Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Free Liars 'Scissor' Download

The first signs of the new Liars album 'Sisterworld' are starting to leak onto the web and it surely won't be long before the album itself makes it out there so make the most of the increasing tension, excitement and old fashioned pre-release fervour while you can. It's due out in March and they are giving away the opening track Scissor free on their website.


After starting with some eeire, dreamy delayed vocals about transient distance and journeying it doesn't take long before it smashes the sound barrier with a pretty rugged, rocking almost Metal riff that wrestles itself like its strait-jacketed. The distant dreamy quietness comes in, get's blown out again and then it ends. As an album opener it sounds as potent as Plastercasts of Everything - though if we're dodging any exitable hysteria we'd more honestly say we prefer Plastercasts. You can decide for yourself.

As you can see from the traclisting, there'es soem pretty gnarly, canckerous 'They Were Wrong...' kind of track titles.

1. "Scissor"

2. "No Barrier Fun"

3. "Here Comes All The People"

4. "Drip"

5. "Scarecrows On A Killer Slant"

6. "I Still Can See An Outside World"

7. "Proud Evolution"

8. "Drop Dead"

9. "The Overachievers"

10. "Goodnight Everything"

11. "Too Much, Too Much"

Sounds pretty killer to us. Looking forward to it.

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Sunday, 6 December 2009

R.I.P Jack Rose

It is with sincere grief that I am posting this, but here is the news that Jack Rose passed away yesterday 5th December from a heart attack, aged only 38. For me, this is a genuinely shocking event that has left me practically speechless. When I wrote a preview of the gig for the Source magazine I had a short but profoundly affecting email conversation with him about his work and modern American Roots music, then went on to see him play an incredibly meditative set of acoustic guitar ragas at the Prince Albert which was an almost spiritual experience. As you can tell, he left a lasting impression.

In the 90's he was a member of 3-piece electric noise band Pelt,whose fierce, squally efefcts heavy styles gradually quietened down in to more naked acoustic contemplations. In the 2000's Rose began experimenting with fingerpicking, drawing heavily on the American primitivism of John Fahey.

Enough words from me. The man will forever be a legendary musician of his time in my house.

I leave you with a peformance of Kensington Blues from a few years ago.