Thursday, 27 January 2011

DOWNLOAD: Ozmotron - 10th Anniversary Special Edition

About four months ago (almost to the day actually) I posted an entry about The Ozmotron Remix Project organised by my good friend Weejay.  The project has finally been finished and is now available to download from, Mediafire or Megaupload.

Dnld contains the five original tracks and seven remixes of all kinds of musical persuasion. So hard to to believe that this album was recorded ten years ago - One night to record, ten years to mature. Or something like that anyway.  I seem to be having a pretty friend-centric week on the blog this week, and this is the most personal of them all, not least because my remix finishes off the album.  Also very hard to believe that one half of the gruesome twosome that made this is a concert-level multi-instrumentalist. He hides it well.  The other half fires lazers into peoples faces for a living, and is famously good at it.  Exactly what they've gifted upon the world with this album still remains a mystery, but a gift it is and an effect it will have on you, no doubt.

 Press DOWNLOAD to hit yr head with the full effect!



  1. Hi Mr MB. The Rapidshare link seems to have gone dead for some reason. We're working on getting proper hosting for it, will let you know when it's done. WJ

  2. I'll re-up it to mediafire, I got all the files. Can you use mediafire?

  3. Ok, new links are up, mediafire here: and megaupload here: