Wednesday, 15 December 2010

VIDEO (of the actual LP): Sculpture - Rotary Signal Emitter

Sculpture is the London based duo of musician Dan Hayhurst and animator Reuben Sutherland. Rotary Signal Emitter LP is out now on Dekorder, limited to 300 copies. The Wire ran a feature on this in December's issue 322 and posted up a video of each side of the LP to show the incredible visual effects that come alive underneath a camera lens. The music itself is a kaleidoscopic world of rapid fire collage, with themes growing to conclusion, budding tangents then melting away as quickly as they appeared. There's little point suggesting any of the musical genres they actually involve within this, because they canter through this mixed terrain to fast to tie them down to anyone else other than artists covering similar ground themselves; from the darkness of Demdike Stare to the far more playful Grasscut alongside a GhostBox like fetishism for Radiophonic Workshop effects; to paraphrase Grasscut's label blurb - steampowered phonographic futurism.

Side A:

Side B:

After investigating a bit more about these kinds of visual techniques I discovered this neat and ultra clever bit of visual trickery/genius from an Austrian student called Klemens Kolger. Phonovideo is a VJ tool or visual instrument used to display animations in an analog way without the help of a computer, using multiple camera's, records and a mixing desk. Stuck in a Groove is the first film made with this technique, it serves also as a demo for the technique.  The music in the video is by Ritornell, taken from the album Golden Solitude on Karaoke Kalk

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