Friday, 14 January 2011

DOWNLOAD: Frozen Geese - The Starseed

Frozen Geese
The Starseed

Leeds UK's Dave Lazonby and Graham Baily are the prime movers behind Frozen Geese (and its twin project, Geese).  It's quite and old-school style of psych and ambient - Tangerine Dream style background hums picked about by pathfinding tones that search for avenues through the foggy sound clouds.

Multi-instrumentalist Lazonby's musical breadth has distintively informed the bands and projects he has helmed or contributed to over the past two decades including Lazerboy, Coping Saw, Cud, as well as work with Damo Suzuki from Can (although really, anyone in a vaguely psychy gigging band will probably have played with Damo at least once if they're any cop). 

There's acres of space within the tracks, and across them, populated by copses of noise, joined by rivers of elegant noise - it's most definitely a landscape evoking textural sound album, but when the beats kick in things go pretty stellar and their arrivals are always suitably heralded.  I picked this up before Christmas and have been playing it a lot, finding it quite a grower so on that strength alone I recommend it.

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