Saturday, 8 January 2011 "Last 12 Months" Top 20

My top 50 albums of the year list is still work in progress, not the positions, they're all dusted, it's the writing up that is taking the time and it should see the light of day sometime soon – before March this year hopefully! Until then, here's some raw stats to whet your appetite and keep you guessing.

01. Sing and Sign – 615
02. Washed Out - 566
03. Wild Nothing - 548
04. Oneohtrix Point Never - 507
05. Best Coast - 402
06. Twin Shadow - 356
07. Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti - 329
08. Dream Boat - 321
09. Gonjasufi - 316
10. Emeralds - 311
11. Ducktails - 304
12. Yo La Tengo - 302
12. Salem - 302
14. Deerhunter - 298
15. Mogwai - 284
16. Atlas Sound - 271
17. Burl Ives - 270
18. Gayngs - 247
19. Solar Bears - 242
20. Women – 236

1 - Syd has been properly discovering music this year and Sasha Felix was his favourite person for the first six months of the year. If we didn't only listen to it in the car then Chris T-T's Love Is Not Rescue would probably be joint top here with as many, if not more listens.

2 - The only albums I'd change in my 2009 end of year list, up into the top 5. Amazing, my total obsession until...

3 - ...Jack Tatum turned up, then there wasn't time to listen to them both 24/7.

4 – This is a lot of listening to the whole of Rifts, which I can easily stay consciously involved with for the entire duration. Built a lot of flat pack and did a lot of DIY to this; I'd recommend it, makes the job a lot less stressful. ONP, Games, Chuck Pearson....Dan Lopatin - Man of the year, surely.

5 – Incessant listen on its release, then as summer waned so did its appeal. Boyfriend and Honey are two of my tracks of the year though.

6 – Another obsessive interest of mine this year – seems to be the people I've fallen for hardest are the solo artists. A combination of Morrissey's allure on Latino America and the smouldering embers of Chillwave, plus guitar solos.

7 – Before Today really is an awesome album; uncompromising and radio friendly, like how Phil Spector taught us to be 60 years ago – a lesson Radio promptly forgot.

8 – The greatest Witch House band nobody ever talks about, released a string of incredible visceral, sexual, eps of Lynch-deep tension throughout the year and a full album that bettered everything before it, all on AmDiscs. Salem's equal for atmosphere and beats...with better vocals? Arguably.

9 – Perfect summer entertainment music. Put this on and people's eyes go wide as their mind goes wild.

10 – Almost all plays of Does It Look Like I'm Here? A fair few of the older tracks, but once the new album dropped there was no looking back really.

11 – Another solo artist, Chillwave's brightest star (much prefer him to Toro) and his new album is a killer.

12a – all plays of And Then Nothing Turned Itself Inside Out; my favourite album of all time.


14 – Lots of Microcastle and Cryptograms in here, but probably mostly Halcyon Digest; a beautifully involving record.

15 – pretty much all plays of Come On Die Young. My second favourite album of all time.

16 – those four free albums from the end of the year are almost all total quality. How can Bradford Cox put out halcyon digest then just hand out these, like making one of the best albums of the (year (media)/decade(me)/ever(wife)?) is not enough, he then says “oh yeah, I did that but I knocked up a few other songs too”. Deerhunter; the new Radiohead? I bet all Thom Yorke has under his bed are socks.

17 – Another of Syd's favourite artists. Little White Duck, the train song, Froggy Went A Courtin, the Donut Song. Burl Ives makes kids go wild.

18 – 247 plays is not enough for this band. A piss take where the punchline is deadly serious? Something like that. If this didn't give your ears a wide-on from the first track inwards then you're numb in the head.

19 – Epic cosmic kraut radiation. No other music quite like this, despite it sharing the same descriptors...and two of the nicest guys I've been in contact with all year.

20 – Quite a special band . I'm still working out how their songs make the distance between A to B so dramatic, and how they make the trip so subtle. Did they ever split up in the end? Hope not.

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