Monday, 10 January 2011

Laaaaaast.FM me hearties

Weekly cross pollination of the web with a list of numbers and letters:
gyrru gyrru gyrru gyrru gyrru gyrru gyrru gyrru ...

01. Inquisition - 55
02. Ghost Animal - 30
03. British Sea Power - 25
03. Vortex Rikers - 25
05. Sesame Street - 24
05. Scuba - 24
07. Shackleton - 22
08. Burl Ives - 21
08. Blasphemophagher - 21
10. Super Furry Animals - 20

01 – Final call for my top ten albums of 2010! Transcendental olde school black metal that doesn't fuck with the formula just blazes it up in a towering inferno of perfection.
02 – Savage.
03a – Consider my interest in this band well renewed.
03b – New album of dark ambient witch house – If you don;t like W.H. Pretend I never said it, you could well like this. Free download from AMDISCS -
05a – Syd just discovered the 'Street has albums
05b – Triangulation is really good. I missed out on a lot of dubsteppy albums this year, which I am now immediately regretting. All I've got is Ikonika (which I really like) and Actress (which is otherworldy). Are the Guido, Darkstar, Jack Sparrow and Starkey albums as good as this?
07b – BONGO FURY! I've already got a lot of these tracks across all their original releases so I kind of new what to expect; I think it ends a bit limply but everything up to the last five minutes is incredible.
08b – Relentlessly disgusting Italian blackgrind on Nuclear War Now.
10 – Listening to Mwng after watching Separado! - cool film, incredible scenes of Gryff playign Patagonian Town halls to twenty people, not compromising his sets one beat. So yeah, been listening to the best SFA album there is.

Track of the week:


  1. guido's album is pretty smooth, heavy synthy vibes. bit r'n'b-ish.
    darkstar is almost indie territory. bit radiohead/PVT-esque.
    they're both good, i'm just not sure if you like those kinds of things.

    i CAN - i think - safely and wholeheartedly recommend the new shackleton fabric mix. it's afro-goth madness!

  2. Thanks for the tips, Guido sounds like the more interesting/my thing out of those two but that PVT album from a couple of years ago was great, so if Darkstar sounds like that it could be a winner. I was listening to the Shackleton album over Christmas a lot - love love. He's the dubstep don.