Monday, 20 December 2010

DOWNLOAD: AMDISCS & BEKO End of Year Double Split

AMDISCS & BEKO End of Year Double Split



This special festive mega-comp features 48 tracks from artists involved with two of the years' most consistently inspiring labels; AMDISCS and BEKO. If you get this, along with Mishka's GraveWave comp you'll own a huge slice of the year's most interesting music - 2010; the year something happened.  This isn't all witchyhouse/hypnogogia or whatever; both these labels take ina lot more than that, an anyone who has downloaded just a few releases from either of them will be able to tell you how on point they both are as visionary labels.

Feast your eyes on the artists this bumper set includes, in no particular order:

Jef  Barbara, C V L T S, WILD EYES, LIBRARIES, Catamaran, DannielRadall,  Wools, Golden Axe feat. Princess Chelsea, Keep Shelly in Athens, Luke  Chrisinger, Police Academy 6 + unouomedude, Kodak To Graphe, Port City,  Courtship, M∆S▲C∆RA feat. The Present Moment, Mellow Grave, Λ, Dream  Boat feat. Last Kiss, BL§§D ØU†, Elekseveneks, WALSH, Teams, Bad  Karaoke, Craig Cruiser, every, Ra Cailum, Monroeville Music Center,  Medallion, Chrome Wings, LORD BOYD, Star Slinger, Young Adults, Pariah  Carey, mediafired, Ghost Animal, Spent Man, Chat Logs…

In their own words:


Dear friends we end this year with precious compilation that is being released on French label Beko.
Featured are 48 songs by various artists that we admire. the compilation is for free & beyond any calculable value.
 All of the artists featured, conjure up the pale light from the deep within our souls. Occult related sounds call down the spirits of future tense vernacular. enjoy the curved moon’s waning rays, and marry xmas to all of you.

From BEKO:

This compilation amalgamates artists that can be found on previous AMDISCS  releases as well exclusive upcoming stuff and marks directionz we set  to follow_ all of the artists featured, conjure up the pale light from  the deep within our souls_ occult related sounds call down the spirits  of future tense vernacular_ let thee enjoy the curved moon's waning rays  and marry XMAS_ thanks to all of the lunar-chaste artists_ AMDISCS:Futures Reserve Label

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