hasn't reached you yet then know that it is due out on 1st November on Warp Records; an incredible sounding combination that's almost too good to be true - and this teaser track on the Warp Soundcloud site adds another level to the anticipation, dropping straight onto a humbid percussive canter that tightens it's rhythm until a full kit beats out a loose rock dash to the finish.  behind the drumming are the kinds of fizzing and hissing geological sounds found in the landscapes of Ben Frost - a case of the past master learning off his pupils, this track appears to be acknowledging the progress and youthful innovation of someone like Frost then subsuming it into his years of experience and subtly deploying it in the midst of the metallic scratching of amplified guitar strings and that hypnotic tumbling groove.  This is a pretty addictive little track that has a tidy progression and delivers tension, release and some awesome sounds.


VIDEO: Tame Impala - Lucidity

Here's the genuinely, physically, cosmic new video for the psychedelic sensation that is Tame Impala, and their dropped-shoulder furrow-grooved track Lucidity.  The video is directed by Robert Hales
who directed promos for Gnarles Barkley's Crazy, and Nine Inch Nail's Starfuckers Inc.amongst loads of other things.

They're coming to the UK in October, but only playing three dates. Birmingham 02 Academy on the 26th with Manic Street Preachers and British Sea Power - where I would seriously expect Tame Impala to blow those away; then Manchester Ruby Lounge on the 27th, and Heaven,London on the 28th.  Not enough dates.

Back to the video, the label, Modular gives these details away:

"Shot outside the country town of Mildura, 500 odd kilometres from Melbourne, the "Lucidity" video was a leap into the unknown, a series of experiments and blind faith launches into the final frontier, involving cameras being launched into space inside weather balloons, tracking all that went on below, including Tame Impala ripping through "Lucidity"."


Following on from the Witch Made Knicca collab. mix I posted the other day, the Nattymari half of the duo has released this extended re-edited mix of outtakes from that session. In his own words:

"It was originally intended as a big piss take, but evolved into much more.  As I obsessed over each track, I was drawn into the inherent darkness in the lyrics of all these pop songs.  Quickly, the mix transformed into a deeply disturbing love song, an ode to loss.  A paean to addiction."

In my words - this is fucked. just totally fucked.  Who the hell knows what would have happened to me if I'd had access to this stuff when I was in my black-out intense hedonism phase.  This shit would have totally blown our minds to irretrievable pieces.
Nattymari presents SEΔCREST
Play here:

Or cut out and keep:


Tracklist (of sorts):

Drought Season
Jason's Dream
You'll Say Anything
Flght Risk
Secret Republic
(got me crying all night)
is it all over monica's face

Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Deerhunter – Helicopter (Diplo & Lunice mix)

You've probably already heard this by now, but I've been without pc for days - weeks really, because I've had nothing at home and I've been using only the werk pc for ages, which should explain the recent infrequent blogging.  Anyway. Just got the chance to Soundcloud this, and it's amazingly beautiful. A remix from the only song off Halcyon Digest that I've heard because I've been saving myself to buy the album - I have a very good feeling about this and I wanted to make the moment special.

Sink into this pillow of bliss:

Deerhunter - Helicopter (Diplo & Lunice mix) by maddecent

The Ozmotron Remix Project

A very good friend of NFR - China based blogger Weejay, aka haonowshaokao (aka Food Tube) - is putting together a remix album of a record by two more mutual friends. I've pretty much lifted his blog post/open invitation for remixes, at his request.   I've made mine:

Ten years ago Simon and Eddie stayed up all night with a roomful of instruments and a 4-track machine and made an album called 'Ozmotron'. Nobody who has heard it can ever forget it (I think that mostly applies to the strange noises in Sandpants - permanent damage, rather than fond memories).

It's all here for download. Charging money for it seems a little unrealistic.

Track 1 - Sandpants
Track 2 - Why Doesn't The World Spin Up?
Track 3 - Monkey
Track 4 - Feet
Track 5 - Pink Elephant

So, anyway, as it's the tenth anniversary, Weejay's putting together a completely unnecessary Ozmotron remix album and is looking for contributions. This is the list of tracks, all download linked, that he's received so far:

Dave! - Sandpants Remix
c_kick - Fee Remix
Meatbreak - Why Doesn't The World Spin Up? (Meatbreak's Dr▲g Sub▼ersion Rescrub)
Rygo - Why Doesn't The World Spin Up Remix
Mr Pineapple - Pink Elephant (Pink Elephant Juice Remix)

I'm enquiring with you, all my NFR blog readers, to see if any of you would be up for reshaping these lowest of the lo-fi tracks into any form you please.  Mine is a totally beatless textural degrading, Mr Pineapple's is a subtly nuanced sophisticated folktronic kind of thing. There's also electro and speedcore - and whatever you come up with.

You can get in touch with Weejay at his blog, or Or send them to me and I'll pass them on.

Monday, 27 September 2010


late to the party

but its my party - it's my birthday!  Which means new albums from Deerhunter, Engineers, US Christmas, SALEM, La Otracina, Torche, Afrirampo, Dam Mantle, The Secret - and I might get the Bitte Orca special issue becasue I recently realised that it's actually quite good and I might want to own it properly.

1. Twin Shadow - 91
2. Napalm Death - 46
3. Burl Ives - 32
4. Salem - 26
5. Stargazer - 24
5. Rudi Arapahoe - 24
7. Gayngs - 22
8. Winterfylleth - 21
9. Samamidon - 20
10. Syd Barrett - 19

Friday, 24 September 2010


After SALEM's King Night, my most highly anticipated release from the world of witch house is the oOoOO ep from TriAngle Records. The moment has finally arrived! Pre order the self titled 12" from Rough Trade now, released on 4th October: HERE


01 Mumbai
02 Burnout Eyess
03 Sedsumting
04 Hearts
05 Plains Is Hot
06 Burnout Eyes (Visions of Trees Remix)

I am pleased to see they've used Alison Scarpulla's haunting photography for the artwork - totally encapsulating both the aura of witchhouse and the particular sound of oOoOO.

Here's a youtube of Hearts to get you in the mood:

Relatedly, I spent half of yesterday succumbing to the latest and greatest internet meme the witch house genreation will ever know: get yr bnd n▲mes here:

My favourite so far; SKY DITCH

Thursday, 23 September 2010

Ourobonic Plague - Retro-Active Enchantments

Ourobonic Plague is a one man band from Perth, Australia.  Its not easy to reduce the music he makes down to an easy soundbite, but if it were released on Cold Spring, which it is of a quality that has the potential for it, then it would probably get tagged Dark Ambient; it incorporates a range of emotionally wrought sounds derived from the bleaker scales of dub, drone, and doom combining those base elements with swathes of decaying synths to create an initially jarring, but ultimately uplifting atmosphere - a fusion of Lustmord and Fennesz, coupling cold grey textures with a depth of affecting tone.

Retro-Active Enchantments is an album that collects and reconfigures tracks that have been previously posted on the website since the band began in 2007 into a coherent whole.  It's the kind of sound that hits you as almost too bleak and harsh at first, but the desolation quickly recedes as you become accustomed to the sonic environment, like walking into a darkened room, the detailed nuances begin to reveal themselves.  The opening Leak coils tendrils of steady fuzz around itself, like a mobeious strip of flickering static; Reverse is similarly themed and equally as effective, controlling it's eldritch demonics into a listenable narrative that swallows up the light arond the speakers. Following Reverse is the industrial piston beat of Process,a suitably monumental closing track that is sinisterly paced, it's echoing martial stomp giving layers of futuristic urban white noise space to move around and populate the suspense in between the drops.

The album is streamable on Soundloud or available in a limited run of 33 DVD cased CDrs - so get in there quick.

There is a MySpace, but he'd much rather you used his Theosophical Nightmares Wordpress

Wednesday, 22 September 2010

DOWNLOAD: GuMMy†Be▲R! vs. NATTYMARI - Witch Made Knicca mix

One of, if not the absolute chief proponent of the more deviant end of the witch house spectrum, Mr Chris Johnson - aka the absurdly named  GuMMy†Be▲R! has made a collaborative mix with ex-music journalist, blogger and allround underground cyberpunk NATTYMARI.  In the Be▲R's own words this mix "challenges everything herr GuMMY stands for in the witch house movement.  This split mixtape might just get him excommunicated."

It's screwed down hard, the original hip-hop/R&B vocals and beats stretched, occluded and debased in keeping with the drag continuum we're currently surfing the rest of 2010 out on. happily.  It's punctuated with no small amount of black humour and bound with an overreaching atmosphere like a shadowy black handed cloud of doom.  Pretty fukken ace then, yeah.

Cut out and keep...

...or stream from Soundcloud


Nattymari has also posted a couple of outtakes from the project; segments which didn't quite fit the feel of the full mix but which he's thrown out to the world:

VIDEO: Blackbird Blackbird – Pure

One of the artists to have picked up and fully embraced the chillwave baton San Francisco's Blackbird BlackbirdThe one man band of Mikey S has been slowly pushing his shimmery dream-pop reverie onto an even grander scale with each release (of which he has many); since I first heard the effervescent bounce of Happy High I've been hooked, and his tracks just keep getting more assured and more capable of conveying the genres trademark giddy heat-haze euphoria with an increasingly breezy effortlessness.  It's all adding up to eclipse the simple solo bedroom band it started out as.

He makes good use of his Bandcamp site, where you can get the recent Modern Disbelief ep for free, and the new Summer Heart LP,  for $9.99.  According to his (very active, informative) Twitter feed, he's just been invited to play at the Hype Machine's CMJ showcase, which, as he says, is a pretty big deal: Last year, Sleigh Bells, Neon Indian, and Midnight Juggernauts played it.  So to say his star is in the ascendant would be an understatement yet it's a position that would come totally warranted if the trajectory of his releases are an indicator of where his music is headed.
His big news this week is the release of his debut video for the track Pure (taken from Summer Heart) and it has made the front page Editor's Pick on Vimeo; In his own words:  "I am extremely overwhelmed"

Tuesday, 21 September 2010

ISVOLT Witch House Compilation Tracklisting and Preorder Link

You can now preorder the LP or CD version of ISVOLT, the long-time coming God Don't Like It witch house compilation in collaboration with Disaro Records!

The release features many of my standout artists from around the witch house realm and pushes it's sound boundaries out far enough to incorporate the widest range of sounds found within the genre,  elements of Hip Hop, Industrial, EBM, Shoegaze, Noise, Witch House and Drag - Looks liek it could serve as a good primer for the uninitiated - though not as good as MINE. Ha.

Some of the tracks included are exclusive to this record, with many of these artists havign never seen a physical release at all.

You've got a bit of a wait, as preorders will be shipped December 1st but this is one hell of a line up for a release - check out all this prime witch house on a gloriuous full sized 12" .

Track listing:

†‡† - Misery Walk
Fostercare - Cold Light
///HORSE MACGYVER\\\ (formerly ///▲▲▲\\\) - Nod
Modern Witch - Your Life Is A Movie
//TENSE// - Versus Man
Party Trash - Skyclad
White Ring - LxC999
Raw Moans - Nectarine
Mater Suspiria Vision - Ritualz of the Crack Witches

While you're waiting, here's a teaser for the album in the form of White Ring's LxC999.

Monday, 20 September 2010

VIDEO: Teengirl Fantasy - Cheaters

Here's the recent video to Teengirl Fantasy's Cheaters. The track is on the album 7AM, released on London's Merok. This sounds more like a 2am track to me, all peaked hands reaching up to the roof with an over earnest over the edge energy pushing on. The video is not removed quite far enough from yr windows media player visualisations, but if you let it, you can totally succumb to the overwhelming cosmic disco trippiness of it all. The vocals are especially intoxicating.

Sunday, 19 September 2010


Last fm stats from the DiS board post

Kicking The Gong Around

01. Salem – 42
01. Twin Shadow - 42
03. Forest Swords - 30
05. Burl Ives - 28
06. Gayngs - 23
07. C0ld L▲k3 - 22
08. Happy Home - 21
08. Sing and Sign - 21
10. Cab Calloway – 20

01.               Album destroys, I like it a lot – the rippling snare in the new Redlights is great. Almost every track stands out – King Night, Asia, Frost, Hound, Traxx Tare, Killer.   I love you too.
02.               Forget is a stunner of an album.  Like some meeting point between Gayngs and Wild Nothing in a space of deeply ambient, lush 80’s gloss-pop.  I guess this is where chillwave was headed, definite traces of that as an inspiration, but this is a whole lot more developed. Again, almost every track a standout.
04.        Not sure how much I’m liking this, which is probably contradicts my internal logic considering how much I like Gayngs and HTDW isn’t so far removed – all 80’s synth pop - but it’s a lot less inventive, or tongue in cheek, or less ridiculous. Walking This Dumb is cool though.
07.        Free download album that dismembers all sorts of feral genres.  Hairy.
08.        Cool album from a fellow DiS-er, rough and ragged, like less angry Fall with more bluesy organ runs. Sort of!
10. Breaking out something classic for a change.

Track of the week:

Friday, 17 September 2010

FFFF: Krieg - All Paths To God

Stereogum posted this track a while ago, but it's going to be today's Fast and Furious Friday Feature, because the album - The Isolationist - is only a month away and I've been listening to this track a lot more recently in anticipation. The renaissance in black metal across the entire world continues to redefine the genre and visionary artists such as Krieg continue to illuminate minds with their inspired blaze of hostile black fire.  This track begins with a guttural, grinding bassline definitively black metal in essence, yet punching from a shifted paradigm of tone and dynamic that USBM has positioned itself in over the last few years. The mid-section acknowledges the wintery old school then around 4 minutes there comes a total change in direction, atmosphere and pace that is an absolutely shocking stroke of genius:

Download the Real Player file from Stereogum:  HERE

VIDEO: Delorean - Real Love

I'm gonna post you this video of this pretty awesome track, but I've got a couple of caveats to set out before I let you kick up your pulse rate.  First - This is the kind of twee chillwave/balaeric crossover stuff full of chirruping harmonic noises fluttering prettily around humming melodies that the cynical side of me sees straight through. The lack of substance can;t hide behind the weightlessness of it; but I can't help but like a lot of what Delorean have been putting out, and what's been floating around their ethereal presence for the last couple of years - it has an intoxicating calmness to it's energy and I kinda dig that awkward duality.  Second - The video looks like a Channel4 trailer for some rad nu-yoof program, but I'll take the ironic hi-gloss with as big a pinch of salt as I take their name. I mean, I don't even like Back to the Future.

Apart from that, this is all a pillow of prettiness to drop your whole body through

Thursday, 16 September 2010

VIDEO: Holy Other - We Over

Holy Other is a Berlin based producer combining the eerie atmospheres of witch house and the cold of electronica with the warmer, more shapely tones and soulful elegance of dubstep and R&B. The mix of sounds explores the similarly uncharted environments of Balam Acab, but where the New Yorker's unearthilness is rooted within the biosphere (with references to birds and water and a liquid flow) Holy Other has broken through to an even more graceful realm of freefloating cosmic drag, albeit it, a hauntingly beautiful one hung from a heart swelling emotion balanced between sadness and ecstacy.

London based label Transparent are set to release We Over b/wYr Love in a limited run of 300 7" records on 27th September.  The A-Side chops a sensual vocal into a range of slices, from the dense and opaque to delicate and translucent, all the while being pinned down toward the firmament with a deep bassline, the fabric of which is pulled through onto the flip, which thickens out the tone into a distinct oxygenated cable of bottem end the rolls and glides though a maze of clap beats, effervescing comets of analogue fuzz and a blurred multi-layered mixture of euphoric exclamations and spectral moaning vocals that keeps building up on itself until it shatters into black light fractals.  Listen to both tracks on the Transparent site before preordering what will become one of the most versatile and heavily spun records of the year:

He also has a pretty cheeky screwed down remix of Boyz II Men which is worth it - because anything that's turned to sludge is sounding good these ears - and a coupel of other tracks all availabel for free from his Last.FM.


VIDEO: Solar Bears - She Was Coloured In

I'm trying hard to break my run of only posting videos and failing dismally, but OH MAAAN!! if this vid doesn't scream psychedelic kosmiche hypnagogia I don't know what does.  It's like a more amped up technicolour version of the Barn Owl vid I posted the other day.  This is the title track from the debut album from Solar Bears coming out next week, 20th September, on Planet Mu.  Keep your ley lines locked to this groove and you'll be popping out from hyperdrive inside the glittering cosmos before you know it.

Wednesday, 15 September 2010

VIDEO: Turbowolf - Ancient Snake

Our long time running Best New Band Of Almost Ever have finally put out a full on official video for one of their tracks. Ahead of their forthcoming EP The Big Cut Turbowolf give you a technicolour splatterfest for Ancient Snake. It's wild like the woods!

See them support Korn and Dimmu Borgir in Europe very soon. Now there's a sentence I never thought I'd get to type.

Tuesday, 14 September 2010

VIDEO: Twin Shadow - Slow & Castles In The Snow

I just listened to Twin Shadow's Forget for the first time and just felt the rush of something totally fresh and exciting. Played the right thing at the right moment and it's totally won me over instantly. The work of one New York based George Lewis Jr. it reminds me of the multi-membered hydra Gayngs, though doesn't exactly sound like it, but it does share a similar lust for radio sleekness, harkening back to a probable/imagined mid-80's (no one say hypnagogic) NorthWest based US radio station beaming out coke-loaded, hi-gloss fm rock, R&B and soul. This album has traces of all those, just enough to make the Pop really shine out, emboldening chorus hooks with a really assertive and addictive quality. Released on Chris Taylor's Terrible Records it also shares a feel for Grizzly Bear's equally ambitious lush orchestrations, with the music being fleshed and filled out with some expansive harmonies, background tone washes and intricate details. The first half of the record comes off like an English Of Montreal - two ides of eccentricity, one pastoral, rural and one freaked out on the tempo of a city and the excesses of it. If Chillwave has been headed anywhere then it is surely as full a sounding place as this. Tracks like Tether Beat have that same lugubrious pulse, that simultaneous sense of propulsion and euphoric tranquility, but the major progression is the scope of ambition, unshackled from the hermetic glow of the bedroom this is a sound that demands a stage full of musicians to fully replicate and do justice to. It is not the sound of complacency or idle satisfaction.
The vocals are richy and expressively nuanced with some absolutely killer phrasing. Some of the vocal's sound like Sparks, some have Morrissey's disassociated baritone. If he and Wild Nothing got together indie blogs would go nuclear. and the lyrics are pretty special too - the final titular Forget has this cold haunted diamond of a line: "when winter sets in it has a way of crystallising the bad times".

Here's two videos for you; the new clip for Slow and the earlier Castles In The Snow. Both embody represent and illustrate all the above better than any more bewildered ramblings from me.

Here's two videos to sink into and see for yourselves:

VIDEO: Barn Owl - Light from the Mesa

Very exciting sneak preview of the new Barn Owl album, Ancestral Star, out in November on Thrill Jockey. The track is geologically paced, crawling from a promordial soup of swampy tones with submerged vocals dragged out of the depths as the sun breaks across the suitably awesome video of snatched half-light naturalism.

Monday, 13 September 2010


back off holiday

i knew noone would pick up the mega early thread i did last week. too mega early. Here's my French forest holiday, in stats form:

1 Burl Ives 41
2 Gonjasufi 36
3 Tame Impala 30
4 Gorky's Zygotic Mynci 29
5 Rudi Arapahoe 24
6 Blackbird Blackbird 23
7 Women 22
7 Forest Swords 22
9 Gayngs 21
10 Mogwai 20
11 Ducktails 19
11 Thee Oh Sees 19
14 Sing and Sign 15
14 Wild Nothing 15
16 Ikonika 14
17 Yo La Tengo 13
17 Oneida 13
17 Six Organs of Admittance 13
17 Engineers 13
17 Sian Alice Group 13
22 Awesome Wells 12
23 The Donkeys 11
23 Silver Bullets 11
25 Wild Beasts 10
25 Julian Lynch 10
25 High Places 10
25 Lotus Plaza 10
25 Guilty Ghosts 10
30 Bon Iver 9

Saturday, 4 September 2010

supremely early LAST.FM thread

this weeks DiS/Blog post:

I'm getting up really early to get on a boat to France and travelling all day tomorrow - so no more scrobbling from hearon out. Not that I'll care - HOLIDAYS!!!

I'll be surprised if this is picked up for the actual thread tomorrow. Not that I'll care - HOLIDAYS!!! Not that I'll care - HOLIDAYS!!!

01. Sing and Sign - 42
02. Women - 35
03. Black Mountain - 31
03. Wild Nothing - 31
05. Burl Ives - 31
06. Loscil - 24
07. Emeralds - 23
07. White Medal - 23
9. A Forest of Stars - 22
10. Indian Jewelry - 15
11. Roald Dahl - 14
12. Oneida - 13
12. Falls of Rauros - 13
12. Mountain Man - 13
15. Gammal Sed - 12
15. C0ld L▲k3 - 12

Friday, 3 September 2010

FFFF: Zeitgeister Records Sampler

For today's Fast and Furious Friday Feature I'm giving you not one, not two but a whole sampler full of high velocity mayhem to contend with!! 

German Black Metal distro/label Zeitgeister Records has a Soundcloud sampler up and running showcasing a whole range of blackened sounds, from the kinetic Klabautamann, to the more doomy lumberings of Woburn House.  Black metal is having a bit of a renaissance at the moment I feel; It;s kicking off again over in the US, the UK is going back to its Pagan roots and these German artists all have a lot going on for them, especially the Owl track, which is as infectious and addictive as it is mysterious - no web presence for them at all.


MASSIVE worriedaboutsatan POST

Not content with releasing my 12th top album of 2009 and resting on that accolade for too many moons Leeds duo worriedaboutsatan have been pretty busy recently, so here's a bit of a round up of what they've been up to of late.

Earlier this week they put out a beautiful, elegantly haunted reshaping of White Hinterland's Icarus, backing Casey Dienel's disturbingly ephemeral imagery of knives through water with their cosmic minimalism, a shimmering liquid tapestry threaded with glitched beats and wordless vocalisations.  Listen to it here:

White Hinterland - Icarus remix

  Icarus (worriedaboutsatan remix) by worriedaboutsatan

They also posted three rough/demo/experiment tracks on their Soundcloud a month or so ago, one of which is this astonishing remix of Blackstreet's No Diggety. Yes, astonishing, because in reducing the original to it's intro shuffle and a few minimal vocals they've kept the edginess and tension and ratcheted it up further with their own creeped out drone and shadow boxed beat.  Check this and be wowed:

Blackstreet - No Diggety remix

   jam 2 by worriedaboutsatan

Making Of Video:

GoldFlakePaint blog posted an entertaining, informative and illuminating video of teamsatan's guide to making Heart Monitor yesterday, but you can also watch it here:

Heart Monitor single:

I missed out on posting about Heart Monitor when they released it back in March, so here's the full Heart Monitor track from a you tube vid thing for you.  The addition of vocals is a major addition to their sound, and like the vocals of Eluvium's Similies album earlier this year, really add a subtle embellishment which contrast with the previous instrumental only aesthetic whilst enhancing the human feel of the music.

The bands live show listings are as sparse as their music, with only a couple lined up for the rest of the year so far (although they did just support Pantha Du Prince which must have been a pretty awesome night).  They play London with our Brighton's inspirational post-rock experimentalists Esben & The Witch and Wrexham's Gallops who sound like a clubbed up glitter-wave rescrub of Foals - that's pretty good thing.  Gig's at Elektrowerkz on November 10th. Londoners, be there.

AND FINALLY! whew - Their Twitter is worth a follow too - They also devote far more time than is probably healthy to their other less serious hipster-baiting side project, but I'll leave you to find out what that is for yourselves.....

Thursday, 2 September 2010

in thrall to the slowness of summer

No, not some new chillwave album title; simply a quick post to acknowledge my slackness at posting on here the last couple of weeks, and the news that I will be going on holiday next week so expect practically nothing from me over the next 10 days or so! I have not been idling though - been working on some pretty massive things for the blog which are getting better the deeper into them I get, so stay tapped for that.

In the meantime, check this shit out. I'm going to stay here, near Dieppe. They have a donkey called Pepito.