Tuesday, 14 December 2010

DOWNLOAD: Kohwi - Hidden Trees

Hidden Trees


Here's the new album from US based electroacoustic waking-dream programmer Kohwi. The mediafire link includes bonus artwork but the BANDCAMP is name your price, so if you want the chance to donate to the 
ascendancy of this guy's career then you can get in now and say you had a part in it. I'd say it's almost assured anyway, but it might not be. But it really is. I mean, listen to this:

Now go get the whole thing.

A couple of the tracks are from previous ep in the summer, rerecorded and given layers of extra emotive nuance and ambition; Tides especially sounds more soulfully endowed that the last version with thicker tumbling percussion. Not entirely sure Kohwi gets so deeply into the zones of each of these pieces so quickly, but he does and he takes a different angle to the heart of each one, be it stuttering glitch, ear-quaking pitch abuse, cosmic distortion or vocal samples it's always a beautifully crafted tone, balanced out with sumptuous accompaniment.  The whole of Play With Me is cosmic, the vintage sample, the glitch, the slow reentry to Earth, then onto the gritted beat of Mesa (neat galactic reference there) and its mutated vocals there too.   He's got some big blog names in support; Jheri Evans (getoffthecoast blog) did the artwork, and also contributed a bit of prose to accompany the album (which you can see on the Bandcamp/in a txt file that comes w/ the DL), so expect him to follow the same trajectory as Blackbird Blackbird in terms of hype acceleration.  Plenty to get involved with in this album, it's the most kinetic trance inducing listen you'll hear for a while.

Brian Wood of Wonderbeard Tapes is doing a cassette release of 80 editions.  Preorders up now, with shipping starting mid-January. Get it for nowt now, then on soem nice warm and cosy analogue for when its even colder out.

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  1. so excited to hear this. me luvs Kohwi (although I oft misssspelll hisss name...)