Monday, 27 July 2009

Monsters Build Mean Robots - Psalm 57...

The new single from Monsters Build Mean Robots, one of our favourite bands based arounds these here Brighton parts (Chichester actually...mostly), is available as a free download from their website.


Just enter your email address into the box for an email with the download link. Don't worry. They're beautiful people, they won't bite. They will furnish you with five minutes of beautiful loops and guitar tones.

The track is called Psalm 57 (or) All That Gold Did Not Help Your Soul!. It sounds less like the ambient post rockisms of the MBMR album that had us fall in love with them (keep looking way down that link). Instead the skeleton of guitar lines that were previously buried underneath the pillowy ambience of their debut album are now out on the surface, exposed like industrial architecture atop the textural body in a similar departure that of last years acoustic-song-style Sigur Ros of Með Suð í Eyrum Við Spilum Endalaus, which is also exceptionally lovely. Sigur Ros never dip into politics quite like this band and MBMR do it without the excessive orchestral arrangements - instead their music is built on a quiet intensity, all the more potent for it's subtlety and brittle, hauntingly wraith like elegance.

This track comes from the sessions that will produce their second album (hopefully some time this year). According to their website it should be A loopladen epic containing many tracks performed live by the group, this album has been hailed as their potential 'breakthrough' piece by the band.

This track has been mixed by MBMR and mastered by Ace from Skunk Anansie fame, and shows the direction the band have taken in the last year. Psalm 57 is playlisted on Brighton's JuiceFM and begins the build up to the long awaited second album......

They will be touring the UK to promote this single and album. Half of these dates are with the superb two piece math-blues-metal-skronk-rock band CHRIK who played an awesome house collapsingly raucous set at the NWfA Fringe Festival we DJd at in May.

CHRIK indicated by *

JULY 30 - BRISTOL Bleach night @ Start The Bus w/ KILL IT KID
JULY 31 - DERBY* Creative Blocks night @ The Big Blue Cafe w/ ALRIGHT THE CAPTAIN
AUG 01 - NOTTINGHAM* Buttonpusher night @ The Chameleon
AUG 02 - LIVERPOOL* The Caledonia
AUG 03 - SHEFFIELD* The Shakespeare
AUG 05 - LEEDS* Upstairs at The Cardigan Arms w/ THESE MONSTERS
AUG 06 - MANCHESTER Mushaboom night @ The Fuel Cafe, Withington
AUG 07 - LINCOLN The Horse & Groom
AUG 09 - LONDON The Good Ship, Kilburn w/ UP C DOWN C / KONTAKTE

MBMR are also playing at the I Am Joy Arts Festival in Chichester, on Thursday August 13th - with CODES IN THE CLOUDS / FLIES ARE SPIES FROM HELL @ The Hope


NWfA presents at The Chichester Inn, Chichester on Saturday 5th September w/ A GENUINE FREAKSHOW / LULLA VIOLET


Dirty Fingernails Videos

Here's two videos from one two piece band for you. Originally from Finland they are now based in Finsbury Park London and NFR has loved them since we first laid ears on the Bruno single a yaer or more ago. It's one of the most upliftingly sad songs you are ever likely to hear from a London based Finnish pop duo....or anyone!

There's no better a band to own this myspace url too. They soon will be:

Sunday, 26 July 2009

One Unique Signal - Villains To A Man EP

The new ep from Brentford's One Unique Signal, Villains To A Man, is available to download free from the band themselves now.

In 2003 they released their first ep Lowry, enhanced it's skeletal angular style with background textures on the 2007 album Tribe, Castle & Nation through Genepool Records which made my top 10 of the year. In 2008 they played us one of our greatest NFR shows when we put on a release party for their previous self-release Dismemberment ep which is still available to download free through them as well. That release and the live show developed the layers of guitar tones, noise washes and textures into a visceral experience that has been pushed further out into cosmic psych territory with this new release.

Recorded at the Bunker studios in Middlesex by Dan from Guardians of the Ancient Wisdom, Villains To A Man sounds to us more like Finnish psychedelic bands like Tivol or Circle - locking down a gritty central riff with all kinds of sounds freaking out around it, guitar lines emerging out from it spinning off from the central themes gradually moving focus of the track and intensifying it.

Across these three tracks the effect becomes increasingly hypnotic: The opening Plasticism moves at a heady tempo with the drum pulse backing it's pointed bass riff for a good 5 minutes before descending into a pounding wah freakout for the final run in. Jaded is a slower, more menacing piece, it's bass riff seeming to bounce itself off the walls of noise surrounding it, the whole track keeping a steely pace whilst ramping up the pressure until Byron's vocal come in low, reverbed and really scary to finish it off. Final track Villains starts with a rotating shimmer before dropping straight onto an almost bluesy riff that finds it sweet spot in within the first 8 bars then its an epic sensory assault from thereout, the band layering on sheets and sheets of rhythmic guitars while the core riff keeps smashing itself onwards with a sense of increasing velocity before the addition of a brass coda comes in punctuating and peaking it like the horns in Wooden Shjips' Sol '07. After almost 20 minutes the monolith blows itself out and all is still once more.

Did we make that sounds essential enough for you?

As well as the download you can contact the band for hard copies or pick one up at their shows. They come in hand made orange art sleeve with a separate card inlay containing info.

Download Villains To A Man ep
Download Dismemberment ep

At the request of the band, feel free to share these links around.

Watch OUS play Villains live @ The Railway Inn, Winchester - 17/07/09:




Saturday, 25 July 2009

Dylan Nyoukis on Dusted

Every Friday, Dusted Magazine publishes a series of music-related lists compiled by their favorite artists. This week, Brighton's king mong tapelord the Chocolate Monk himself Dylan Nyoukis put up the top 10 artists currently assailing his headspace. Amazngly, we have actually heard of one of the records he mentions. A price for you if you can guess which one it is.

Dylan also got a random mention at the end of Stewart Voegtlin's review of Locrian's (bleakly awesome) Drenched Lands on the Left Hand Path. This happened back in March but I only stumbled across it on Friday - the same day this Dusted feature came up. Weird.

Read it after the jump:


...and more Nyoukis Lynx. Digg in >>>

Chocloate Monk Records
Blood Stereo
Decaer Pinga
The Broken Brain (Nyoukis blog)

Sunday, 19 July 2009

NFR Themes and Jingles

It's been a very long time since anyone has made us a new theme tune or jingle and we seem to have stalled in our ambition to make an album of 100 of them. These 6 here are as far as we got and each one is properly brilliant mini epic in it's own right. That each one was recorded especially for us and about us is amazing. We play these out whenever we DJ and put them in our mixes that we sometimes put out as limited edition CDs and up for downloading. The first one that was made for us was from Power Up who even got a voice actor in to record it for our DJ set at the Summer Sundae festival, and that then got played (twice!) on the BBC when they broadcast the set - so these are sneaky little buggers that get in to all sorts of unexpected places.

So, we are putting out our request again to anyone and everyone that would want to make us a theme/jingle/ident whatever you want to call it we'd love you to make it for us.

We reckon they should be 1 minute maximum (possibly only 30 seconds) and we'd also like some 10 second blasts of NFRness to smash in between tracks at our DJ sets. They should have some kind of vocal that says any combination of NFR, Not For Resale, Meatbreak and Fokka Wolfe. Other than that you are free to take them in any direction you want.

Here are the ones we have so far, in alphabetical order

Awesome Wells >>> NFR Jingle
English country garden sound collage

Deliberate >>> Theme From NFR Stomping electro crowd chant

Nullifier >>> NFR Theme Intergalactic neutron bomb track

Power Up! >>> NFR Jingle Glitchy twitchy electronics & voiceover

Pseudo Nippon >>> NFR Jingle Cosmic jebubu japano-core

Quiznight >>> NFR Theme 16-bit bass beast

xbx >>> Shut Up NFR Super short bitch slapped up

>>> WolfMeat Jingle Our names get mashed up as this dude from Bethany Oklahoma slaps us about some more.

Leave us a comment below or Email if you're interested.

Saturday, 18 July 2009

PREVIEW: Everyone To The Anderson, Caution Horses

Here's an awesome free gig to kick your Friday night into next week - two days early that's how hard it's kicking you. and it's free.

Get your best Albini references out as Everyone To The Anderson assail your person with their three speared gut punching angular rock - drums, bass, guitar. Simple as. Devastating. Sharply dressed, sharply cut, as feral as the streets can spit out this is music that feels dangerous to be around, all the more so for simultaneously giving the sense that it's always tightly controlled, even when the seams at the edge of your ears start tearing.

Caution Horses are on a European tour with Fashoda Crisis - I wonder how Eastern Europe will take to their celebrity sex obsessed, metallic riffing. probably go down real well. Sewer punk spewed onto the glossy middle shelves of newstands - self proclaimed "shit rock noise attack". Hello.

Southend's The Fashoda Crisis named their debut EP 'Mischief of One Kind and Another' - which is what Max made the night of Where the Wild Things Are. So they're o.k. by us already. Melodic, agitated, rough-housing rock riding roughshod over the easily outraged.

We don't know anything about Disinfo so we'll have to go with the poster and assume an ATDI band from Worthing to have some salty chops worth watching.

Buckle up.

Best Coast & Pocahaunted

One of our favourite bands just split up, divided into two mitotic super cells of West Coast sun saturated summer sensuality. Pocahaunted is no longer the duo of Amanda Brown and Bethany Cosentino. Amanda is taking Pocahaunted further out into the cosmic wilderness with a fuller band, essentially a supergroup of artists from the Not Not Fun records roster - Cameron Stallones (Sun Araw; organ), Diva Dompe (BlackBlack; bass/vocals), Ged Gengrass (Antique Brothers; drums), and husband/co-NNF label owener Britt Brown (Robedoor; guitar). Phew. Mega band.

NNF put out the final Bethany & Amanda Pocahaunted cassette before they split, 'Live From The New Age', which hints heavily towards this new sound with intensely heaving waves of drone lifting higher out of the vocal fog, hitting sharper peaks and rocking wider ripples as they splash back into the mix. Here's a video of the new incarnation playing eariler this monthon the European Tour at the Galeria Zé dos Bois in Lisbon, Portugal (04.07.2009)


New horizons in two directions. So where to now?

Bethany has sailed out onto a hazy washed-out technicolour sun-kissed beach front sound with Bob Bruno (Goliath Bird Eater; drums). Together they are the fantastic Best Coast. There's been a lot of positive vibrations buzzing around blogs heralding the Song of The Summer - The Sun Was High (So Was I). Suitably, beautifully justified hype that might well see this band get wider recognition that Pocahaunted - it's certainly a more populist sound with the modern lo-fi harmony buried in overdrive feel of bands from everyone beween My Bloody Valentine and Times New Viking - but this is far prettier, joyful, happier and above all more in thrall to the Beach Boys sense of of the psychedelic 60's West Coast.

Found this video on YouTube which is Sun Was High set to excerpts from Un Homme Et Une Femme by Claude Lelouche (1966). It kind of works really nicely, kind of doesn't but it's here for you anyways. I think it's probably better to jus thear it and conjour your own imagery.

In Bethany's words on her MySpace she says:

"allow me to reintroduce myself
so i am back in california, and i thought what could be more fitting than to record a bunch of songs about summer and the sun and the ocean and being a lazy creep? so this is what i'm doing.

originally this project was called "sun dried" but then i realized that reminded me too much of old ladies with bad sunburns so i changed it to best coast. meaningful for two reasons, one is that obviously the west coast is the best coast, and two, BC are my initials.

the songs that are up here are just "demo" versions of the songs i have been writing, but my bff bobb bruno has been crazy at work adding drums, beach boys bass lines, and other amazing things. we are insanly trying to get this shit recorded and once we have at least one song fully recorded, i will put that shit up. i'm really fucking excited about this and i hope that every11111 likes it and can make out to it on a beach blanket this summer.


The debut Best Coast cassette Where The Boys Are is out now on Blackest Rainbow and a self-titled 7" featuring "Sun Was High (So Was I)", "So Gone" and "That's the Way Boys Are" will be out very soon on Art Fag Recordings.

Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Twee by The Sea

present: Twee By The Sea!

11 of Brightons loveliest musicians and bands recorded acoustically on one microphone in one take....flutes, recorders, ukuleles, xylophones guitars and a whole pile of other fun things!!

Don't let the name put you off. This isn't the kind of twee you should be scared of. These are the kind of people to hide razors inside their flower petals.

Acts Include:


The Stars Down To Earth:

The Half Sisters

The Bobby McGees

Paper Animals

Sophie Madeleine

And lots of others....

FREE CD from Twee As Fuck at their 2nd Birthday Party from selected record stores in Brighton or from the Bands

Email Jimmy for yours!

Sunday, 12 July 2009

PREVIEW: Axxonn + Power Up + The Vainglories

Type PR Presents...Axxonn featuring Tom Hall and Ian Rogers, Power Up and The Vainglories.

Don't call it a comeback, and it's a gig we've been waiting for for such a long time that we weren't quite sure it would ever happen but - Power Up are playing again. Kathy Power has been contributing madd skillz to Scotch Egg's Drum Eyes troupe and Chris Up has been working on his laptop&guitar loops solo project the duo are back with a new set that is reported to sound like "A monster waking up, having breakfast, going on a rampage then falling to sleep"

That's a set we like the sound of, but there's more:

The Vainglories is Brighton based, Melbourne borne Gillian Allder, whose slowly built walls of darkening laptop cliff face are undercut by a rising tide of haunting piano leads.

Headliners Axxonn have got us intrigued and excited through their Birchville Cat Motel / Tim Hecker / Ben Frost style EP which they are giving away free from their MySpace and which you can download HERE. Cascading scenes of blurred guitar in a cacophony of sound that feels like a rainbow sawing through your cranium.

Here's some live Power Up for you to sink your frontal lobe into:

power up at spirit of gravity - brighton - june 08


Axxonn -
Power Up -
The Vainglories -
Type PR -

NFR Setlist 2nd June 2009

Took a bit longer than expected to get this up but here it is finally - This month's NFR Setlist from our June set at the Penthouse - brace yourselves!!!

Meatbreak's mewsick:

Heavy Winged – Tidal Blackness (Waking Shaking, Aurora Borealis) The titles of this say it all - body shaking waves of improvised drum&bass noise euphoria

Bison – Painted Gold (Demo) Post-most-things cinematic US 5 piece

Black Moth Super Rainbow - Twin Of Myself (Go Team Remix)A sprightly, lightened up beat-centric glowing psych makeover

Awesome Wells - Omar, Omar Taught Me How To Dance (The Highs And Lows Of De Witt A Stanton, Red Deer Club) Brighton based acoustic free-folk 2-step field jam - recorded us an NFR Jingle a while back.

Pocahaunted – Eagle Rock (Live From the New Age, Not Not Fun) R.I.P. release by this Eagle Rock, CA twosome - 2 roads
diverge in a wood and ladies pick whichever one seems sicker. Deep into it. Sad days to see the end of this band

Sun Araw – Heavy Deeds (Heavy Deeds, Not Not Fun) NNF's Male flipside to the Pocahaunted girls - thick, heavy clanking deep dub smoked bay fog groove

Magic Wands – Kiss Me Dead (Magic Love & Dreams, Bright Antenna) Cosmic 80's nostalgia flecked bliss-pop from roaming 2-piece currently based in LA - recorded using Prince's Purple Rain drum machine!

Engineers - (Three Fact Fader, Kscope)Manchester's surly take on the shoegaze revival features thicker textures and fatter beats

Oneida – Ghost In The Room (Rated O, Jagjaguwar)Creepy rippling kraut groove pulse from NY psych monster's epic 3 disc album that finishes with a stuttering guitar shimmer like no other band can do

Francis Harold & The Holograms – Two Faggots One Cunt Cerebral moronics blues bass riffing noise rock, violently noisy but not as effects heavy as...

...Mayyors – Clicks (Deads, Mt St Mtn) New dirt smeared 12" (literally), caked in as much Sacramento barroom filth as it is sweaty Melt Banana style pedal abuse - except the Japanese sound clean, neat and dignified compared to this hellstorm.

Nullifier NFR Jingle Proton accelerator psych-pop upstarts recorded us a nuclear blast of an ident

Everyone To The Anderson – Harpoon Flesh Wound (Doodlebug, Toy Soldier) People always ask us who this band is when we play anything by them and we take great pleasure in telling them it's the soundguy downstairs and two other breakneck Dischord noise-rock loving dudes from Brighton

Thee Oh Shees – Ruby Go Home (Help, In The Red) Super groovy garage psych with a bit of squall, a bit of effects and a whole lotta soul

Mr Crystal Face – Polar Bear (Demo) One half of Power Up! (also of NFR Jingle fame - the first ((and best??)) this tears up the Sheffield glitch book with pretty piano and jagged guitar cross-pollination across a head of warped electronics.

Knyfe Hyts – Hyts Of Summer (OIB Split 7” Series Vol. 3, One Inch Badge) Short sharp sweet hit of percussive freak-wave with Oneida's Kid Millions on drums

Hind Ear – Coconut (Demo) Propulsive ethereal disco shimmer that, even after hearing this song about 20 times, was only on this night where we realised how very intensely noisy and rocking it actually is.

Fulangchangandi – Godolphin (Demo) Ex-Jesus Knives guitarists excursions into noise sculpted rock songs along with 2 New Zealanders who know most things about table top hypnotics

Grasscut – Muppet (Demo) Ninja Tune have picked up this laptop/acoustic 2-piece that OIB billed as "like Matmos covering Philip Glass"

Sylvester Anfang II – Ossezaaddans (Sylvester Anfang II, Aurora Borealis) Satanic dread-folk, Pagan wilderness-pop, primitive Amon Duul loving industrial psychedelia, a ritual séance for occult outsiders

Carrion Wraith - Vers Une Nouvelle Ère (Carrion Wraith, Ars Magna Recordings) Canadian Burzum worship concept album about a rotting crow and the forest it haunts - littered with sound effects and the most sublime classic Black Metal riffs, tempo changes and tones this year

Old Mayor – Bag Of Cats (Old Mayor Ep, Paradigms) Brighton's 2-piece doom impresario's swingingest track from their awesome debut ep. As Andee at AQ puts it: "woozy waltzy post doom math sludge bliss"

School Of Seven Bells – Iamundernodisguise (Alpinisms, Ghostly) repeated plays are slowly revealing one of the most arresting new wave of shoegaze (NWOSG - that's what it's being called here from now on) albums of the year - treacly thick enchanting repetition.

Alan Bennett - Winnie-The-Pooh: Bees 1:1 This found its way into my bag somehow - think I picked up the wrong pile - but it went amazingly well after SOSB and Fokka Wolfe played something especially perfect after it and the dancing girls were awesome accompaniment too.

Pangaea – Bear Witness (12”, Hotflush)Spacious and spacey, deep soulful cosmic dub from the co-owner of Hessle Audio with Ramadanman and Ben UFO.

The Drums – Let’s Go Surfing (The Drums Ep, Twentyseven) Let's not say 'this year's MGMT' but it's psychy, summery, light and fun and it hasn't left the car stereo for two weeks

Future Of The Left – Arming Eritrea (Travels With Myself And Another, 4AD) One of the funniest tracks from FOTL's new album bites the hardest too

Plastic Passion – File Under (Contrived Imagery, Knew Noise Recordings) R.I.P. band number 2. Split up in April, but this jagged gothy no/new wave art rock still deserves your immediate attention and demands it too. Album's still available.

Sunset Rubdown - Nightingale/December Song (Dragonslayer, Jagjaguwar) One of our songs of the year, if not the song of the year so far

Magic Wands – Black Magic (Magic Love & Dreams, Bright Antenna) People loved the first track we played from this band so much that we played another one.

Crystal Fighters – Xtatic Truth (12”, Kitsune) We're glad Kitsune have got on the end of this band because we've been playing this track for months and it's already been the soundtrack to the sun for us - and no doubt it will be up there around the whole country for the rest of the summer too

Durrty Goodz - More 2 Da Floor (Ultrasound, Awkward Music) This is Durrty's electro anthem - he made it to prove a point so we aired it for him. Good ole' Durrty.

Night Control – Star 131 (Death Control, Kill Shaman) Mega heady murky magical pop that drifts in and out of consciousness as it spirals towards its climax.

And ours.

The end. Phew. That was a hell of a lot of music - somehow we managed to lay down way more tracks than normal. I think it's because there was only two 20 minute slabs of drone this month so e gave ourselves a bit more room - we'll be rectifying that in 4 weeks time.

MxBx & FxWx

Thursday, 9 July 2009

PREVIEW: Sleepy Sun, Hind Ear, Laish Quartet

Next week this hugely promising gig is being put on by our friends One Inch Badge records and features our friends Hind Ear and Laish Quartet! Needless to say, we will be there.

San Francisco sextet Sleepy Sun bring their massive waves of pastoral psych blues to the Freebutt, coming on like a warped and extra ethereal fusion of Black Mountain and Dead Meadow through the addition of soem West Coast occult cosmic heaviness this band have been rolling across the states like a Carnival, bringing the weirdness with them. Lead 7" White Dove was a bewitching foreboding of the Embrace album which we're hoping will get a complete airing on the night.

The support are two Not For Resale veterans, both having played gigs for us - In their previous Revenge of Shinobi guise Hind Ear played a trippy heady set at the Greenhouse, but now their reconfigured sound is lighter yet, more intricate and substantial at the same time with anintoxicating mix of electronics and analogue loops, beats and revebed shimmer their unique pretty pulsing flowering drum beat euphoria should lift everything intoa pre-climactic peak. Ge there even earlier to be spell bound by the Wilkommen Collective's most recent addition Laish Quartet. The band that power's the visions of Danny Green, his (not always) quartet of revolving instrumented musicians play awe inspiring folk songs that involve wry meditations on love, uplifting odes to death, deadpan humour weighed down and boued up by a weary, yet tangible sense of hope.

A mesmerising night for sure.


Sleepy Sun:
Hind Ear:
Laish Quartet:
One Inch Badge Records:

Monday, 6 July 2009

Turbowolf - Read & Write

Turbowolf - Read & Write / Seven Severed Heads 7"

The second seven to drop from the hairy chops of these Bristolian genre-melters is actually their most focussed, keen eyed, mean streaked snarling missive yet. Although we totally 11000%%% LOVE it when they mix the disco with the metal and dust it with some sparkly pop sugar like on Do Me Wrong or Mystery (still up on their MySpace for you and still as hot as Hades), there is nothing wrong with them ditching the foreground of keys to go straight ahead Metal crazy and come out with Seven Severed Heads - a sub-2 minute gorefest; Chris G's vocals a nasty bass-ass wiry screech that opens into a full throated yowl, each riff slamming down like a tombstone until it winds up with the sleekest chugga-chugga screamo section to tear your ears off since Converge tied up Jane Doe. Back on more radio-friendly territory the front track Read & Write is a less intimidating but no less arresting affair with its synth-swelled chorus pumping the sweat out of a fevered vocal performance that ups the euphoria each time until the whole thing spins itself out into a cheeky f.....a......d.......e.......o.........u..........t............

Phew. You need this in your life immediately.


Go fetch: Here

Saturday, 4 July 2009

Mayyors - Deads 12" EP

The most exciting news of the month so far is that Mayyors released a new single. Easily one of our favourite bands - possibly ever - we loved them since we saw the b-movie gorefest video to White Jeep which disappointingly I can't find anywhere to put up here, then i got hold of both their two releases last year, one of which found it's way into my top ten tracks of 2008. This looks like it will be on just as heavy rotation.

This review appeared on Dusted magazine last week. We can't describe this band anywhere near as aptly as Doug Mosurock and we won't even try, plus we learnt a lot of info about this band from this review that would be wrong for us to try and pass off as our own so here's a repost of some real words on a real band.

Deads 12" EP
(Hurling Man)

If you’re a fan of listening to AmRep-style, throat-hammering noise rock while operating a lawnmower, Sacramento’s Mayyors have been your favorite band for quite a while now. The stories that I’ve heard about the general directive of this band (self-release ten singles and call it a day, suggest a coastal alliance and rarely leave the state of California) points towards a treatise on how to make people remember them. I hope the streak of conceptual purity holds out, and it looks as if it might, because this four-song 12” is better than their first two singles. Luxurious 45 RPM mastering at as little as four minutes per side makes this one of the loudest punk records since In Love with Jetts, guaranteeing that whatever rental properties it’s played in are going to lose significant fractions of their security deposits. I’m not normally a fan of effects pedal abuse, but what Chris Woodhouse does with them on “Clicks,” the way he builds a simple, two-note progression into percussive blastloops that line up with the drums, and dial through them like the channel knob on a now-useless TV set, has turned me around. These guys busted DJ Rick’s forehead open at house show – not on purpose, of course – but when was the last time any of you felt so much for a band that you were willing to risk bodily harm to let them play? I think he took the hit for us all. Serious Hazelmyer/Gear Jammer worship put to a hefty rhythm section that fires the kick on the up and the down beats, possessing that rolled-up-in-a-rug-and-tossed-downhill sorta ambiance that really makes these sorta things come together. Prolonged exposure to these times has been difficult. Mayyors don’t take the burn away, but they do blot out the rest of the world for refreshing, two-three-minute bursts – in the parlance of the Cinco Toilet Shower, “just enough time to get clean.” Not sure if the front sleeve ever came in contact with water from a urinal, but I wouldn’t doubt it. It is covered in dried mud and looks like a linoleum floor at a party after it rains. You germophobes can rest easily, as all 500 copies were spoken for within hours of release.
(Doug Mosurock)

We got one. As soon as this band twitch we're there. Since it's all gone it would be churlish not to share a slice of it with you. So here you go:

DOWNLOAD: Mayyors - Clicks