Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Gremlynz - I Have To Be Leaving / Crystal Hexes

Two new preview tracks from upcoming releases of the Gremlynz incarnation of Pink Priest.  The first is I Have To Be Leaving due to come out as a Beko / La Station Radar label collaboration (coming up next).   The second is an excerpt from the track Crystal Hexes - a 32 minute tape to be released on Family Time which he describes as"if previous Gremlynz sound was "being dropped into 10,000 gallons of water," Crystal Hexes is more like
"getting caught in a heavy downpour while walking down the street.""
  It's quite an apt description, which can be romanticised further if you imagine it in black and white so the distorting contrast blurs your vision even further, shapes shifting about the enveloping liquid static. 

There's a lengthy, detailed description of all he's been getting up to and what's in store for his three or four (or three) projects over on his God of Blues blog.


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