Sunday, 19 December 2010 thread before Christmas.

Guess this means these are my Christmas number ones; so here's to Hear Hums!  Standard Sunday procedure, stats cross pollination:

sixteen shades of

01. Hear Hums - 66
02. Autre Ne Veut - 49
03. Visionair - 40
04. Golau Glau - 38
05. Kohwi - 36
06. Fujiya & Miyagi - 33
07. Agalloch - 29
08. The Besnard Lakes - 26
09. Braids - 25
10. Mark McGuire - 24
10. Winter Drones – 24

1 – Frenzied percussive out-of-bodying and ambient noise like Here Comes the Indian AC. Free download or cassette in the new year on Get Off The Coast's label. Lynx:
2 – A month of repeated laying and still so very very very very very very very very amazing
3 – Sleek new cosmic electro psych, for fans of Solar Bears – read my blog bit here:
4 – Beautiful free Christmas album released this week. Their version of O Come O Come Emmanuel is lovely.
5 – 'nother free download which I really love. Similar to Grasscut; vintage steampunk acoustic psych glitch....?
6 – New album out in January. Promo and videos doing the rounds now. Maybe even better than the likes of Collarbone? Maybe. If the world is ready for oblique kraut electro, now is their time.
7 – Transcendental Black Metal at its most profound.
8 – Just got the Roaring Night. Really nice.
9 – Album coming soon into 2011, it;s going to be a winner. File under that Is grunge coming back thread. It's coming back, but with style.
10a – The man is a genuis.
10b – Lead guy from Hush Arbors' new band – gauzy, aggressive swirly storm riding showgaze. Has the weirdest set of related artists on

Track of the week:

It's from months ago, I've been listening to it for a while but it still makes it for this week. It's called ACIDBATHORY. It should be TOTW every week just for that:

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