Thursday, 23 December 2010

True Womanhood - The Grey Man

True Womanhood
Grey Man

The last song True Womanhood released was called Nite Prowlers and it did just that, slinking along under cover of darkness it flowed along a similar earthen or subterranean track; deviant rhythms twisted and bent off course just as they begin to settle into themselves; a skewed pop sensibility similar to bands like Blank Dogs, Ghost Animal and others proponents of this years evolution in no-fi skuzz and noize.  This new one Grey Man, probably won't have you bleeding from the eyes in response, but it does get more fucked up as it goes deeper into itself, starting off with some probing bell chimes that could go in any direction; ominous clangs and a well oiled beat lock in then the vocals start and begin to draw things back inside, inverting the momentum of the track by shifting focus onto their inverted Thom York sighing -drawled strung out vowels mutating in the wake of the grim rhythm ploughing forward - starting that melting slide of the music that starts to blur all the clean lines that preceeded it and pull the final moments of the track down on top of itself.  Interesting self destructive stuff.

  The Grey Man by truewomanhood

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