Friday, 3 December 2010

REVIEW: GuMMy†Be▲R! - Spectral Analysis EP

Spectral Analysis EP
Tundra Dubs

Tundra Dubs drops another stellar release in the form of this, the first of two December releases planned for GuMMy†Be▲R!, the second of which now looks doubtful as a tragic hard drive crash took half of his self-titled album with it. Luckily for fans of the debased electronics end of witch house, the Spectral Analysis EP was already safely in the hands of the label because this is the sound of an artist surpassing himself, once again, with another hermetically sealed little release with narrative and form, that also serves as another smart poke in the eye for the detractors of a scene that is getting simultaneously looser yet more accomplished as it develops.

As the leading edge of Arizona Lights '97 rushes up, the compulsion to throw my right hand up at the speaker is irrepressible. WOOSH! Then it starts in a whirl and thrust of 8-bit reminiscence, twinkling stabs of synth chime and bubble in a clamouring cross-chatter, a call-and-response between fuzzy kick and clean boom, wood block keeping time of the mystery delay between leaving the wet and warmth of the warehouse and looking down on the distant lights and muffled thump from this chill peak of a hillside, far removed and inside a steaming comedown. How did this suddenly happen? That's why The Elders are here for you, in two parts: The first is the overwhelming chant of a thousand wise and ancient voices, to freak you the shit out and make you sit up and attend to the signs. The second just opens its palms and offers you a choice of two red pills. No escape from submitting to the magickal world of this digital shaman. Dial back to the centrepiece (of 4?, we're talking a beast born off-centre, so yeah) and you get Gurl; a track that throws you back to the warehouse through a thick mist of filthy distortion caked beats, melted so close they stick to each other, snatches of fatted voices wallowing through the muck. This one's exceptionally dirty, and again recalls in spirit as much as it references in sound a halcyon period of chemical euphoria. 

Witch house, experimental electronica; this is all Class-A audio, whichever way you cut it.

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