Tuesday, 25 January 2011

STREAM: Esben & The Witch - Violet Cries

Brighton's black fairy tale post-rock troubadors Esben & The Witch release their debut record Violet Cries at the end of this month through Matador, and they have made it available for streaming in it's entirety, and allowed everyone to host it on their sites. So nice! (They are, all indeed, very nice people as this will attest).  They are also incredibly talented and have produced a record so tangibly otherworldly, mediaeval and ornate that it seems as if it has been crafted in some darkly romantic tryst between the Brothers Grimm and Hans Christen Andersen. Not easily ascribable to any one genre the songs flit through ideas like shadows through forests, castign shapes upon the bark and your wide eyes, leaving lasting impressions upon the mind with space for you to fill in some interpretations of your own.


There are also two remixes available to download - those shadows having been interpreted thusly by two excellent revisionaries - the worriedaboutsatan one will be on repeat for me for a while, I can feel it:

Marching Song - Snorkel Remix

Skeleton Swoon - worriedaboutsatan Remix

Beautiful stuff.

And yet on they still come, with offerings for your senses: they have served you up this video to Warpath, in anticipation of the physical release,which you can feast your ears and eyes on here:

They're playing the Pavillion Theatre, Brighton on 1st February, with plenty other dates around the UK and Europe  - see HERE for details.

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