Monday, 13 December 2010

Asian Women on the Telephone - Good Night Brighton Witch

Nikita of Asian Women on the Telephone emailed me to give me this track, which they've recorded as a dedication to my city, Brighton in response to all the love me and Fokkawolfe have been showering on them after getting hold of their albums a month or so ago and subsequently freaking out over the whole rich seam of crazy music there is to mine from the Russian underground.

The track they've conjured up is called Good Night Brighton Witch. I think they've nailed us. On a good night this really is what the backstreets of Brighton sound like - fucking hairy, blown out balling freestyled noise with some kind of dirty sexiness going on there even if you've got to pick it up off the pavement before you can properly check it out.  Nikita said the name of this track is actually reminiscent of this song from trashy Russian hair metal band EST called Good Night Brighton Beach. Check it out. It's trashy Russian hair metal.  The third and clearly most important influence in creating this track was A 259 Multiplex Bomb "Outrage" by Simon Strong; a book which takes place in Brighton and Hove in the early nineties, involves a time travelling murder mystery surrounding Jim Morrison, with plenty other musical references littered throughout it's warped narrative. Much like AWOTT themselves.

Nikita says "it's our thanks to you and hello to Brighton. wish to visit it some day. seems like very cool city"

Thanks Nikita. You seem like cool guys, and you have an awesome band. We'd love to have you here too.


  1. Hi! Simon Strong here... WOAH! I'm stoked to trip over this... I can't believe anyone has heard of me. Heaps more Hove and Brighton related slop over at my web site - inc. tunes about St Annes Wells Gardens, Waterloo St, Pavilion Gardens etc. New and awesome site is imminent but wnated to do this before it uh slips my mind. THHHHHHAX!

  2. Uh forgot the URL - ya dig.