Monday, 30 March 2009

VIDEO: Turbowolf - Read And Write

The new promo for Turbowolf's new single Read And Write, is a glam-metal-pop-punk-rock tour-de-force of sweat bands, leather, skulls, ducks, and then some - made out of stuff that happened at South By Southwest in Texas and Canadian Music Week in Toronto (and a bit of NYC and the UK).

The single is out on 7" in late April and will be backed with Seven Severed Heads, which you can hear on their MySpace now. More news from them and us when it drops. They'll be at the Great Escape Festival in Brighton in May too.

More tracks, gig details and chaos after the jump.

Keep your eyes peeled, your ears pricked and your fangs bared.


NFR @ NWFA Fringe Festival Weekender

Nice Weather For Airstrikes Fringe Festival Weekender
The Druids
Friday 22nd – Sunday 24th May


Not For Resale will be providing DJ support for the Nice Weather For Airstrike's Fringe Festival weekender in May. The 3-day show will feature bands and artists from Brighton and from the Nice Weather label roster as well as a few from around the UK. We NFR deejays will be either fitting some choice tracks around the sounds of the bands helping to sculpt the day a signature or doing our best to add a bit of dissonance and get things jumping the fuck up, whichever we feel suits and whatever the crowd wants. We flex like that.

It's going to be a great event, we can feel it. There's a load of bands here we can and will vouch for ourselves ('Lorca, 'Anderson, 'Robots, Brenda, 'Stories, 'Emerson), and having been to the Nice Weather nights at the Hope we can attest to their tastes and will assure you this is going to be a whole weekend of awesomeness.

Here's the line-up's so far:

Friday 22nd - Last Days Of Lorca / Psyche Out Musicland Big Band / Everyone To The Anderson / Chrik

Saturday 23rd - Brenda / Appi / Monsters Build Mean Robots / A Genuine Freakshow

Sunday 24th - (Hopefully but unconfirmed..) Dennis Jones / Constellations / Jon Walbrin / Jacobs Stories / Joe Dunn / Bela Emerson


Friday, 27 March 2009

..on a crunked up tip!

Brand new tracks (b.more/dub step/post grime) I've downloaded in the last week that you should all check out!!

Bigzy - "RingaRoses" -all about this!

Dj Digital Dave - "Journey Is The Ish" -simple full vocal no cut-ups remix of "Dont stop Beleivin"

Johan Agebjörn remix of "The Chameleon" by Glass Candy - a disco floor with only you dancing dancing into a drug induced coma, you feel your lycra clad legs buckle under you and the next world calls out!

Grateful Dead x Flo Rida - "turn_casey_jones_right_round"
- its a one line joke, its only been done cos the lyircs say "high on cocaine" in the first line! But its great.. though you realise how poor the original vocals are!

Ebola remix of "Meddle" by Little Boots - Not a fan of the Little Boots but its a good sparse dubstep remix!

Young Live B-More (Starters Dj's) remix of "Next Episode" Snoop Dogg feat. Dr. Dre
-What could be better than the original version? A sped up, more kinetic version with dubstep bassline and a Baltimore vibe, thats what!!

All the links lead to blogs or sites where you can get the song!


VIDEO: Pseudo Nippon - Cosmic Evan

Cosmic Evan is the first track to be released from Pseudo Nippon's forthcoming super-mega-hotly anticipated Edamame Freakout EP, due for a 200 copy limited release in May. The video is directed by Paris based visual artist Kevin Gaffney


1. Constellation Jebubu
2. Beef Egg Revenge
3. Cosmic Evan
4. Fishlady

We are really pleased to see NFR favourite Fishlady making the final cut!

Get more Nippon for yr money here:

International Noise Conference

Next Sunday, 5th April, the annual INTERNATIONAL NOISE CONFERENCE hits Brighton town for a whole evening of 15 minute micro improv sets from a brain-melting array of noise maestros from all over the world. Usual rules for this are no droning, no laptops and no mixer boards, but it's been cut to just no laptops as special recourse since mixers are the Brighton style and droning fucking rules.

Here's the line-up in case that cosmic poster makes you a bit squinty:

Laundry Room Squelchers
Doug Ferguson
Blue Sabbath Black Fiji
Smack Music 7
Dylan Nyoukis
Bad Orb
Teigmouth Electron
Deepkiss 720
Slit Pyramid
The Reverend Cal-Mag Boron
Bald Nobbers
Falling Boy
Zero Map
Infinite Gaaaaah
Midland Hotel
Sunshine Variety
Scotch Egg

see you therez.


Thursday, 19 March 2009

Damo Vs. Drum Eyes

Here's a gig that we could never let go unnoted at NFR. A veritable cosmic thunderstorm for you down at the Engine Rooms next week as Small Hard Presents bring you the full on 12 piece extravaganza that is DrumEyes! Rivaling Action Beat in OTT instruments they will be bringing 4 drummers, a horn section plus 'psychedrics' and chaos with the lovely DJ Scotch Egg at the centre commanding the maelstrom! If that were not enough, there is the not too inconsiderable draw of Mr Damo Suzuki, legendary Krautrock dude and accustomed improviser, there is every chance he might decide to pick up a guitar and get his Eyes on!

Monday, 16 March 2009

Old Mayor Gig Preview

As a prelude to their imminent debut EP release on Paradigms Records, Old Mayor return to Brighton with a headline show at the Engine Rooms this Wednesday 18th March. Support comes from Bula, Beadle and Skulldozer. (Whitemare had to pull out).

We haven't seen Old Mayor play for far too long, so this is the most excited we've been about a gig for a long time. For fans of Swine, Down, EyehateGod, Earth, Electric Wizard, Sleep....heavy heavy bass and heavy heavy beats. This is for you.

ETTA Gig Redux

"Can you hear me through the speakers? Then it's fucking working"
P For Persia tear the room a new psychedelic doom hole to pour the audience's brains through. Their set veers (and I think that's the right word) from wild treble-heavy electronic splattered rocking out, right down to a sludgy slow motion metal dirge (which is a good word). 'Teetering on the brink of collapse' is an overused descriptor but here it almost holds true - although with PFP it seems more like they are tearing themselves apart. Good again.

Second on were Who Owns Death TV who we did not enjoy at all. Although that might be a bit unfair - they are pretty competent at recreating that bass heavy bounce of 'Dirty' Sonic Youth but they do it unnecessarily loudly within an ill-deployed range of frequencies which fucked our hearing for the rest of the gig which would take the edge of the other bands (and mean me squinting my ears to get my DJing levels, though no chance anyone else noticed!) Maybe we should wear earplugs, or maybe they shouldn't.

"This is our last song...ever"
Elks have an experimental low-slung blues sound that owes as much to Fugazi as it does to the four-bar, tying wide-open melodies to dynamic highway rhythms with a healthy dose of screaming dissonance. They also have a loose casual swing to their stride combined with an engaging presence that does well to win us over. Given that we are well into bands like Crippled Black Phoenix and US Christmas at the moment, Elks are driving a road that leads straight to our hearts.

"I think there's rohypnol in my drink"
Everyone To The Anderson hit it hard and noisy, their new tracks even leaner and more tightly focussed than their previous Doodlebug stuff with a couple sporting some seriously savage jumps into distorted blow outs. Their Dischord hardened post-punk-rock is out there on it's own as one of the keenest sounds in town, stripped of anything extraneous every second is a compelling rush with an ever present sense of danger and intensity, this is deadly serious music delivered with a sense of fun, or vice versa. Both ends simultaneously possible when it comes to ETTA.

In between all this, I played all these:

A Death Cinematic - The Grasses Will Grow Tall Over Our Cities (intensely effected electric guitar)
Pocahaunted – Salt (dense Eagle Rock CA style dub)
Mi Ami - Echonoecho (afro beats + noise + screeching)
Hind Ear – Coconut (debut track from the new incarnation of Revenge of Shinobi)
Clockcleaner – Skinhead Lady (gutter punk bellow)
Women – Lawncare (Velvets styled indie noise drone)
Gay Witch Abortion – Action Cop (hard edged noise rock)
Kontakte – Flightpaths (hissing post-rock white-out)
Fever Ray – Coconut (beatific and bleak Swedish beats)
Nissenenmondai – Destination Tokyo (Japanese krautrock incidental musique)
Nullifier – If Days Corrode (the perfect pop song in seven stages)
Action Beat – Le Chap ()
Blank Dogs – The Other Way (mumbling tumbling fade out odd-pop)
US Christmas – The Scalphunters (space-rock kicked into hyperdrive)
Turbowolf – Seven Severed Heads (minute and a half of disco metal)
Hotel Wrecking City Traders – Cup Weekend Murders (stoner speed riffs)
Mayors – Airplanes (like a plane crashing to a beat)
Quttinirpaaq – Down By The River (electronics hued rainbow spectrum doom)
Alva Noto - Xerrox Phaser Acat 1 (bassy textural fuzz)
Cobalt – A Clean, Well Lighted Place (merciless modern metal)
Goth Trad – Far East Assassin (Distance Remix) (Japan dubstep meets London grimbass)
Tussle – Night Of The Hunter (Prins Thomas Remix) (day-glo electro-kraut remix)

Thanks again to Ben for inviting us to DJ his night, we had a blast.



HedgeHog are a power pop trio from China, two boys one girl that briefly featured in a VBS TV Music World documentary.

Atom(阿童木) plays the drums better than Meg White, but only just, and the two guys Box(博宣) and Zo(子健) make an ultra melodic shoegazey Sonic Youth/Pavement indie noise that sticks in your head like glue covered chopsticks. I could describe their history but their website does it better:

"In the spring of 2007 they make contract with ModernSky which is the most famous independent music company in china. When ZO BoX and ATOM met each other in January 2005 they decided to make a fantastic band named "HedgeHog". These Beijing Boys&Girl who create simple, hooky songs have become the sexy point of the BigCity. And the record [HAPPY IDLE KID] which released in 2006 greatly hit the Chinese conservational Rock&Roll"

They released Noise Hit World in 2007 and now they have a new record out this month called Blue Daydream. Check it!

Hedgehog Myspace:

Friday, 13 March 2009

A persian horse inside a death elk

We NFR DJ's are DJing NFR style at this. Who Owns Death TV are also playing.

Open yr ears and cover yr heads!!!

Thursday, 12 March 2009

NFR Setlist 5th March, 2009

Here's our first setlist from the Penthouse for our new blog!

First up, Meatbreak's jamz. The first hour was pretty stargazey droney and intense - School Of Seven Bells clicked it back into the realms of pop and we hit it up and off, kicking and screaming from there:

Crippled Black Phoenix – Rise Up And Fight (The Resurrectionists, Invada) - Endtime ballads for USX lovers and big sound stargazers.

Heavy Winged – Wool And Water (Monolith:Earth 12”, Music Fellowship) - live improv cerebral sturm-und-drang-dangadang.

Wolves In The Throne Room – Ahrimanic Trance (Black Cascade, Southern Lord) - eco-black-metal grooves and drones like never before.

Kontakte – Motorik (Soundtrack To Lost Road Movies, Drifting Falling) - London post-rock going drum machine supernova.

These Feathers Have Plumes – Quiet Sun, Indian Summer (These Feathers Have Plumes, Period Tapes) - heavy heavy languid bass bliss + kids toys.

Six Organs Of Admittance - Punish The Chasms With Wings (RTZ, Drag City) - Ben Chasney's 19 minute epic percussive finale from the first CD of this double album.

School Of Seven Bells – Iamundernodisguise (Alpinisms, Ghostly International) - Ex-Secret Machine's daydream shoe-gaze (nu-gaze?!) outfit with twin girls = As real a fantasy as you're ever going to get.

Passion Pit – Sleepyhead (Demo) - Next big thing say a lot of the press. We're not so sure. This song is the one peopel are talking about but it's very annoying.

Minnaars – To Jackals (Minnaars EP, Self-Released) - Foals + Futureheads = better than you'd credit!

Turbowolf – Seven Severed Heads (7”, X-Taster) - New single from the next big thing that people don't quite know about but it's only a matter of time. Awesome hyper fast 1.20 speed-pop-metal-punk.

Lloop – Lei-Tei (60 Hertz, The Agriculture) - New Yorker's second lp in years is a 90's nostalgic dub heavy head-nodder. Deep groove and then some.

Distance – Konkrete (Repucussions, Planet Mu) - savagely distorted London dubstep. The sound of buildings collapsing at 140bpm.

Yeah Yeah Yeah’s – Zero (It’s Blitz, Interscope) - Lead track of new album is the weakest and the most different, but interesting all the same.

Mayyors – Airplanes (Megan’s LOLZ 7“, Self-Released) - Full on out there up in the red noise storm of riffs and feedback gore with a pitchshifted breakdown/build up combo that wipes the smile clean off yr face and smashes it straight back on again.

Everyone To The Anderson – Harpoon Flesh Wound (Doodlebug, Toy Soldier) Taut, aggressive, Dischord rock from the Best Band In Brighton : we shit you not.

Action Beat – Dinosaur (The Noise Band From Bletchley, Southern) 3 Sonic Youths playing at the same time, in slow motion.

Cotti – The Search (12”, Soul Jazz) The heaviest bass track I could find in 2008. Played once more for effect (and for Jonathan, coz I know he loves it - we do do request, we do).

Apollo Sunshine – Brotherhood Of Death (Shall Noise Upon, Headless Heroes) Filthy blues atonement screaming LOVE! LOVE! LOVELOVELOVE!!! EVIL!!!!! EVIL!!!!!!

The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart – This Love Is Fucking Right (The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart, Slumberland) - Scene-leaders/stealers of the nu-gaze movement.

Turbowolf – Read And Write (7”, X-Taster) - Most exciting UK band's new single song two.

Crippled Black Phoenix – Rise Up And Fight (The Resurrectionists, Invada) - So good I played it twice.

Quttinirpaaq – The Sea And The Birdman (Dragged Through The Streets, Blackest Rainbow) Texan dust storm Doooooooooooooooom.

Ty Segal – Watching You (Ty Segal, Castle Face) - One man band rockadoowapthefuck!

Blank Dogs – Spinning (The Fields, Woodsist) - One man band Joy Divisiony shoegazeskronkpop.

Lotus Plaza – Different Mirrors (The Floodlight Collective, Kranky) - One man band Deerhunter relative releases beautiful new sound bubble that might burst everyone's brains.

Wormsblood – Inheritor (In The Stars, Skulls Of Heaven) Two people! Weird, rocking,
Back Metal craziness.

Emeralds – Living Room (What Happened, No Fun Productions) - layers of guitar and keyboard brainfuzz love.

Alva Noto – Xerrox Phaser Acat 1 (Xerroxx Vol II, Raster Norton) - Sunn O))) sampling bass noise bliss.


This is my Fokka Wolfe set list from last weeks Not For Resale at the Penthouse. It was in this order but was also interspaced here and there by Meatbreak's set as well!

Everything really is super good so do go check it out if you like the sound of it!!

Jarun - "Deszcz" (Folk black metal from slovakia)

Zombi - "Spirit Animal" (John Carpenter at Studio 54, but today)

Zomby - "Helter Skelter" (Rythmic building dub-step)

Anton Hammer - "Zombies" (Dub-step from Finland)

Flowers Of Doom - "Demon" (Sinister horror indie)

The Broken Hearts - "Branco" (Girl vs Girl tweeness)

Crystal Stilts - "Crippled Croon" (Shoegaze Jesus & Mary Chain beautyness)

Hateful Abandon - "Lungs" (Doom vs Black Metal via Joy Division)

Varghkoghargasmal - "Near The Starts" (Unpronouncable jamming)

Gatekeeper - "Optimus Maximus" (80s style horror electro doom)

She - "Day 4" (8bit japanese future dance)

Zombi - "Infinity" (John Carpenter at Studio 54, but today)

Geometri - "Airwolf" (Justice doing a partly dub-step Air Wolf theme tune)

Lazer Crystal - "Hotpinkbmx" (John Carpenter meets Holy Fuck)

Wavves - "Wavves" (Noise Jangle Rythm Garage)

Fuckwolf - "Afro Cuban" (Aids Wolf & Medicine And Duty down a long pipe)

She - "Conversations" (8bit japanese future dance)

Arcade Eden - "The Deep South" (New Young Pony Club but from Jersey)

Quarta330 - "Test" (Japanese 8bit dub-step)

Goth-Trad - "Itinerant Priest" (Dubstep)

Cardopusher - "Show Me Your Pussy Massive" (Columbian dub-step breaks)

Habsyll - "1pt 2" (Slowed down Black Metal)

We Wait For The Snow - "Tso Partcho La" (Very lovely ambient folk)

Yeasayer - "Wait For The Summer" (Future hippy prog from MGMTs pals)

Unicorn Kid - "80900000" (8bit electro from a lion hat wearing 17 year old)

You Love Her Cos She's Dead - "Dead End" (8bit screamo for fans of Skins)

Late Of The Pier - "Hot Tent Blues" (Prog but like you like it)

Fucked Up - "The Black Hats" (Hardcore punk with psychedelic pretensions)

White Fang - "Acid Reaper" (Northern Doom riffage)


Welcome to NFR BLOG!

After 3 years out in the wilderness of MySpazz we have decided (and finally got round to) making a Not For Resale Blog. Hooray and Welcome!

Not For Resale is the Brighton based DJ night, promotions - and now Blog-happy! - duo of Meatbreak and Fokka Wolfe. Being Brighton based we're going to plug a load of local shows and bands because it makes sense to care more about the stuff we can see than the stuff we can't and we're more likely to know about it. Our range though, is the entire world.

We're into music of many stripes, as you will discover. It will be all new new stuff from the deepest depths, most colourful crannies and farthest reaches of the underground, cyberspace and the real world....To make sense of it all, we'll be posting up reviews, news, demos, mixes and downloads as well as setlists from our regular DJ night and our jaunts as guest DJs at other events around town.

On the subject of lists - we will never post a meaningless list of band names with no info. Shoot us down if you catch us doing it.

We can be found at The Penthouse above The Freebutt on the first Thursday of every month if you want to come see and hear in the flesh, but for now and for here, this is the place for our words and pictures.

MxBx & FxWx