Wednesday, 30 June 2010

DOWNLOAD: King Kong Ding Dong - Youth Culture Index

King Kong Ding Dong
Youth Culture Index



1. Jample
2. A Violent Light
3. (You're the) Drone Machine
4. Here We Rest
5. Hot Train
6. The Tiniest Anything
7. Evil
8. Crisis Cycle
9. Distant Drums
10. Repetition, Flares
11. This is Not a Parade

King Kong Ding Dong are a US based electronics/live instruments freefalling rhythm machine in a similar vein to Black Dice or early Animal Collective and they've just released their debut album on Dekorder, or totally free to download from their website. A track like (You're the) Drone Machine really does echo a lot of the vocal harmonising, call and response and...echoing...of Animal Collective, plus it piles up some of the layered melodic noisy instrumentation too, which is really no bad thing - the Collective are starting to lose me and a band like KKDD is picking up where they left me. Following that in the album is Here We Rest, which illustrated my Black Dice reference nicely, kicking off with a distorted clang of a drum beat and panning metallic gonging noise where a beat should be. The Tiniest Anything features a similar overdriven bit-crunched effect on the beat with plain crazy noises blaring and buzzing and chirruping all over the place.  All in all a pretty great listen if you want some breezy experimentalism with a healthy sense of fun enhancing anything potentially po-faced (as I am finding Animal Collective's sense of 'fun' these days).  As you can see from the picture below, these guys may not take themselves all that seriously.

Tuesday, 29 June 2010

"The Drexciya security blanket"

I've been reading the Konx-Om-Pax interview in Wire magazine - Tom Scholefield of the Display Copy blog/design house responsible for Oneohtrix Point Never album covers and Hudson Mohawke videos.  He mentioned this track as one of his ultimate post-rave comedown mental reset switch flickers. And you know what?  It's pretty nice.

Monday, 28 June 2010

PREVIEW: Dre▲ms In †he Wi†ch House

Coming soon! The debut Witch House DJ night in Brighton - in the UK - possibly even the world! From the hands and mind of FokkaWolfe:

Dre▲ms In †he Wi†ch House
An audio visual hex of Witch House/Zombie Rave/EBM/Tech Noir & Ghost Drone.
With LIVE Witch House remixing of classic 90s rave tunes
and a small smattering of classic goth for those who need to mourn the past.
20th July @The Penthouse.
Above the world famous Freebutt,
Three film projectors throwing Witch House videos against the walls with backup from
David Lynch, Dario Argento and Alejandro Jodorowsky.

Friday, 25 June 2010

OMBMBW X - Burzum

Burzum - from 1996's Filosofem.

OMBMBW IX - The Ruins of Beverast

The Ruins of Beverast is a German industrial tinged outfit by a man named Alexander von Meilenwal.  The main themes he pursues are Anti-Christianity and War.  The Ruins has three full album releases; 2004's Unlock the Shrine, 2006's Rain Upon The Impure and 2009's Foulest Semen of a Sheltered Elite - what a title that is. See how those album titles progress from an initial, literal, unlocking of forces to the empowered and overbearing entity than can pour scorn and sarcasm onto the scene.  

Thee's some standard hallmarks of sheer OMBMB excellence here - the guitar tones, drum sounds, curtains of ambience. It's all there, yet with a certain, massive sense of something extra that is, to emply another cliche, indefineable.  It is not for insignificant reasons that the three albums score an average of 95% over on the Metal Archives.

The track I've decided to post is from 2004's debut; The Clockhand's Groaning Circles conveys the dank, dark atmospheres and background of ancient forces that can be heard continuing through the other albums.  There's an elegance to the execution of this track that in some respects has never been bettered, and in others has been built up upon in subsequent releases, though what has been added to increase weight/aggression/impiety, has served to mask the subtlety and teutonic Satanic sensuality this track might convey.

Enough cryptic Metal rhetoric. Press play and lower your heads.

Thursday, 24 June 2010

OMBMBW VIII - Satanic Warmaster

Satanic Warmaster - From the 2005 album Carelian Satanist Madness

OMBMBW VII - Static Goat

Static Goat is Goat Serpent from Enbilulugugal.  Thought I'd break things down even further into some hideous abyss of sludgy Satatnic distortion for you. No mpfrees, no videos. Head over to the myspazz and play Slimebucket. That's my pick of the 6 demo tracks he put out last year. More industrial supersonic horrortronics than black metal, but still steeped in enough of the ancient mystic and magick that powers some of the tr00 kvlt BM, with a will to fuck it up as disrespectfully as the footnotes of those ancient laws should allow.

Wednesday, 23 June 2010

OMBMBW VI - Bathory

Hail Quorthon! RIP the instigator and progenitor of an entire genre.

Bathory - From 1987's Under the Sign of the Black Mark

OMBMBW V - Black Anal Goat Vomit

Brisbane Australian Black Metal one man band Black Anal Goat Vomit fucking slays. There's not much else to it - in a Wrath of the Weak kind of way.  Australia is pretty uncompromising when it comes to metal, and this fiercly linear noise wash of a band is no different.  Single minded and a bit barbaric,it is still atmospheric as is the preserve of one-man bands  As he says on his MySpace page: "If Ian Curtis did Black Metal"

You've got to admire the purity of a track simply titled Dead Bird that goes on to blast itself into a vortex of 240bpm drummachine with double tracked growl/shrieking vokkils that;s so ferocious it blows itself out in 2 minutes.

Download the first album Heaven for free, from the artist: HERE

And above all that, his immense demonic Satanic well ov energy spilleth over to such an extent that, as you can see, copying a tiny bit of text from his page has totally fucked my formatting.

realeditorbest profile toolsrealeditorbest profile tools

Tuesday, 22 June 2010

OMBMBW IV - Leviathan

Leviathan: From the Krankheit CDr / Verräter best of compilation.

OMBMBW III - Abyssed

Breathe in the trees!  Here's the second awesome black metal soloist to hail from Rawalpindi - Abyssed  Told you it was a hotbed.  One man named Wernahulmakes this fearsome high-temperature blackened fuzz that howls off the hills of Pakistan. It is nothing like yesterday's band, this is a ferocious blown out noise, calling on all the elemental forces surrounding him to unleash a naturalistic form of blak metal, in thrall to one strain of the original ideology. No Satanism, just Nature.

Abyssed put out two split releases last year, with a new EP due out anytime since January this year, but it's still not dropped.   Download his 2008 self-released demo Bejaan HERE to whet your appetite for the future release., and the Abyssed & Bleak Emptiness & Yhdarl split ep HERE

Monday, 21 June 2010

OMBMBW II - Xasthur

Xasthur. From 2003's Suicide In Dark Serenity:

OMBMBW I - Necktarium

OMBMBW?  Yes indeed. Welcome to Not For Resale's One Man Black Metal Band Week!!! Why am I doing OMBMBW? Because I'm on holiday that is why.  Good ole' scheduled posting. It's quite an easy thing to do, OMBMB'ing, right down to being a simplifiable cliche. Hell, I've even tried it. There's a lot of generic sounding stuff out there with people simply replicating some homogenated version of a consistent sound between a lot of these individual practitioners, but when it's done right it should drop you into a primal euphoric trance induced state of higher being as elegantly as the most ancient and learned of texts.

In the morning you'll get someone you may not already know, in the afternooon it will be someone who should need no further introductions.

So, here we go:

To start it off I have Necktarium of Rawalpind, Pakistan - a hotbed of Asian Black Metal,as you will soon discover. He lists his influences as the following:

Astral Projections
Blurred Vision
Sleeping Pills
Blur Dreams

So expect an early morning comedown sound, that is mid-paced, less harsh and more melancholic (but not spit 'depressive' - one of the few genre terms I aggressively dislike).

Ante Meridium is a beat driven misty morning run through the Pakistani pine forests, while Sweet Pale Fingers is a sundown meditative ambient piece.  Both totally indebted to Burzum for inspiration, but brought up on the slops of a fiercly humid environment insteadof an icy cold one (Varg's early years notwithstanding).

The two tracks he has are free to download from MySpace:

Sunday, 20 June 2010


Here's this week's dual blog / Drowned in Sound LAST FM THREAD update:

1.Moonwood - 48
2. H∆UNT3D HOUS3 - 40
3. How I Quit Crack - 39
4. Washed Out - 33
5. KGB MAN - 21
6. Ducktails - 20
7. LAKE R▲DIO - 18
8. Oneohtrix Point Never - 16
8. Bird From The Abyss - 16

10. Superqueens - 13
10. Working for a Nuclear Free City - 13

1 -  Limited edition of 25 fuzz and feedback blended free-jazz, post-rock, mantras with tranced out vocals and ethnic rhythms
2 - Pretty cool witch house release from free dnld netlabel Witch Trial -  Brings more of the House in a minimal and creeped out atmospheric style.
3 - more witch house - fucked up gnarly street level urban night stalking freak noise.  Chilly.
4 - Always with the washed out. 
5 - Dan Lopatin's beat heavy chopped&screwed version of OPN's Hypnagogy. I think this is a project he's about to pick up the pace with - got a track on 905 Tapes' Exile On Brain Street comp and another ep due this year
6 - always with the Ducktails too.
7 - More free ambient Witch House drift on Witch Trial
8 - Can't have KGB without OPN
8b - Awesome free download album from Finnish doom drone freak folk druid into heavy ambience and trance. I don't write too many out and out reviews on my blog, but I felt the need to do this:
10 / 10b -some old stuff creeping in at the end here.

Song of the week:

An oldie, brought on by the DiS metal thread a couple of weeks ago.

Friday, 18 June 2010


What do you think to it? Does it scream STATEMENT OF INTENT, or look nice?

Or none of the above?

FFFF: Black Bug -The Wave

For this Friday's Fast and Furious Feature I've got Swedish two piece garage electro rock band The Black Bug. They released a self-titled album at the start of the year on Philadelphia label FDH that has 15 short little bursts of the kind of petro-chemical future rock and roll that sort of went down with the Sonic Mook Experiment, but this is more Swedish and still kickin' it in 2010 - that means, harder, fiercer, darker, more distorted.

Here's a youtube for the I Don’t Like You 7″ b side You A Grave out on Italian labels Avant and Disordered

And as a bonus, the killer uppercut that starts off the album (sounds a little faded, but fuck it. crappy quality youtube rips):

DOWNLOAD: Bird From the Abyss - III

Bird From The Abyss

A Finnish one-man drone ritualist, Bird From the Abyss' tribal trance inductions are
steeped in the ancient traditions of the Earth and the old ways of man.  The runic text of his name is pretty cool, reminds me of Blood of the Black Owl and the rest of the Bindrune clan in that respect, and there's also a sense of that blackened doom through this, although anything Finnish, no matter how upbeat has an aura of darkness about it.  

III is the third release from Juho Matias Aaltonen's project, available as both a 50 copy limited miniCDr and digital download from the Bandcamp page. It features one long 13 minute opening piece followed by two short 4 minuters. The long Neck Deep In Swampy Mud uses takes it's time to peal open a crackly foggy scene setting drone that gets punctuated by steel guitar strings after around 4 minutes, with a gritty rumble of bassy guitar weighing the background out nicely, sounding like a sparse take on Harvestman, a less musically intricate Evan Caminiti or Jon Porras band such as Barn Owl or Higuma, or a more Metal oriented Natural Snow Buildings. Distant minor-key harmonic synth chords and almost-vocals cloaked in reverb fill out the middle ground creating a full affecting landscape of tones.  I hate to say this too, but it really sounds Witch Housey, with the grim ambience and pitchshifted voices creating a rhythmic pull and wash that has palpable momentum until it finished in a garbled vortex as the layers of sound get warped and faded out.

Powers Hidden opens with a sagely mystic talking of the fearsome black powers, then a grey folk progression marches through the foreground and on into a hypnotic raga of wyrdness.  The final Interlude From Abandoned Well as a decrepit rasp to the guitar playing, which is fiercer, more riffy, jagged and aggressive with slides, abrupt cuts to distortion and a more robust heroic feel to it that the more rurally oriented tracks.  

It's a very involving trip, and one that's already borne out several fully immersive repeat listens. A very intriguing prospect of a band.

The first release I is also up for free download; the second came out on a limited run of 100 gold CDs but is still available digitally for $4.50

Wednesday, 16 June 2010


Many Brighton gig goers will already know the unstable recent history of the Freebutt, and yet again it is under threat of closure from the Council and Environental Health.
The Freebutt is one of the landmark venues on the international touring circuit; it is not only renowned in Brighton but the world over. Taking it away would be a cultural disaster equal to the shutting down of CBGB's in New York. The current owners and promotors are making a significant positive impact on a variety of musics both locally and internationally. It would be a senseless loss to an enormous number of people; made all the more galling by the absurdity of the circumstances involving the complaint and it's investigation.

Please sign this petition to raise your objections:

Read this to get you up to date with the complaint (singular) and subsequent absurdities that might result in its closure:

Everyone counts, so please please please sign it and re post/send it!

Facebook Group:

Oneohtrix Point Never Mixtape

Needle Exchange asked Dan Lopatin to submit a special mix (his alternate title: REAL SHIT / I AM YOUR DRIVER -7%%%%% VOL. I). If you’re into twisted techno, library music, the Beverly Hills Cop soundtrack and, err, Rush, it’s definitely an essential download:

Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Ash Borer/Fell Voices split ep

Two of our favourite current black metal bands are touring together and releasing a split single at the end of July/August.  They both play some kind of post-* strain of black metal, but they go beyond that with their seperate interpretations of the genre, and each with their own convictions of direction.  Ash Borer's sound is more refined and elegant, whereas Fell Voices is feral, dystopian and savage.

Ash Borer just posted a sample of their half of the split on their blog, reposted HERE:


Fell Voices are much less into the internet in that way, preferring to never post anything digitally as much as possible; their MySpace contains 3 samples from their first ep as acknowledgement of it;s usefulness as a 'social tool' but their blog exhorts people to listen to their recordings in full in a more suitable environment than in front of a monitor. Inattentive listening isn't really possible with either of these bands.

Here's a video of them live to show you why.

Sunday, 13 June 2010

Last. Fm

This week's post up on the Drowned in Sound Last.FM thread

1. Emeralds - 42
2. Julian Lynch - 38
3. Tame Impala - 33
3. Gr†LLGR†LL - 33
5. Oneohtrix Point Never - 30
6. Plankton Wat - 27
7. Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti - 25
8. fromrussiawithaids - 24
9. White Ring - 22
10. Thee Oh Sees - 20
11. Washed Out - 19
12. Magic Lantern - 15
12. Male Bonding - 15
14. ___N___ - 14
15. WHITE FENCE – 13

Another week looking very similar to the last; indicative of several things. New entries from:

2 – new album out on Olde English Spelling Bee. Bucolic electronic sonic vistas, the sound of the sky during day break spun through heady fx. That kind of thing.
8 - Nadda Noor from Norway. Solo Witch House lady who has done jibberjabber vocals for Mater Suspiria Vision
9 – More of a re-entry. I’m surprised Tearist isn’t in the top 15 too, because I thought I was playing that more. But still, refeeling the power of Whyte Ring.
14 – Ludicrously slowed down drag from a guy in Alabama (I think). Self appointed king of GhostSlop.

Track of the week:

The new song from Washed Out of course. It couldn’t really be anything else. The addition of vocals from Chairlift’s Caroline Polachek adds a sense of melancholic romanticism, like a distant summer romance remembered.

Washed Out - "You and I" from Jacob Corbin on Vimeo.

Friday, 11 June 2010

FFFF: Bone Awl - I Feel Tension

This is more like it. When we say fast and furious we really fuckin' mean it with this one. Bone Awl's I Feel Tension from the Sunless Xyggos demo released this year on Klaxon Records just before they shut up shop.

Thursday, 10 June 2010

New Black Mountain Album Details and Single Download!

Jagjaguwar have put up a very tantalising free teaser track/new single (it's getting pretty hard to tell the difference these days!) from the new Black Mountain album Wilderness Hearts, due for release on September 13th.

The track is called Old Fangs and it's pretty rockin'.


On my first listen I thought "Yes, this going somewhere...hang on, what are these new influences creeping in.....PEARLJAMNINEINCHNAILSNIRVANAMUDHONEY - WOAH!!!" That's not to say it's all loose and lithe, but it's definitely some pretty gnarly riffing, and the organ vibrato rotation is using that leslie speaker to full effect, with a really shimmery wobble that has a raggedy edge to it. The layers of instruments move in and out of the mix giving an immersive hallucinatory, holographic 3D effect, or it feels as if each part is leaping over the previous instrument to get at you - there's blown out super loud distortion smashing into cleaner builds, vocal harmonising getting swept away by pulsing waves or hammond tone.  At first I thought that shark cover image was a bit shit, but after listening to this a few times that maw of serrated blades rushing at you seems pretty fitting. The track is only four minutes too, which is as succinct as this band get.  In short - this packs a punch

Witch Trial - Witch House Net Label

As far as I can tell Witch Trial is the first dedicated netlabel for the Witch House scene; although most artists operating within the genre have been putting out free stuff, this is the first label to officially put full free releases out for them.  It put it's first release up three weeks ago in LAKE RDIO's Blair Ep, followed by H∆UNT3D HOUS3 and GuMMy†Be▲R!

How well received this will be within the community remains to be seen. The high walled Witch House group on Last.FM has already denied these three artists the right for inclusion within the group.  Up until now the two leaders of that group have been acting as gatekeepers into this world, but now it's all out there in the public domain with anyone being able to get into the bands and aspiring artists able to freely mix their own tastes into the signatory sounds of the genre. Cross-pollination is always needed for survival, with anything (just ask Simon Reynolds!).  Of these three GuMMy†Be▲R! are my choice pick; there's something tangibly cankerous and dread about the depths they drag their samples down to and the ghostly airless spaces they leave them hanging in.

The cloaked seclusion of Witch House has been removed, forcibly, and now the light is fully upon it!

Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Juche - Tropical Space Garage!

Just as I was thinking I'd been missing the dubstep that all this witchhouse has displaced of late, along comes Juche, and it seems a bit too good to be real.  I get a friend request from this artist who made his MySpace page only today.  There's this strange green mine/virus image where a head should be (I took the blue one from his pics because I prefer it). His top 4 friends were all Warp artists, he only had 20 in total with 16 page views and I just doubled his play count in the last 20 minutes. The full text on the page reads

i am Juche from north korea. i make tropical garage bass. all praise to the dear leader. i do not play but if you like tunes i give them to you.

There are only two tracks on the player, Again and Through Blood and Bone. Both sound like a lot of the dubstep artists with some funk soul in their beats; that purple sound of artists like Guido, Joker, Gemmy, Ginz; In Again the bass is spread wide out when it comes in, filling up just the right amount of space for the drums and melodies to ride out on and it's tricked out with some 8-bit chatter strafed over the final push.  The second track has a huge, complex and intricate polyrhythm flexing and coiling around a supple soulful bassline that reminds me a lot of that hauntingly beautiful one from  Joy Orbison's The Shrew.

So this Juche just seems a little too perfect to be new into the scene, and from North Korea too?  I can't help but feel there's soemthing else to this  Too much going on in the sounds to be unschooled and untested.  If he is the real deal and only has two demos to his name well; consider my tiny mind blown with the potential here.

Find him here; immediately:

Noy Joy - Debut 7" Released

The debut self-titled 7" from LA beachgaze girl duo No Joy (No Summer b/w No Joy) is now available through Mexican Summer Records.

The album is printed on white vinyl and limited to 1000 copies, and is only $5.98 USD.

Follow this link to order your copy today:

Visit their Bandcamp for free downlaods and updates too

Civil Civic

Here's a new band that I discovered/was presented with on a thread from Drowned in Sound. Civil Civic are a London based band who not only create angular guitar music that is dancey, post-core something or other,and wholly yet indefineably great, they also have a pretty decent sense of humour. Their logo looks like it says ELVIS for a start.  They write pretty funny stuff on their awesome blog HERE - as well as offering  aload of free downloads. Check out the Metal styled abstract/music related descriptions for the band members instead of real names, their debut 'Release Released', and the law's governing 'The Band'.

This band sounds like a good club to belong to. Will they have you? I guess so. Civil Civic doesn't sound too exclusive to me.

Check out these three tracks and videos and see if you don't get as instantly won over as I did.

VIDEO: Nike7Up - thiefinthenightmix


This guy is mental, no two ways about it.  His top friends include Britney Spears, White Ring, Grouper, Aids-3D, and it's walls are plastered with pictures like this:

Athletes in skeleton costumes?  Infernos?

He carves up pop hits with a rusty axe and torches the remnants once he's finished having his way with them. As addictive and grisly as it is luminous and beautiful. A lot of fun

Tuesday, 8 June 2010

DOWNLOAD: Washed Out - You and I


The fourth in Adult Swim's strange apparant car advert series of free download singles is by Washed Out and features backing vocals from Chairlift's Caroline Polachek. Previous 3 have been from Bonnie Prince Billy, Madvillain and a Flying Lotus production - so there's no rhyme or reason to them yet, and there's several me to come over the next few weeks.

It sounds a lot like the Washed Out we already know, which means I absolutely love it.  The addition of female vocals works beautifully, giving a intimately romantic twist to the template.  I have no idea when I will ever tire of hearing the sounds coming from Ernest Greene, but each of his songs strikes the a perfect tone and sense of ambience that I can't help finding irresistable.

Download: Washed Out - You and I

VIDEO: Tearist - a of n

Here's a video I've been after for ages, but only just turned up now - any recorded Tearist track would be great, but this one especially might be my favourite of their 2009 CDr....for now.  It keeps changing, and I'm not complaining; each of the tracks on it is mesmerising in it's own way - similar to to effect Crystal Castles had on me when I first heard them; there's something dangerous and loose about this ordeal, and it's boy/girl, and she's up front - right up front in yr face.  Comparable to White Ring in the Witch House scene, and Souxie & The Banshees outside of it - bit dark, steely and aggressive.  Watch and listen, loudly.

Night / Night

Two night related news beats for you here - Salem announce the title, tracklist and artwork for their debut album, King Night, due for release on 28th September through IAMSOUND records.  It's hard to believe that this will be their debut album, after releasing only three essential eps over the last few years.  Definitly the instigators of the signatory creeped out Drag sound of Witch House, this is going to be a massive event when it crawls onto the Earth in Autumn.


01 King Night
02 Asia
03 Frost
04 Sick
05 Release Da Boar
06 Trapdoor
07 Redlights
08 Hound
09 Traxx
10 Tair
11 Killer

The second Night news is the Creep remix of Memory Tapes' Green Night track, available from their MySpace player over here:

Making very dark of the lightness of Memory Tapes summery Chillwave sound - and more evidence for the intrinsic relationship between the two genres. If such genre taxonomy details excite you!

Monday, 7 June 2010

weekly malarkey

weekly malarkey

1. Oneohtrix Point Never - 87
2. Emeralds - 69
3. Plankton Wat - 39
4. Tame Impala - 33
5. Rangers - 32
6. Thee Oh Sees - 22
7. Gr†LLGR†LL - 21
8. Jack Rose - 20
9. Sun Araw - 19
10. MMOSS - 16
10. Bronze Horse - 16

This looks pretty much the same as last week, with the addition of new OPN, Emeralds and Plankton Wat albums.

3. Plankton Wat is Deweey Mahood from Eternal Tapestry's solo outfit. Last couple have been long winding treks through changing scenery, but this one camps down in a pretty little clearing, lights a fire and cooks up a batch of several little addictive wyrd folk tracts.

6. New Oh Sees is brilliant, as ever.

7. Gr†LLGR†LL still going strong - has all the love for Witch House dropped out of DiS? fye shame.

10a. Mmoss has that same Canterbury feel, that true/historical 60's acid explosion sense of Psychedelic music, especially in the drums, same as Tame Imala which I am realising is a record that totally slays.

Track of the week: Blondes - Moondance. An epic 11 minutes of astral-italo-house. Download from RCRD LBL: There's also an Oneohtrix remix that melts it down to 5 minutes of bubbling solar flare where the beat used to be.

Also, as a bonus, here's my 3 month artists in cloud form:

DOWNLOAD: Distant Summers (NFR Mix 04, June 2010)

Distant Summers
NFR Mix 04, June 2010


This fourth Not For Resale mix has been a while coming (though not as long as last month’s John Dwyer one!), so much so that it may have already missed the boat; although that’s not to say that Chillwave’s star is descending just yet, it definitely has a lot of plateauxing to do as it gathers new fans and many of these records of been holding my fascination for over a year. Considering the amount of blogging that’s been devoted to it I am surprised by the number of people who have never come across any of these artists. Strange to think that a genre I consider so devoutly Pop that has been so central to my life for the last year is so alien to others. So, I figured, not only did I want to make it for the fun of it, but that there could be some kind of demand for an immediate history lesson of the genre in one tidy mix - with some newer impending artists for the future thinkers. It surely is time for such a thing.


Universal Studios Florida - Soft White Watts / Sun Glyphed Comanche Kissed (Ocean Sunbirds, Permanent)
Memory Tapes – Bicycle (Seek Magic, Acephale)
Bye Bye Blackbird - Happy High (Happy High ep, Self-Released)
Small Black - Despicable Dogs (Washed Out Remix) (Split 7”, Jagjaguwar)
Weird Tapes - The Walking Dead (Self-Released)
Ducktails – Landrunner (Landscapes, Olde English Spelling Bee)
Tassels - Bird of Prey (Self-Released)
Matrix Metals - Flamingo Breeze (Flamingo Breeze, Not Not Fun)
Yoga - Fourth Eye (Megafauna, Holy Mountain)
The Samps - F.X.N.C. (Mexican Summer Sampler)
Neon Indian - Should Have Taken Acid With You (Psychic Chasms, Lefse-VCR)
Ariel Pink - Reminiscences (Before Today, 4AD)
Toro Y Moi – Blessa (Causers of This, Carpark)
Nite Jewel - Weak For Me (Good Evening, Human Ear)
Teej - Out (Thirst, Self-Released)
Washed Out - New Theory (Life of Leisure, Mexican Summer)
Memoryhouse - Lately (Troisieme) (The Years, Arcade Sound/Inflated)

Thanks for downloading. Enjoy!

Friday, 4 June 2010

FFFF: NHK - Mogra

No youtube video for today's Fast and Furious Friday Feature; just a link to download the sampler track from the Important Records 12" from Japanese dub-noise/circuit-bass duo NHK.

HIT IT!!!!!11!1!1!!

The louder the better for this...although that's always the rule for this time of the week.

VIDEO: Neon Indian - Sleep Paralysist

Here's the video for the new track by Neon Indian that he put out a little while ago. In an interview with Spinner mag the video's director Ben Chappell says that the murky plot is loosely based around Neon Indian mastermind Alan Palomo becoming "a tourist in this big hallucinatory land, so he passes through all these different crazy scenarios."

Drug tourism? Chillwave? Never.

And here's that Spinner interview in full:

Thursday, 3 June 2010

Rangers - Ross Downs

This is taken from the new Rangers album Suburban Tours released on Olde English Spelling Bee.

I hate the picture that's on this but it's the best I could do and I need to put it up in some form or another. What a bounce!  Play it with your eyes closed - it's pretty much what you should do anyway. At the moment it is probably my favourite track from the album, although Deerfield and Bel Air are coming pretty close too. All very heavy hazy psych with some awesome screwy liquid mercury tones all over this record.

Male Bonding Daytrotter Session

I have been listening to Nothing Hurts a fair bit and am still  unsure as to how much I like it. But I do like it. I think. I like that Male Bonding have taken this risky approach to redoing their songs for Daytrotter - unplugging rock music is the most foolhardy thing any untested band can do. Volume covers over a lot of cracks. After listening to these versions, I'm going to go back to the album with a renewed interest.

Chill Into The Gloom Of Haunting Words And Smoke

"There's no pressure in a Male Bonding song, as heard on this session, just an as-luck-would-have-it ease that's maybe owed more to the acoustic guitar than anything else and to having this be the first time the trio had ever performed their songs in such a manner. It's a simple root beer float or margarita feeling to these four songs, two of which appear on the album and two that don't appear anywhere else."

Read more and download tracks here:

Tuesday, 1 June 2010

VIDEO: Mater Suspiria Vision feat. How I Quit Crack - Somewhere over the Rainbow

Here's the official R-Rated video by Cosmotropia de Xam for Somewhere over the Rainbow by Mater Suspiria Vision, this time accompanied by the increasingly intriguing How I Quit Crack:

Not really suitable for work after about 2 minutes:.


Thought I might as well start reposting my stats from the DiS threads on here. Might as well. Good 'ole DiS. Good 'ole Last.Fm.
Also, a lot of singles and individual tracks on repeat, which is a rarity but a side-effect of so listening to so many witch house artists.
1. Balam Acab - 19
2. Coffinworm - 17
4. Magic Lantern - 15
5. Gr†LLGR†LL - 14
6. Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti - 13
7. Thee Oh Sees - 12
7. Real Estate - 12
7. Tame Impala - 12
7. ///▲▲▲\\\ - 12
7. Rudi Arapahoe - 12
7. Isengrind - 12

1. - truly excellent mix of loads of stuff I like at the moment. Mostly reminds me of Mount Kimbie in that respect, although the sound is a lot darker.
2. - someone (not on DiS) said they sound like Cobalt. Nowhere near as good at all. Not even close.
6. - overtaken Washed Out at the top of my 3 month chart