Monday, 31 January 2011

REVIEW: Women / Cold Pumas / Fair Ohs / Friendo - Split 7"

Released on the 10th January by Faux Discx, this four track 7" houses some smart bands and sharp sounds - Women's track Bullfight has been going round the magazines and blogs trailing this, and if you'r at all tuned in to brittle affecting guitar noise then you'll already be in love with them so it's Cold Pumas from Brighton that really take the lead on this record - and I'm not just saying that because we share a town. Theirs is one of the meanest instrumental sounds in the city - all that anarchic post-punk energy that dissipated around 2003 (when The Rapture slid from view and Liars traded in their pyromania for conceptualism) has reformed here with a renewed aggression and frothing intensity.  You can get their sold-out Cyan 7" split with Male Bonding for free download from Faux Discx Bandcamp HERE
Back to the record in hand.  Fair Ohs take on the jagged Vampire Weekend deck-shoe shod cow-bell shuffle that leaves these ears cold and turned inward, but the final Friendo track is a lovely warm and muited showegaze affair that slides along on a silky bassline, really pretty and comforting after the more unyielding tones of Women and Cold Pumas.

Stream the full ep from Bandcamp, and then go buy the physical record to hold in your hands from the label HERE

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