Wednesday, 26 January 2011

STREAM: Tom Williams & The Boat - Get Older (Golau Glau's Voice Of Man Remix)

Terrifying!  After their shimmery pretty Christmas album Golau Glau have produced this remix of Tom Williams & the Boat track Get Older.  The grizzled storytelling Tom Waits reference is there for the taking; Menlo Park were another band that did that recently and they were pretty good at it too.  This remix annihilates the original in a grim pall of electronic mist, pitching down the vocals, stretching thema little to make them loom larger and darker over the crackling bones of what's left of the guitar, a leathery thump all that remains of the drums; echoing piano and squaling noises set off creepier chills. The reverberating sample over the top makes it into a Hammer Horror radio short; excellent recontextualisation. Something totally different.

On top of that Golau Glau have their very own new track called Tiny Satellites, freshly posted onto Soundcloud which you can play, repeatedly to yourself glorying in the intimate beauty of it. The kind of sound you really want to keep to yourself so no one else dirties it.

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