Monday, 17 January 2011

Last fm weakly stats

Who knew I'd had such a quiet week?  iTunes is being a total dick, resetting my pod every time I plug it in, so no scrobbles from that all week and I've been listening to a lot of droney kind of stuff so those things will accounts for the low numbers.

01. Blur – 70
02. Cosmic Church - 19
03. Velvet Davenport - 16
04. Solar Bears - 15
05. The Radio Dept. - 13
06. Scuba - 12
06. Donato Epiro - 12
06. Black Eagle Child - 12
09. Tamaryn - 11
09. Twin Shadow - 11
09. Frozen Geese - 11                     

1 - Wednesday I introduced Syd to Blur with a Midlife overview, Blur, Parklife, then Great Escape.  Will back to Modern Life and Leisure this Wednesday I think.  On the advice of Twitter I avoided Think Tank.  I'm gonna treat Think Tank like 7-Up, never have never will.

2 - Monolithic Finnish Black Metal - three cassette releases rolled onto one album; a progression throughout, a sonic environment to roll around and get filthy inside.

3 - Something much prettier. Cracking out some sunshine psych to battle this shitty weather.

4 - And something even prettier still.  Still finding new ins to the world of the 'Bears. A truly great album

5 - Seen this high up on people's end of year lists so thought I'd give it a go but not much more than background listening. So far so good, will listen again.

6a/b - split release of these two bands, both pulling out a beautiful suite of minimal acoustic ragas with none of the noise and rhythm of previous records.

9a - This is really good, out on Mexican Summer. More ephemeral than The Young but less so than Washed Out. Really dreamy. Lovely stuff.

9c - More listening to The Starseed pre- the post on Friday

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