Thursday, 6 January 2011

Balaclavas - Vuitton (Twisted Wires Mix)

Atlanta's Balaclavas are an unfuckable force to be reckoned with; their album Roman Holiday is one of 2010's best savage guitar missives that shifts through as many genres as you could possibly handle in one hyperblast fast sitting, burning a sense of macabre noir through the hearts of some kind of noise/punk/hardcore arete that's straddles an elevated understanding of the effectiveness of minimalism. So, layers of polyrhythmic drumming and distored guitar overcoats get blown about into ultra moody backlit shapes over six episodes until the final track where cosmic disco label Italians Do It Better signees Twisted Wires get their hands on Vuitton and send an electric shock through it that jumps it into another dimension altogether -  some pretty intelligent tracklist design to finish the album on it, like one final knockout blow to send you spinning, right round to come back for more.

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