Monday, 27 December 2010

boxing day thread

It's not still boxing day, but that's what the thread is called. weekly stats; here y'go.

Give & Receive

On my own in the office the last few days of this week, felt really decadent, gave me loads of time to listen to music and it mostly turned out to be Bedroom Databanks 1-4.   Tried to bit of bit of xmas spirit into the mix but I can't do it all day.  It is next to IMPOSSIBLE to find good versions of songs unless I'm looking in all the wrong places.  Got the Phil Spector album, obvs and Low's Christmas is just off the edge of this 10.

Bonus fact: I did not buy anyone CDs as presents this year, nor did I get any. First year ever.

01. Atlas Sound - 106
02. The Young – 61
03. Lower Dens - 55
04. Ghost Animal - 40           
05. Golau Glau - 35
06. Agalloch -26
07. Autre Ne Veut - 20
08. Perfume Genius - 18
09. Mark McGuire
10. The Rainbow Collections – 15

02 – Watch this band next year; Mexican Summer's next level release.
04 – Dirty distorted 7 warped high functioning pop music. Kind of Christmassy in that it reminds me of Spector's densest walls of sound.
05 – Christmas ep is lovely,  Christmas mixes are aces too.
06 – Ice magic
10 – Classic childrens songs slightly reworked – as refreshing as it is annoying - and well arranged with loads of cool instruments and choirs.

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