Sunday, 23 January 2011

Last .Fm Thread

Once more unto the DiS last fm thread twin post:


Low numbers for another week; iTunes still insists on restoring my ipod to factory setting every time I plug it in which is annoying because A) it takes a little while to reconfigure it every time I plug it in, and B) No goddamn scrobblessszzzz!!!11!!

01. The Soft Moon - 35
02. Voyageurs - 31
03. Gnod & White Hills - 29
04. Velvet Davenport - 24
05. Ducktails - 22
06. Iibiis Rooge - 18
07. Solar Bears - 15
08. Minks - 12
08. Ghost Animal - 12
08. Cosmic Church - 12

1 – Best new band of 2011 for me. Album was released at the end of November, I heard about them on Monday, been on constant repeat ever since. A gentler Place To Bury Strangers, got some Suicide street synth attitude, stabby Joy Division bass and a great minimal use of vocals, that are all nicely tricked out in FX when they do appear. (more on these next week!)
2 – Get Off the Coast posted their new album, they've got 3 free on Bandcamp. Pretty cool cosmic vibez.
3 – But not as cool and cosmic as this coupling. A lot of listening whilst finishing up my albums of the year list.
4 – The more I listen the bigger a progression on from their last album this is. Got a meaner streak to it. Travelling in the opposite direction to the Kinks then.
5 – Starting to see a lot of high praise for the new album. High five to that.
6 – High Wolf & Astral Social Club collaboration. This soundtracked my EOYL a lot too. Only a few long tracks on last years s/t album, so 18 equals a lot of listens
7 - going to be listening to this album a lot.  Still many things to get out of it.
8a – listened to this after the thread about Soft Moon and Minks in the week, but it's not in the same league as Soft Moon. Not worthy of sharing a post. Although that might be harsh first critique.
8b – Why are more people not talking about Ghost Animal?
8c – Finnish black metal. Say no more.

Track of the week:

Absolutely, unquestionably, TOTW, track of the month, track of the year so far – it should STOP you in your tracks:

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