Friday, 17 December 2010

VIDEO: Fujiya & Miyagi - Sixteen Shades of Black and Blue

Brighton's most high profile Japan-obsessed electronic Kraut trio Fujiya & Miyagi (??...yes...they've done it all deliberately) release their new album Ventriloquizzing in January on Full Time Hobby and YepRoc.  They've teamed up with directors Bert & Bertie to create a little teaser for the album, above, and a video for Sixteen Shades of Black and Blue starring actor Philip Zimmerman below.  Don't watch either if you're a pupaphobe...unless it's too late.

This track's got a bit of a glam stomp to the guitars in the intro, a theme that gets smoothed out a bit as the track progresses but that's a kind of rhythmic pulse they've always had in past hits like Collarbone.  It's a good sign for the forthcoming album, keeping all the clean sleek futurist contours of the past and changing little of a blueprint that was addictive enough already. Colour me psyched.

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