Friday, 24 December 2010

Negative Pegasus - For Life (pseudo nippon rmx)

Here's two versions of the same song for you, both pretty great in their own ways, and each way being in the opposite direction.  Fittingly for a band called Negative Pegasus, the guitars give great whinney, pulled back hard with the bit in their teeth, rearing up kicking out.  Heroically poised.  They're a two piece from Brighton with four tracks over on their Bandcamp page, each one is a furiously pent up little slice of edgy psych rock that you should check out immediately. Yes it's Christmas Eve, even more reason to treat yourself.  Sling back that morning sherry and imbibe a healthy dose shot of Psychic Energy.

The remix, by the equally heroic and no less elegantly poised Pseudo Nippon is, as he says himself "a little xmas-y, got that tinkle tinkle vibe so get your slippers on and put your rubber duck on your head."

Damn straight.

Here's the before and after shots.



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